22 Coolest Short Hairstyles With Highlights To Try In 2024

by Helen Sroski

Check out these awesome short hairstyles with highlights that include hairstyles with lowlights, pixie haircuts, etc. These suit both brunette dark hair and blonde hair as well.

Short hairstyles are evergreen and will always look trendy and stylish. But do you know what is better than short hair? Short hairstyles with highlights. 

This is something that will suit almost everyone and go with all kinds of outfits. 

A lot of people also prefer short hair when they want to give a makeover for their hair. 

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Highlights can instantly uplift your whole look and make you look fashionable. 

The key is to find the right shade that will go well with your natural hair colour.

They also come in the form of ombre highlights, balayage, lowlights, and even global hair color with highlights. 

We have curated some of the best highlights for your short hair that you can try to increase your style quotient. 

Here are a few examples of the coolest short hairstyles with highlights that you can try! Check them out. 

A lot of celebs have also been sporting short hairstyles with highlights!

Short Hairstyles With Highlights 2022

#1 – Pixie With Light And Dark Brown Highlights

cute short hairstyles with highlights
Source: Instagram@I._hair_hirose

The classic combination of complimenting colours like light and dark brown is one of the most popular colours for highlights. 

This is because of the natural look you get when you get this colour done. 

I think this combination works really well for people who have natural black or brunette hair. 

It is a great choice for the summers and it will help you pull off the beachy waves look with ease. 

#2 – Copper Gold With Red Chunky Highlights

highlights for short hair 2022
Source: Instagram@Mitadahairstylist_

If you are looking for something louder, this combination would be a great choice. 

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Copper is something that has always been in vogue because of the beautiful colour that blends well with your hair. 

This is also a great choice if you are a beginner and are looking to do something creative with your hair. 

Red and copper is a great colour combination for short hair that can grab a lot of attention.

#3 – Light And Dark Brunette With Small Curls

Source: Instagram@Curlswithmelissa

This one is for all the curlies out there. Light and dark brown highlights can really form a 3D effect on your hair and help accentuate your curl. 

If you don’t have naturally curly hair, you can always use a curling wand or rollers to achieve this hair texture. 

You can play around with shades of light and dark brunettes and browns to find a perfect combination for your hair. 

#4 – Salt And Pepper Very Short Pixie

short highlighted hair for over 50
Source: Instagram@Pomegranatesalon

This hairstyle is not for the faint-hearted. It is daring and loud that will make sure that the spotlight is always on you. 

The salt and pepper hair colour is characterised by contrasting parts of the hair. The pixie cut is divided into two parts from both sides. 

One part is coloured black and the other part is dyed with blonde to create a stark contrast. 

#5 – Caramel Blonde Highlights And Black Lowlights With Curls

Source: Instagram@hairbylorenzotanbour

Curls go really well with short hair and the highlights accentuate your hair. 

You can try shades of caramel and undertones of blonde to figure out the 

right shades for you.

This is a breezy casual hairstyle that is perfect for the summer days. It will go with any type of outfit. 

#6 – Dark And Light Brown Global Balayage

Source: Instagram@hairby.darian

Balayage is one of my favourite hair colouring techniques ever. If you want a tailor-made hair colouring experience, you should definitely go for this one. 

Your hair is divided into smaller sections and each section is coloured separately by your colourist to give you the perfect blend of colours. 

Usually, two or three shades are used to do balayage. It gives a natural look and it is perfect for short hair. 

#7 – Dark And Bright Highlights For Short Hair

african american short hairstyles with highlights
Source: Instagram@Hairaccommsalon

This is a bright look that will cover most of your hair with highlights, except the roots. 

If you don’t have naturally blonde hair, your hair might have to be bleached to get this haircut. 

It is characterised by dark roots that are usually the natural hair colour and light or platinum blonde highlights. This is a combination of balayage and ombre. 

#8 – Short Bob With Bangs And Caramel Blonde Highlights

Short Haircuts with highlights
Source: Instagram@Christinemacarthur_

You can never go wrong with caramel highlights. Caramel blond is a trendy colour that can instantly brighten your look. 

The haircut is characterised by front bangs and a short bob or pixie cut.

#9 – Dark And Light Brown Balayage Pixie

Dark brown pixie cut with caramel highlights
Source: Instagram@Hair_by_micah.danielle

This is a great balayage to try on if you have a short or pixie haircut. 

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If you have a stacked haircut, these shades will make your hair look so cool. 

Another variant of this colour is the dark and light brown ombre. 

#10 – Honey Blond Stacked Bob

blonde short hairstyles with highlights
Source: Instagram@Marlowhair

The honey blonde bob is a great haircut that is suitable for both young and mature women over 50. 

The stacked hair is a trendy haircut that can be spruced up by adding the right highlights. 

Honey blonde is a classic color and you can never go wrong with these highlights. 

#11 – Pastel Punk Short Hair

Source: Instagram@Lockboxhairstudio

Pastel coloured hues have been growing in popularity over time, especially among young girls. 

This chick look will make sure that all eyes are on you. It can also be accompanied by contrasting lowlights that will add definition to your hair. 

#12 – Caramel And Dark Brown Shaggy Bob

Source: Instagram@Madelparrucchieri

The messy or shaggy haircut is perfect for the summer when you want to wear summer dresses and beachy clothes. It is something that will suit women of all ages. 

The highlights give volume and character to your hair. 

So you should definitely try these shades of brown, caramel and coffee to snazz up short hair. 

#12 – Layered Bob With Caramel Chunky Highlights

Source: Instagram@michellecavalcantiii

Chunky highlights are not generally preferred because of the loud look but it is an absolute boon for people with pixie hair. 

Add highlights to the front part of your hair to get the best look. 

The layered bob is very much in trend right now and the highlights will add character to it. 

#13 – Honey Blonde Curls And Balayage

afro hairstyles with highlights

If you want to go blonde but do not want to fully commit to it, a balayage would be a great option. 

A balayage would also be good if you have curly hair. 

You can ask your colourist to combine shades like honey blonde and platinum blonde to achieve this look. 

If you have extremely short curls and are looking for ideas to colour your hair, you can go for this look. 

#14 – Blonde And Red Highlights

ginger hairstyles with highlights

This is one of the most visually appealing hair colours that are perfect for natural blondes. 

The combination of red and blonde is bright and eye-catching. 

This is a great combination for the winters. If you don’t have naturally blonde hair, you can always dye your hair before getting these red highlights.

#15 – Copper With Red Undertone And Global Hair Melt

razor cut hairstyles with highlights

Copper and red undertones are one of the prettiest colours out there! And I especially love how it gives a dual-tone.

This global melt is perfect for those looking for something creative. It goes well with both pixie cut and bob. 

#16 – Platinum Blonde With Light Pink Hue

bob haircut with highlights

This is an eccentric hairstyle that involves a pop of pink. 

Since it is a very bright combination, it will suit young girls rather than mature women but it obviously doesn’t hurt to try. 

Colour your hair platinum blonde and add bubblegum pink, shocking pink or barbie pink lowlights on a thin layer of your hair underneath. 

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If you are looking for something eye-catching, you can definitely try this look. 

#17 – Dark Brown Hair With Honey Blonde Highlight Chunks

brown hairstyles with highlights

This is a great hairstyle for natural brunettes. I think chunky highlights will be great for the front part, especially if you have a pixie haircut. 

The best part about this is that it will suit women of all age groups. 

#18 – Dark Brown Hair With Platinum Blonde Highlights

platinum hairstyles with highlights

Dark brown and platinum blond are two extremely contrasting colours, but it can be a total game-changer for your short bob or pixie cut if it is blended well. 

#19 – Caramel Brunette Highlights 

hairstyles with highlights

Caramel is the one shade that will suit everyone. It is one of the most popular colours used for highlighting.

The light brown tones make your hair look so gorgeous while looking natural. It also suits all hair textures like sleek and wavy hair. 

#20 – Global Caramel With Dark Brown Highlights For Blunt Cut Hair

hairstyles with global highlights

This is similar to dark brown highlights but it gives a more edgier look because of the global caramel look. 

It is perfect for people with sleek and bob hair who want to go for a unique look. 

The highlights also give a very natural look even though your hair is globally coloured with caramel. 

#21 –  Rainbow Global Highlights

hairstyles with rainbow highlights

This is an eccentric hair colour that will make heads turn. You will have to bleach your hair first before colouring your hair with these shades. 

It also has a symbolic meaning since the rainbow stands for the LGBTQ community. 

A lot of people get this as an ally and in solidarity with the LGBTQ community. 

#22 – Light Blonde With Honey Blonde Highlights

medium length hairstyles with highlights

These highlights are for people that are looking for a more subtle option. You can never go wrong with the combination of browns and blondes. 

These shades can go well with both straight and curly hair. 

This light brown and global honey highlights combination is great for beginners. 

FAQs about Short Hairstyles with Highlights and Lowlights

Can you Balayage a pixie cut?

In order to balayage a pixie cut, you should try to use long foils from a few inches from the scalp to the ends. Don’t use a brush, instead use a rat tail comb to evenly distribute the foils, then use a paddle brush to smooth the hair. Then, use a color comb to separate the hair into horizontal sections. Then, apply high-lift color with the comb technique. Then, rinse the excess color out while making sure to keep the foils applied as they were. Let the hair dry, then use a flat iron to straighten the hair. Then, take the color brush, which is still wet with residual dye, and apply it to the ends of the hair to create a seamless transition. Then, you can use a drying wand to make the ends of the hair more distinct.

Do highlights look good on short hair?

Yes, highlights look good on short hair. They add volume to the hair and adds the sense of length to the layers cut. Highlights can be of any color and you can choose the color that best suits your face. Generally, the color is matched with the color of your skin or you can go for a bright color to compliment your overall style. Highlights are not available only in one tone, you can choose the tone based on the color of your hair. If you have black hair, highlights in light brown or blonde is considered as the best option.

I hope you enjoyed our article about hairstyles with highlights and low lights for short hair. With this guide, I know that you’ll be able to decide on the best short hairstyles and haircuts that fit your face.

So what are you waiting for? Get a haircut today!

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