18 Stunning Tribal Braids Hairstyles You Need To Try In 2024

by Helen Sroski

Loving your natural hair? Here are some stunning tribal braids hairstyles including Fulani braids with beads, curls, etc. and other protective hairstyles that look stylish as well!

Tribal Braids initially originated from the African culture and the most common types of braids were the Fulani braids, Ghana braids and box braids. 

In the present times, tribal braids have become such a trending hairstyle that people all over the world love styling their curls that way!

I like tribal braids better than other protective hairstyles as they come in so many different styles and look absolutely cool.

What is the meaning of tribal braids?

Tribal braids are a type of hairstyle that is inspired by the traditional braiding styles of African tribes. These braids are typically characterized by intricate patterns, geometric shapes, and bold, thick braids that are often styled in a symmetrical or asymmetrical way.

Tribal braids can be styled in a variety of ways, including cornrows, box braids, and twists. They are often adorned with beads, shells, or other decorative elements, which can add to the tribal-inspired look.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, tribal braids are also a symbol of cultural pride and heritage, as they are rooted in the traditional braiding styles of African tribes. They are also a popular protective hairstyle, as they can help to protect the hair from damage and breakage, and can be worn for several weeks at a time with proper care.

Overall, tribal braids are a unique and versatile hairstyle that can be customized to suit your individual style and preferences, while also paying homage to the rich cultural heritage of African tribes.

Stunning Tribal Braids Hairstyles 2023

As there are several choices of tribal braids hairstyles so selecting the “perfect” one might be quite hard. But not to worry, I’m here to help you out!

Well, if you’re finding it hard to find the perfect one for yourself, maybe this article will help you shortlist a few to try out!

1. The Butterfly Braids hairstyle

I had to start off with this one because there was no way I was saving the best one for the last.

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 I really love the way the braids are tied in such an intricate manner to form an actual butterfly shape at the side of your head! 

Looks super cool but it might be difficult to get it right at home, so you’ll need a professional stylist for this hairstyle. 

2. The Classic Clip Back Braids hairstyle

If you are someone who likes getting braids, but like to keep them out of your way for the most part, then this one’s the best style for you. 

You for sure get to have your braids, but with a little style of course – the classic clip back style, to hold your hair in place.

3. The Braids with Curls hairstyle

Are you someone who does want to try out the braided hair look, but you’re still not fully convinced that it is going to suit you just fine? 

Well, this one’s for you guys! Just get the braids with curls hairstyle, so you get to have both – the braids and of course, your good old curls!

4.  The Heart Braid hairstyle

If you get this hairstyle, I’m for sure you’re going to have people look in your direction because of how cool your hairstyle looks! 

I love how well the braids get tied into the shape of a heart, while coming together to form a simple braid at the end. The other part of the hair is tied into simple stitch braids to enhance the look.

5. The Classic Braids hairstyle

I’m sure there are many of us out there who love when things are kept simple. Well, simple, can also have elegance and style right? 

This classic, center parted tribal braids hairstyle is something that literally never goes out of fashion! It always looks good and can be worn with any outfit, for any occasion, without having to think twice.

6. The Feed-in Braids hairstyle

This hairstyle is commonly known as the “Feed-in” braids hairstyle because usually people attach hair extensions a little over the hairline.

This makes the hair look more voluminous, while the braids are then tied into regular stitch-in braids. 

So if you are someone who has always wanted to get the tribal braids hairstyle, but do not have voluminous hair, then you sure know now what to do and which style to get!

7. The Half Braids Half Ponytail hairstyle

This is another type of hairstyle that gives you the “best of both worlds”. 

If you want to get braids, but do not want to completely give up the look of your lovely curly tresses, then this style lets you get the braids at the top of your head.

I like how you can still tie all your hair into a simple high ponytail at the back. So it’s comfy to wear as well.

8. The Classic Braided Ponytail hairstyle

Classic hairstyles will always remain classy, don’t you think? The good old ponytail never goes out of fashion, ever! 

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But yes, incorporating a little bit of style to your already existing hairstyle is always welcome, right? You always tie a ponytail maybe, so all you need to do is get your braids and follow the same hairstyle.

9. The Three Bun Braids hairstyle

This one in my opinion is the most unique one of them all. Single buns and double buns are very common, but three buns? 

Absolutely unique! I really like the way it sports a totally different style and changes the whole vibe. If you are looking for a style that sports a very casual look, then this one’s for you!

10. The Brick Braids hairstyle

This one is one of my personal favourite styles because I really love the super beautiful brick pattern it forms over the scalp. Really pretty, right? 

The hairstyle does give you the braids that you’ve always wanted, but also incorporates the brick pattern while partitioning your hair to tie the braids. 

This style is for sure intricate and maybe difficult to get, but I’m sure the look you’ll achieve will be totally worth the while!

11. The Zigzag Braids hairstyle

If you’re looking out for a funky hairstyle, then try this one! These braids may look very similar to the stitch braids, but what actually makes them different is the partition pattern the braids form over the scalp. 

What I like about this style is that it looks neat and professional and has an edgy air to it as well. 

Most people go in for the regular center or side partitions, so getting a zigzag partition will definitely make you feel unique and I’m sure your hairstyle will totally stand out!

12. The Classic Side Comb Braids hairstyle

This one’s simple, yet elegant. It does look neat and stylish at the same time, so you could wear it to any occasion on any outfit without having to worry too much about your hairstyle. 

The braids are the regular braids, while the style comes from flipping your hair over while getting your braids done with a side partition.

13. The Knotless Fulani Braids hairstyle

The knotless braids hairstyle means exactly what its name states – braids without knots. This style too is similar to the feed-in braids hairstyle, which is often used by attaching extensions.

Only here you don’t have to knot the extension to the hair, but gradually feed it in while the braiding process is going on.

14. The Stitch Braids hairstyle

Well, the good old simple hairstyle where you have all your hair combed to fall over the back of your head.

But of course tweaking the style with the stitch in braids to give it a complete look. 

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What I personally like about this hairstyle is that since the braids fall at the back of your head, they will for sure stay out of your way during daily chores.

15. The Braided Ponytail with End Curls hairstyle

This style is another unique one because while you have your braided ponytail at the back, it looks rather regular.

But when you let your ponytail fall over your shoulders, that’s when to see it – the curly ends. 

I really feel like just those simple curls at the ends of your braids add such a subtle sense of elegance and class to your style and overall look. What do you think, ladies?

16. Fulani Braids with Natural hair

Classic and creative – fulani braids are a craftily blended hairstyle made popular by the Fulani tribe of Africa. 

Even though classic, this style adds in a sense of creativity as the cornrows are parted in the middle. It is usual that we see a center partition, but how often do we see a center braid?

17. The Twisted Stitch Braids with Curly Ponytail hairstyle

I know that I’ve given you a lot of ideas for long tribal braids hairstyles, so this one’s for all you ladies with shorter hair lengths, this style will suit you perfectly. 

What I really like about this hairstyle is how cool the stitch braids intertwine with each other to form a beautifully twisted pattern at the top of the head.

Here,  the hair isn’t full braided until the end, but only up to the nape of the neck. So it’s a good idea to use pre-stretched hair for this look. 

 That’s the part where the style gets tweaked and you get to flaunt your curls with a low ponytail.

18. The Cornrow Braids hairstyle

The last one’s a relatively “common” style you may feel, but it never goes out of fashion because cornrows are super trendy. 

This style entails your hair being braided into cornrows all over the top of your head, with all the cornrows ending in braids flowing flawlessly over your back. Looks absolutely stunning! 

This style is one that always speaks elegance and class and the best part is that you can wear this style to a casual or even formal occasion without any worry. I’m sure it will suit any occasion perfectly!

The final takeaway

Well ladies, I hope this article will come in handy for you guys to help you decide which tribal braids hairstyle you’re going to get this time! 

While most of the styles depict images of people with longer hair, these styles will work equally well for women with shorter hair lengths and of course, hair extensions are always available!

Before I close out, here’s a friendly reminder to all you ladies out there –  do not forget to air out your hair after a maximum of a couple of months of having your braids on.

And remember to take utmost care of your hair while they’re on by using leave-in conditioners and dreadlocks shampoos, to maintain your hair texture and quality.

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