Rob Zombie’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Check out Rob Zombie’s new haircut! The rocker has gone for a sleeker look and we think you’ll love it!

Rob Zombie is a multi-talented person who is a singer, record producer, voice actor, songwriter, and filmmaker. While most of his movies are often criticized for the gore factor they contain, this is what pulls in people to watch his movies.

His movies have amassed more than $150 million when combined. His music is also widely appreciated by people who love heavy metal.

Rob Zombie’s haircuts are another part of his personality that his fans love. He has long hair and has tried a myriad of hairstyles before settling on the messy long curly hair look that he had for some time.

Rob Zombie New Haircut
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Rob Zombie’s New Haircut

Who Is Rob Zombie?

Robert Bartleh Cummings was born on January 12th, 1965 in Haverhill, Massachusetts and his professional name is Rob Zombie. He has a younger brother Michael Cummins whose professional name is Spider One.

Rob Zombie was always interested in horror movies which have been his inspiration from the start whether in his movies or his music. He co-founded the band called White Zombie along with his girlfriend at the time Sean Yseult.

Although they released two studio albums, they didn’t become as popular as they hoped. But the third studio album is what led them to stardom which was released by Geffen Records in 1992. White Zombie’s fourth album was also a success.

rob zombie new album
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The band disbanded in 1998 and this is when Rob Zombie focused on his debut studio album. It sold 3 million copies and he also had a record label of his own at this point. He directed the movie House of 1000 Corpses’ which was released in 2003 after many delays.

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He released two more studio albums and released the sequel to the earlier movie. He released ‘Halloween’ in 2007 which was a massive hit and after that he directed more movies.

He did not give up his musical career as he released studio albums until last year and loves to tour. He is also a voice actor who lent his voice to the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ movie released in 2014.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Rob Zombie Haircut?

new rob zombie film
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Rob Zombie has a curly layered hair look at the moment. He has been a fan of long hair from the start and to this day he keeps the long hair trend going.

His tousled and messy curly hair look looks unkempt but highly stylish as it is all over the place. He seems to have some layers because all of his hair is not of the same length.

Since he does not style it in a specific way it is difficult to tell what kind of layered haircut he got. The curly hair adds to the cool element because some curls have become straighter while others are holding their shape well.

This haircut is for anyone who doesn’t want a complete tidy look but rather a relaxed and casual look.

Famous haircuts of Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie has tried a range of haircuts and here are some of those haircuts that have a fan following of their own.

Long Dreadlocks

new rob zombie movies
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Rob Zombie had waist-length dreadlocks in the late 90s and he looked amazing in those. He left his dreadlocks open for all to see and they looked majestic.

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The thick dreadlocks look was one of the most adored looks mainly because of how beautiful they were and how thick they were.

Short Dreadlocks

Rob Zombie Haircuts
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In the early 2000s, Rob Zombie got rid of the long locs and instead went ahead with the short dreadlocks style instead.

The dreadlocks reached just below his shoulders and they were just as thick as the earlier thick dreadlocks. The locs looked shiny and healthy.  

Lob Haircut

Rob Zombie
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By the mid-2000s, Rob Zombie had his natural hair where no more locs were visible. He had a center-parted lob and chestnut highlights here and there.

He opted for a mustache and beard look along with leaving his hair open. The lob suited him well.

Steps In Getting The Layered Haircut

You can get a layered cut at home using this method. If you have curly hair then it is best if your hair is completely wet. Make sure you are working on clean hair.

Step 1: Part your hair

Comb your hair and then center part your hair from the forehead to the nape. Make sure that the part is properly done because this is the foundation of the cut.

Then create another section from one ear to the other ear. Do this across the top and ensure the part is properly done.

Step 2: Section hair using one base point

Starting from one point on the top of the head on the part line, you want to section your hair in a triangular fashion.

The same point will be used to take the other sections of hair and cut them. Now take the first section of hair using a comb and then lift the hair upwards.

Step 3: Start cutting

Take that small section of hair and then cut it by using your fingers to hold the section of hair in place. Do this for all the sections at the back of the hair and cut at an angle for the layer effect.

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This will take some time so have patience otherwise your haircut won’t result in the best layers.

Step 4: Cut the front layers

Next, you want to take the vertical sections on the side and then cut them in the same way while making sure these layers are shorter than the hair at the back. You want to repeat this one on the other side of the head for the perfect layers.

If you want a messy look like Rob Zombie then instead of parting it from the center just comb back your hair and it will be all over the place by itself. Or you can even roughly part it from the side.

Rob Zombie hairstyles
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The layered curly haircut is one of the most versatile haircuts there is that is perfect for men and women alike. You can get short and choppy layers for a more sophisticated look or you can opt for a simpler style like Rob Zombie’s long curly layers.

The layered cut can cater to your vision because it can amplify certain facial features and enhance your overall appearance. Layers are also easy to style because you can leave your hair open like Rob Zombie does nearly all the time. Are you going to try the curly layered haircut?

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