20 Stunning Tree Braids Hairstyles You Can Try This Year 2024!

by Helen Sroski

Check out the cool tree braids hairstyles in the article below. Also check out how to do tree braids.

Hairstyles define your identity, look and mood for the day. If you are having a particularly bad day, you will either pick a hairstyle which is messy or extremely pulled back.

A good day sees a confident (maybe even experimental) hairstyle, like the bouffant or a carefree, bouncy beach waves.

Believe it or not, but tree braids are equally versatile. Especially for those struggling to deal with thick, voluminous hair, tree braids are a great way to embrace, flaunt and handle them.

Once you have braided your hair, you could wear it up as a bun, go for a folded bob, leave it out to fly with the wind, or tie it up in a simple ponytail.

What’s more, tree braids are one of the most sustainable hairstyles. Meaning that if you are just a little bit careful, your tree braids can stay put for upto a week!

So let’s explore a few ways you can wear your hair. We have curated a list which explores different styles, hair colours and designs that you can try out with tree braids.

Top Tree Braids Hairstyles

Tree Braid Bob Hairstyle

tree braid wavy bob hairstyle

Tree braid bob hairstyle is great for round and oval faces. You keep the hair length at around jaw level with the tree braids just at the roots of your hair.

tree braid bob hairstyle

You can keep it curly or straighten it out, whatever you prefer. Even when it comes to the parting you can have a straight parting or side parting. 

Curly Updo With Tree Braid

This is a great hairstyle especially if you love updos or are wearing some heavy accessories that you’d like to show off.

Curly Updo With Tree Braid

Starting with tree braids at the roots on the sides, it’s braided along the sides to the back of the head and the rest of the hair is pinned up to look like a mohawk. 

Bouffant with Side Tree Braids 

Bouffant with side tree braids is an amazing hairstyle for grand functions like weddings and receptions. It gives you a super classy look.

And the hairstyle itself looks so creative. You start your tree braids at the sides and take them to the back. In the front you do a puffy bouffant and the braids and bouffant meet in the middle at the back of your head. Fasten that.

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And then you can leave the rest of your hair down. This gives a lot of texture to your hair and overall really elevates your look. 

Centre Partitioned Wavy or Straight Hair

Tree braids wavy hair
Source: Instagram@queenmercyhair

The tree braids here are partitioned down the middle, is this 1970s-inspired hairstyle.

The braids start at the top and then the waves are allowed to take over. They effortlessly flow and fall softly onto the shoulders, carefree and gorgeous at the same time.

Centre Partitioned Wavy or Straight Hair
Source: Instagram@plush_naturalhairtz

If you have a few dyed streaks as well, then this is the perfect retro hairdo for you!

This hairstyle looks particularly good on those of you who have a combination of blonde-dirty blonde-dark blonde highlights.

Centre Partitioned Wavy or Straight Hair
Source: Instagram@ lalaieu

Or merely a few brown or auburn streaks that give a whole new personality to this hairstyle. Remember that the real game changer here, is the centre partition as it gives a clean elegant look.

Diagonal Front Braids

Source: Instagram@aissatoujosette

Create your own little room for creativity when it comes to your hair, by adding a few inches of diagonal braids at the front. You can create your own lovely pattern (criss crosses, straight lines, disorganised designs).

Diagonal Front Braids
Source: Instagram@ plush_naturalhairtz

While hairstyles seem restrictive at first, the best ones are those that reflect your persona. So do not hesitate to try out a few patterns before zero-ing in on ‘the one’ for you.

Diagonal Front Braids
Source: Instagram@ guuvi_stylz

You could even add a headband or scarf – with floral, polka dot, or a solid monochrome pattern – to make the braid section stand out as compared to the rest of your voluminous curls. Headbands and scarves look great on a pleasant summer day.

Dutch Tree Braids With Cornrows

Tree braids with Xpression hair
Source: Instagram@jessica_nc_hair_braider

This is a cute way to wear tree braids and it’s pretty great for long hair. If you want a braided hairstyle that will help keep your hair away from your face then this is a good one.

Also, this hairstyle is good for protecting natural hair and helping with growth by reducing breakage.

Protective Hairstyles with Tree Braids

Source: Instagram@mamas_africanhairbraiding

Long Straight Hair with Tree Braids

Source: Instagram@hawaiibraider

Simple, classic and elegant. Wear your hair long and straight, and have the braids fall seamlessly off the top.

The braids are combed back, and there is no partition either. This means your hair is away from your face, letting your features stand out.

This also means that you can pick out a nice chunky choker or earrings that stand out beautifully and complete your look. And much like the previous hairstyle, you have room to accessorise this style with scarves and headbands.

Black Tree Braids With Caramel Highlights

Individual Tree braids
Source: Instagram@healthytressesbycharity

Individual Tree Braids With Highlights

If you are looking for a drastic makeover, dying a few strands of your hair in darker shades of red and brown can really elevate your game.

Burgundy and Auburn Highlights
Source: Instagram@ nefertiti.hair

On days when you feel like you want a complete makeover, getting quick temporary dye of the reds or browns, or hair extensions in the same colour, could be very refreshing.

Even a simple half-ponytail or a top knot looks much more glamorous with feather specks of colour. Light waves are an interesting texture to experiment with, especially if you don’t have very long hair.

Burgundy and Auburn Highlights
Source: Instagram@ hairbraidingby_titi

Medium Length Curly Tree Braids

Long Wavy Tree Braids

Long Wavy Tree Braids
Source: Instagram@ brandiwynae

For those with extremely long hair, style it in a combination of loose and tight spirals. This gives an exceedingly organised, sculpted look.

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Again, if you have brown or auburn highlights, it brings out a nice gradient of the darker black base that fades to the brown. A side partition to this hairstyle can do wonders too.

Side Swept Curls

More emphasis on the positioning and partitioning of hair in this one. If you have shoulder-length hair or shorter, sweep your hair to the side, with braids that start at the scalp, and gradually let your curls or waves take over.

Side Swept Curls braids
Source: Instagram@ stylesbyalicia

Especially if you have more than a handful of piercings, with hair that falls just above your shoulder, the side swept curls will sit just right with your persona.

Side Swept Curls
Source: Instagram@ treebraidsbyz

Pair it with some glamorous eye shadow colour with nude lipstick, or dramatic kohl with a dark lipstick, and you have a look that is edgy yet elegant.

Top Knot Hairstyles With Tree Braids

low tension protective styles
Source: Instagram@jades_braids_atl

Side Parted Wavy Tree Braids Hair

Side Parted tree braids
Source: Instagram@ bignonsbraids

A hairstyle more on the cute, girl-next-door side. Your hair is bleached at the roots and styled with a clear side partition.

Side Parted
Source: Instagram@ 138beautysupply

The asymmetrical detail is perfect for a casual but unique look.

Long Curly And Blonde


Curl Updo but with Tree Braids

Nothing quite like a neat classy updo. You can bear your neck (and even flaunt a tattoo if you have one), and highlight your accessory.

Curl Updo but with Tree Braids
Source: Instagram@ lalaieu

It also flatters your facial features, and you can really go emphatic with your makeup. In this hairstyle, your hair is braided across your back, in neat lined-up rows.

Curl Updo but with Tree Braids
Source: Instagram@ brandiwynae

And your strands and curls are elegantly brought up on the top. You can add some drama by cascading your forehead in short bangs or side swept fringes.

Blond Waves

Your hair colour obviously has a huge influence on your personal style. So be it your natural hair or your extensions, you can always play around with your colours.

Throw in some Blonde
Source: Instagram@ treebraidsbyz

When it comes to tree braids, you could go for a mix of blonde, dirty blonde and dark blonde streaks which seamlessly weave in and out of each other.

Throw in some Blonde
Source: Instagram@ houston_dchinasbraids

Despite the array of colours, your hair will actually look sophisticated and whimsical at the same time. You could even make your hair look purposely messy for a more effortless beach-y vibe.

Half Up Half Down Tree Braid

Put your hair half up and half down, for a youthful and fun look. Best for those with a huge volume, this not only tames down your hair, but is also a stylish way to carry it.

And the best part? It is convenient and comfortable.

Half Up Half Down Tree Braid
Source: Instagram@ trishhaircare_

Twisted Top Tree Braid

Twisted Top Tree Braid
Source: Instagram@ hairstyles_by_shontae

Have a little fun with this innovative hairstyle, by picking up a bunch of your strands from the back of your neck and twisting it, and tying it up on top.

Twisted Top Tree Braid
Source: Instagram@ taytheperfectionist_

Pin it up for a carefree look, which leaves your face unhindered, and maybe colour your hair in shades of brown and gold for some added pizzazz.

Long Sleek Tree Braids

Long Sleek Tree Braids
Source: Instagram@ treebraidsbyz

One of the best things about tree braids is that it is incredibly versatile – be it face structure, hair colour or hair type.

Long Sleek Tree Braids
Source: Instagram@ stylesbyfola

This particular hairstyle is especially simple and straightforward, but equally classy. Braid your hair, and just leave it out. This gives a clean, sleek look to your hair, and skips the partitioning altogether!

Extra Voluminous Tree Braids

Extra Voluminous Tree Braids
Source: Instagram@ damahparlor

More volume, more possibilities. Nothing quite like incorporating thick hair into the tree braid trend wagon. Braid your hair near the scalp, and let the rest of your hair fall freely, and voluptuously.

Extra Voluminous Tree Braids
Source: Instagram treebraidsbyz

Popularly referred to as the ‘mane’ , these curls are so full and attractive that they resemble that of a lion (in a good way of course). Just let your hair roam widely, do not put in much effort at all -that is the whole point of this hairstyle.

Classic Bouffant

Classic Bouffant
Source: Instagram@ treekbraids

Streaks of tree braids just above the ear look fantastic, and give a very glamorous, formal look.

Classic Bouffant
Source: Instagram@ lalaieu

The sleek, polished braids look great, when paired with a vintage bouffant. In fact, this hairstyle is good enough to be ‘the one’ on your big days, weddings, proms and so on.

The Waterfall

The Waterfall
Source: Instagram@ hairtales02

Your waves, swept to one side, and falling on your shoulder in smooth effortless waves.

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This is a classy and easy hairstyle that you can pull off at all kinds of events, right from formal ones like weddings and office parties, to a nice casual brunch on the weekends.

The Waterfall
Source: Instagram@ glaucia_trancas

In fact, you can even experiment with hair highlights and extensions here. Browns look especially good with this hairstyle.

What kind of hair to use for tree braids?

You can pretty much use any type of human or synthetic hair for tree braids. You can choose between straight or wet and wavy hair type for tree braids depending on how you want to style it. Make sure that you go to a good hairstylist to get your tree braids as the details here do matter since the braids are just towards the roots of your hair. 

The stylist will add the hair extensions, after sectioning your hair, in cornrows. Your hair is braided only near the towards and not all the way down like other braiding styles. And the rest of your hair is left open.  

Can I do tree braids without human hair?

No you cannot. The way tree braids are created it needs hair that has a texture similar to natural hair.

Synthetic hair is very slippery and soft and might not get braided well. Nylon/polyester hair in general is very soft and doesn’t hold well in any braided styles let alone tree braids.

So human hair is what’s best for tree braids. However, you can decide what type of human hair you can use. You can choose straight, curly, coily or even wavy hair.

So these were some of my favorite tree braids hairstyles. These hairstyles are great for natural hair as it’s a type of protective styles that help 4c hair grow as it’s protected from breakage.

You can add your own style to braids by choosing different textures including wavy, curly, etc.

Choosing different hair colors is also a way to add a distinctive touch to your tree braids.

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