Styling long and thin hair may seem challenging at times, but, the right haircut can do wonders. The aim is to create volume and a cool hairstyle. Do not let fine or thin hair intimidate you, there are some super fashionable haircuts that can give you a new makeover and reveal you’re true, gorgeous self.

Here are 40 different styles, you can try.

Haircuts for Thin Long Hair for Women

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Best haircuts for thin long hair for women

#1 – Long waves and a shag

The shag is one of the most popular haircuts among with long hair. It works well for thin hair as well.

The shag and wave combination adds volume and gives you back your bounce.

Typically, the tresses in the front are shorter while the back layers are longer.

The placement of each strand of a layer adds the body to the hair. It is a great haircut and needs minimum maintenance.

haircuts for long thin hair with oval face

#2 – Choppy layers

The beauty of this style is the fact that it is ideal for any face structure. The fine hair gets an enormous boost due to the layering.

Ideally, the layering should start at shoulder length. The body of the hair results due to the layers cut from top to bottom.

The choppy ends make the hair look more voluminous. It has a messy and almost ethereal appeal. This hairstyle looks best in its natural charm of open hair.

haircuts for thin fine hair

#3 – Hints of layers

If your hair lacks in volume, cutting subtle layers can help you.

This look needs professional help. Use a volumizing spray to prevent the hair from looking limp.

The end look is stunning hair and gorgeous you. The structuring of the layers and inward curling to finish creates the illusion of volume. Simple highlights also trap light and give the hair a luscious finishing. This haircut is suitable for all types of hair colours.

haircuts for long fine hair

#4 – Side fringes and long tresses

For fine hair around the crown area, fringes add volume. The length of your hair is not much modified.

Only trims can make the hair look full of volume. The cutting detail adds the movement to the hair.

If you decide to colour, pay attention to the roots. This hairstyle will give you an instant boost to rock your long tresses with pride. Keep it messy for a super cute look.

haircut for long thin hair round face

#5 – Hair fountain

If you have darker hair colour, then this is the look for you. Even finer strands will stand out with this cut.

The trick to achieving this style is getting a few layers. Ask your stylist to go softer with the ends. If the tresses are longer and far apart, it will create the fountain look.  It is super stylish and gives you a very posh look.

haircuts for thin long hair indian

#6 – Light waves

This hairstyle achieves the most volume for fine hair. The loose and big waves look spectacular.

Your stylist will begin by giving you big and soft layers. The stylist may offer to highlight, it will boost the volume quotient further. This hairstyle is gaining popularity for its easy upkeep. To gain the salon like volume, even weeks after the cut, backcomb your hair.

haircut for thin hair to look thicker

$7 – Swooping layers

If you looking for a haircut that has an angelic appeal to it, then this is the one.

The wispy layering makes the hair look super trendy and magical. The result is a volume boost in the lifeless hair by cutting the ends in a strategic manner. This cut is perfect for lighter shades of hair.

haircuts for thin straight hair

#8 – Feather touch

A hairstyle that looks super elegant and feels super light. It is sleek and gorgeous.

This dainty cut is bold and sophisticated at the same time. For the finishing, your stylist will curl the ends outwards. The fall of this cut does the trick of creating volumes for your fine hair. Get your roots to touch up with contrasting shades for maximum effect.

hairstyles for thinning hair on crown

#9 – Waves in tiers

If you love the length of the tresses yet looking for volume, give this haircut a try. There are only two tiers in this haircut.

The long waves at each tier create the illusion of sufficient volume. The styling finishes with inward curls. Spray some volumizing gel to hold the style. This style involves the least cutting off your long hair.

hairstyles for long hair wedding

#10 – Poker straight

Even Sarah Jessica Parker has fine strands. So taking a lesson from her, the poker straight hair can be the best hairdo for lifeless hair.

This is a very sleek style. If you want to make it edgier, finish your styling with razor sharp edges. It creates extra volume for your thin locks.  Spray some light reflective serum for that glossy finish.

how to cut thin hair to make it look thicker

#11 – Jagged bangs

When you have very fine hair, the greatest challenge is to create the volume. To get the most bounce, select a haircut that does justice to your existing hair body.

The jagged bangs coupled with beachy waves for the length of your hair looks irresistible. The trick of this haircut is to get the layers from the chin downwards. It also shapes the structure of the face.

haircuts for thin hair and round face

#12 – Midshaft layers

The most common problem with fine hair is thinning out in the middle. The mid-shaft cut adds great bounce to this problem area. It works extremely well with dark hair colours.

If you have a lighter natural hair colour, get darker balayage coverage. To look best with this cut, make a side parting and run the comb back through the hair.

quick easy hairstyles for thin hair

#13 – Multi-tiered layers

If you have really long hair, thinning can make it look lifeless. Getting layers in multiple tiers will help add great body to the hair.

The movement will give you an awesome haircut and make you feel even more stylish. This hairdo has an unkempt attitude that sets it apart. The messy nature of this style makes your hair look luscious and vibrant.

indian haircut for long thin hair

#14 – Sliced and sharpened

This is not so typical cut for long hair. It looks gorgeous when done right. Fine hair appears to fall flat at face.

So even if you have long tresses, without the right haircut, it will not do much for your facial features. This sharp and contrasting edges cut builds volume throughout your hair. It leaves you looking breathlessly beautiful.

thinning long hair

#15 – Texture boost

Long hair in itself is a style statement. But if you feel the need for more bounce and movement then ask your stylist to give you a texture boosting cut. The best way to do it is by, giving you a trim.

Pay attention to split ends, try getting rid of them. Subtle layers add more texture. While blow-drying, curl your hair in one particular direction. It gives a very girl-next-door vibe. One pro tip is to wear it in a side sweep.

thin long hair hairstyles

#16 – Long fringes

The best way to spice up long hair which may seem boring at times, is by adding fringes.

The longer length of the fringes adds more dimension to your thin hair. For a dramatic effect, complement the fringes with subtle layers and loose waves for the length of your hair.

This effortless style looks sexy and casual. For a formal look, loosely tie your hair in a low ponytail. If kept open, add some salt water to get a sleek finish.

layer cut for thin hair

#17 – Surface layers

Ghost layers or surface layers is the latest trend to rescue your long locks. The significant point about this style is your hair can enjoy its natural growth.

But it will benefit from the additional top layers. This technique only cuts the top surface of your hair, layer formation adds amazing body to the hair. As your hair keeps growing, get the surface layers to maintain proportion. The illusion leaves you with voluminous looking hair.

thin long hair

#18 – Textured bangs

Long hair and bangs have a history together. The latest trend in this styling is textured bangs.

Fine hair looks limp and dull, a cut to bring texture can add life back into your beautiful hair.

The simplest way of doing is getting the bangs in layers. Instead of a simple one length bang, you get it in tiers. The frontal coverage of the head, makes your hair appear fuller. To match the consistency, the stylist will give you similar layering all across your hair.

long hair styles

#19 – Choppy contouring

The speciality of this haircut for thin hair is it adds structure to your face. Simple long and fine hair does not do much for your facial features. But a contouring cut adds definition to your best facial assets.

The top haircut highlights your forehead and chin. The second set of layers frame your jawline. This is one of the most complimentary hairstyles for girls with oval or rounded facial features. For square faces, the top shaft should get additional layering to look best.

long hair bangs

#20 – Curly layers

This style is worthy of the red carpet. After the stylist finishes with the look, no one will guess you have thin hair.

After long and detailed layering of the hair, the stylist will curl the hair inwards in big chunky pieces. The end look is fabulous. It gives mind-blowing volume for the even the thinnest hair strands.

curly layers long hair

#21 – Wavy choppy long layers for thin hair 

Wavy choppy long layers

#22- Subtly layered caramel hairstyle for thin long hair 

 layered caramel hairstyle for thin long hair

#24 – Chocolate fountain haircut for thin long hair 

Chocolate fountain haircut

#25 – Long A line hairstyle for thin long hair 

#26 – Perfect ponytail for thin long hair 

Perfect ponytail for thin long hair

#27 – Asymmetrical side swept haircut 

Asymmetrical side swept haircut

#28 – Curly frizzy haircut for thin long hair 

curly haircut for thin long hair

#29 – Straight thin long haircut 

thin layers haircut

#30 – Long angled side layers haircut for thin long hair 

Long angled side layers haircut

#31 – Highlighted layers for thin fine hair 

highlighted layers

#32 – Chin length layered for thin long hair 

chin length layers

#33 – Feathered layers for long thin hair 

feather layers

#34 – Tousled blonde V haircut for thin long hair 

Tousled blonde V haircut for thin long hair

#35 – Side feathering long thin hair 

side feathering layers thin long hair

#36 – Long layered ombre hairstyle for thin hair 

Long layered ombre hairstyle for thin hair

#37 – Overlapping long layers for thin hair 

Overlapping long layers for thin hair

#38 – Layered fine hairstyle for long hair

 Layered fine hairstyle for long hair

#39 – Chunky highlights for fine hair 

Chunky highlights for fine hair

#40 – Flowy curls for thin long hair

flowy curls

Knowing which haircut is best suited for your thinning hair is important but so is knowing how to maintain it and enhance your hair growth to increase your volume. Here are some tips to increase volume and have better voluminous hair.

How can you thicken your hair? 

Having thick hair is definitely a virtue but sometimes it is developed over time. It can be disheartening to have thin, fine hair. But there are remedies that can help you get past your bad hair days. 

  • Use hair oils. These contain nutrients that your hair lacks to get thicker. Massage your hair well with your fingers for at least 5 minutes before you wash it off. 
  • Choose shampoos and conditioners that don’t contain a lot of chemicals. It has to enhance your hair growth and not make it fall out. If you realise a certain product is not working for you, change it immediately. 
  • Brush your hair gently. Rough handling of hair is one of the prime reasons for hair fall. It can damage your hair strands and restrict it from growing. 
  • Protect your hair from dust and other pollutants. 
  • Get rid of dandruff. Using lemon is one of the most effective ways of freeing yourself from the grasp of dandruff. 

Why is my hair thin?

Thinning of hair can be caused by a lot of aspects. It could be the genes, lack of maintenance and usage of unnecessary elements as part of a haircare routine. However, these can be changed once you start to look into the matter and incorporate new habits. 

  • Eat vegetables and fruits. 
  • Oil your hair on a regular basis and use the right brand. 
  • Wash your hair with the right products. 
  • Brush your hair every day. 
  • Be gentle with your hair. Rough combing or handling of the hair can cause it to fall off. 
  • Dandruff is another major reason why you might have hair fall. 

We assure you that incorporating these habits into your daily routine will give you lustrous and thick hair. 

Is a layered haircut good for thin hair? 

Layers and tresses are the best options for women with thin hair. When layers appear in different lengths it makes the hair look more puffy and fuller. And not to mention it has an appeal of its own. Layers have always been in style. 

However, if you don’t have the shape for it you could try other haircuts that boost your volume. 

Layers can tend to make your look more thin so we would suggest you don’t opt for it if your hair is extremely thin. If you have curly hair, you can give it a try as your hair still holds a chance in exuding volume. 

Can you have long hair if your hair is thin?

The length of the hair does not matter when it comes to your hair volume. However it matters what kind of products you use to make your hair worse or better. 

If you want to maintain your long hair, then you need to tend to it in a special way. Use only the right and safe products. Make sure your brush your gently with the right comb lest your hair strands fall out. It is important to maintain your hair really gently if you have long thin hair. 

Is it better to have bangs with thin hair?

Yes, bangs would be an amazing combo with long hair but since your hair is thin we would not recommend full heavy bangs instead go with wispy bangs. This looks more effortless and easy to maintain.

What colour is best for thin hair? 

Dark brown or lighter cocoa is the best suited for thin hair since darker dyes have a lesser chance of damaging your hair than lighter dyes. Not to mention it does have a cool look. Also if you do streaks it will serve the purpose better. Darker dyes compliment most skin tones so you don’t have to ponder about it too much. 

Try any one of these looks and see the difference yourself. To get a stylish new look, try a haircut that truly suits you. The touch of the scissors can do magic for your tresses. Also, keep your hair well-hydrated. Use a good conditioner and ditch the regular serum. Step out in confidence tossing your bouncy tresses.

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