35 Homecoming Hairstyles for Short Hair 2022

by Tommy Sroski

Having short hair is all glitz and glam until that day you have to look absolutely perfect in a prom dress. 

As much as that is a difficult look to pull off for homecoming, it is not impossible. There are so many ways you can look absolutely stunning for homecoming with short hair. We have come up with a bunch of hairstyle ideas for prom if you have short hair. The most important part is to appear confident enough to pull off any hairstyle and you will be a stunner. So here are some of the best homecoming hairstyles for short hair.

Homecoming hairstyles for short hair

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Best Homecoming Hairstyles For Short Hair 2021

#1 – Soft braided updo homecoming hairstyle for short hair 

homecoming hairstyles

It is easy to get intimidated by braids when you have short hair but this is probably the most elegant hairstyle you can pull off for prom. It might be a little difficult to maneuver the hair strands in the beginning but the best part is that once you have pinned together, it stays put for a long time. Make sure you use the right hair product to keep it intact. You can adorn this hairstyle with the right accessories and make it look more elegant. 


Using hair pins and an appropriate hairspray will help keep your hair intact all night. 

#2  – Blonde curly bob hairstyle for homecoming 

bob hairstyles for homecoming

The curly bob is the perfect short hairstyle for homecoming as it goes exceptionally well with prom dresses. The aim is to make sure you have the right hairstyle that will compliment your flowy dress and this hairstyle does exactly that. If you have blonde hair this hairstyle requires less preparation but if that’s not the case then you will have to consider maintaining the charm of the style in your own hair colour. 


Use a hair serum as the base before you curl your hair with a flat iron. This way you will have the curls for a longer time. 

#3 – Tousled bob homecoming hairstyle for short hair 

tousled homecoming hairstyles

Tousled hair is the most functional style that is out there. This goes well for girls with wavy hair and can bring out the perfect structure for the hair. However, it goes well with curly hair too if you style it well and if you have the right length. Our favorite is when the edges are longer and it is curled in a way that creates flowy textures on the top of your head. You can match this hairstyle with a small braid or you can leave it as it is. A floral band or tiara is also a great addition to this tousled hairstyle look for prom. Using the right curling product will also help you achieve a perfect look.

#4 – Loose twisted updo hairstyle for homecoming 

best short hairstyles for homecoming

Although we have already listed one of the twisted updos above, the loose twisted updo has a certain way of oozing elegance and style. This looks absolutely effortless and creates a beautiful structure for your head. Besides the look of the hairstyle it does not fail to bring out your facial features. Pull out locks from either side of your hair and make it look all the more elegant! 


Curl your hair with an iron before you nail this hairstyle for the best results. Spraying your hair with the right product can also go a long way in bringing out a beautiful texture. 

#5 – Side parted homecoming hairstyles for short hair 

top homecoming hairstyles

This is one of the fanciest homecoming hairstyles for short hair. It is widely practiced and has become of the signature prom looks. It does not require much time and effort and still manages to look absolutely perfect on whatever dress you are wearing. Although we would like to point out that wearing this hairstyle to match a pretty maxie with this. 

#6 – Curly bob updo short hairstyle for homecoming 

homecoming hairstyles 2020

While this is a time-consuming hairstyle to acquire, we would say it is totally worth the time you put in because of how incredible it is bound to look with your prom dress. One thing to note is that you need to accessorize your hair with some hairpins, flowers, or even tiaras. But if you want to keep it low-key just leaving the hairstyle as it is will work fine. 


Have enough hair pins at hand to master the pin ups that basically makes this hairstyle more appealing. 

#7 – Long pixie homecoming hairstyle for short hair 

The long pixie hairstyle is one of the most adored and popular hairstyles for short hair that you can wear for homecoming. All the effort that you need to put into this will have to be in accessorising and less time in doing your hair. You can go creative with how you arrange the flowers around your hair. There is not much you can do with the styling process. Make sure you mix and match the accessories and place it on your hair accordingly. 

#8 – Braided half updo homecoming hairstyles for short hair 

braid hairstyles for homecoming

This half braided hairstyle looks super cool for the way it sits on your head. It gives your face an elegant structure and is sure to rock your prom dress. It does not require much time. All you have to do is braid the top half of your hair and style the lower half with a flat iron and you will have the perfect look! 


The braid can either go sideways or just flow backwards. Either way you need to consider your facial features. 

#9 – Bouffant updo homecoming hairstyles for short hair 

prom hairstyles

A bouffant look dates back to the early 80s where it was considered functional and even a sign of beauty. The trick is to match your bouffant with a flowy and extravagant dress so that the focus is shifted there. However if your dress is simple and not too showy, we suggest you consider another hairstyle.  


Like the pin up hairstyle, the bouffant also requires a lot of hair pins and needs enough accessories to hold the hair together. This hairstyle might not work for extremely short hair and it needs to reach the nape of your neck at least. 

#10 – French braid for short hairstyles for homecoming 

best hairstyles for homecoming for short hair

The french braid has its reputation of being awesome for events and special occasions. It has a way of creating a beautiful structure for the hair irrespective of the texture. This does not even require much styling except if you want to get rid of the frizz for the lower part of your hair but the rest will be intact within your braid. 


Use a flexible scrunchie to clasp your plait as tight as possible and not ruin the texture of the braid. 

#11 – Vintage waves with hairpiece homecoming hairstyles for short hair 

best prom hairstyles

#12 – Half mohawk with Macrame braid short hairstyles for homecoming 

short hairstyles for homecoming

#13 – Twisty bun short homecoming hairstyles 

Prom hairstyles for short hair

#14 – Simple half up homecoming hairstyle for short hair 

simple homecoming hairstyle

#15 – Side swirl homecoming hairstyle for short hair 

side swirl homecoming hairstyle

#16 – Fishtail braid homecoming hairstyle for short hair 

Fishtail braid homecoming hairstyle

#17 – Sweet side braid homecoming hairstyles for short hair 

side braid homecoming hairstyles

#18 – Crown braid updo homecoming hairstyle for short hair 

crown braid homecoming hairstyles

#19 – Sleek half up homecoming hairstyle for short hair 

ponytail hairstyles for prom

#20 – Low loose bun homecoming hairstyle for short hair 

homecoming hairstyles 2020

#21 – French braids bun homecoming hairstyles for short hair 

french braids for short hair

#22 – Extra short one sided bob homecoming hairstyle for short hair 

prom hairstyles for short hair

#23 – Bob curly updo homecoming hairstyles for short hair 

bob hairstyles for black hair homecoming

Have a look at some of the best black braided hairstyles.

#24 – Ultra curly formal short hairstyles for homecoming 

curly hairstyle for homecoming

#25 – Soft upstyle with curls homecoming hairstyles for short hair 

top homecoming hairstyles

#26 – Ash-blonde side part short homecoming hairstyle 

Ash-blonde side part short homecoming hairstyle

#27 – Bob tousled braid short homecoming hairstyle 

tousled bob homecoming hairstyle

#28 – Loose twisted updo short homecoming hairstyle 

loose twisted updo for short homecoming hairstyle

#28 – Vintage waves with a hairpiece 

vintage weaves

#29 – Macrame short braid for mohawk hairstyle 

easy short hairstyle for homecoming

#30 – Extra short one sided bob hairstyle 

extra short homecoming hairstyle

#31 – Mesmerising updo for short hair 

short updo for homecoming

#32 – Twisted rows short hairstyle for homecoming 

twisted rows homecoming haairstyle

#33 – Ultra curly formal homecoming hairstyle for short hair 

short homecoming hairstyle

#34 – Soft upstyle homecoming hairstyle 

best prom hairstyle

#35 – Dark blonde roll hairstyles with twists

dark blonde homecoming hairstyle

#36 – Basket weave hairstyle for short hair

basket weave hairstyles

#37 – Short simple curly bun

simple curly hairstyles

#38 – Side braided ponytail

side braid pony

#39 – Spiced up natural hairdo

spiced up hairdo

#40 – Row bow homecoming hairstyle

row bow

Prom hairstyles for short hair

Now that you have the complete list of homecoming hairstyles for short hair, we have some more that you need to know about getting ready for your big night. There are accessories and other products that you might need to complete your homecoming look so read on to find out what they are and where you can find them. 

How do I style my short hair for homecoming?

Homecoming outfit Homecoming hairstyle for short hair Accessories 
Two piece Soft braided updoTiara 
Ball gown Curly bob hairstyleBobby pins
Cut outs Tousled bob Headband 
Skin tight knee length dressLoose twisted updo Flower crown 

Homecoming is indeed an exciting time and looking amazing on that day is extremely important. With the above list, you will discover your signature look for your short hair.

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