Everybody knows the best hair wigs in the world come from human hair. An ideal set of hair has a lot of properties such as the owner not drinking or smoking, don’t wash the hair daily, don’t use a hairdryer or hair blower or hasn’t dyed or bleached hair. It’s not easy to find natural hair vendors online. If you don’t have a keen eye, you might end up paying a bomb for fake hair or hair that has gone through too many treatments. We help you today by finding the best hair vendors on Aliexpress. 

Top 10 Best Aliexpress Hair Vendors

#1 – Alimice Store 

ombre hair seller aliexpress

The Alimice Store is a veteran in the business of selling hair. They have been around for 5 years and have a 95.8% rating. They have 2300+ followers. So what do they specialize in? 

They sell wigs as well as human hair. They have a wide variety of human hair such as Indian Hair, Brazilian Hair, Peruvian Hair and Malaysian Hair. 

This is a professional seller and they have more than 500 employees in their employ. They ship out more than 250,000 units on a monthly basis. 

Their top selling products are the Indian straight hair bundle. 

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#2 – Dream Diana 

ombre hair aliexpress

Dream Diana has been an Aliexpress seller for more than 4 years. They have a wide variety of human hair. If you are looking for a range of styles such as body wave, straight hair, kinky, curly and more, then Dream Diana has it all. They also have a good collection of hair colour options. 

If you are in the market for blonde hair, auburn hair, brown ombre, red dye among others, then they have it all. They have an incredible positive rating of 95%. 

One unique style they have is the water wave style which looks natural and fresh and will suit most people! 

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#3 – Sleek Official Store 

curly hair aliexpress

The Sleek official store is one of the biggest and best hair vendors on Aliexpress. They have some impressive ratings and an amazing range. They have a 95.3% rating and have more than 6000+ followers. So what makes this store unique? 

  • Each of their hairs is 100% human hair with remy quality 
  • The best part about this store is, the hair you buy can be curled, straightened, dyed and also bleached
  • It has a soft and durable swiss lace that holds is altogether
  • The life time for this hair is more than 12 months, which makes it an investment
  • It’s super easy to install with bandage

In terms of offerings, they have human hair weaves, colourful human hair, lace closure, braiding bulk hair and more. Their top selling units are the blonde hair, ombre Brazilian straight hair and Brazilian remy afro hair. 

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#4 – Allrun Official Store

best aliexpress straight hair

The Allrun Official Store is a fun and quirky hair seller on Aliexpress. They have been open for 4 years and they have a 95.3% positive feedback. They have 4,600+ followers and they have an amazing collection of hair. 

The best feature about this store is a 7 day return policy, which is pretty awesome. Their range of offerings is amazing. They sell, human lace hair, pre-colored human hair, and blonde hair. In terms of hair styles they have everything under the sun. 

You can shop for Straight Hair, Body Wave, Kinky Curly, Deep Wave, Loose Wave, Water Wave and Kinky Straight. 

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#5 – Allove Hair Store

virgin hair aliexpress

The Allove Hair Store is one of the biggest hair sellers on Aliexpress. They have been a hair seller on Aliexpress for 5+ years and have a positive rating of 97%. They have some amazing discount codes that you could use if you share their store online. They also have a 30 day return policy, which is quite generous and one of the best in the business. 

So what are their product offerings? They sell hair bundles, bundles with closure, lace closure, blonde hair and ombre hair. In terms of hair styles, they have an impressive range that is straight, body wave, kinky curly, loose deep, water wave, loose wave, deep wave, yaki straight among others. 

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#6 – MSLynn

hair wig seller aliexpress

The MSlynn store is probably the most followed hair seller on Aliexpress. They have deep discounts for bulk orders, so if you are looking to purchase a lot of hair for you and your friends, this is the store to visit. They have some amazing hair options such as bundles with closure, human hair wigs, human hair weaves, Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair and Peruvian hair.

In terms of colour options, they have a huge range that is blonde bundles, burgundy red, blonde ombre, pure blonde, deep wave with golden-brown hair and more. 

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#7 – Miss Blue 

best aliexpress hair vendors

Miss Blue is the new kid on the block. They recently opened in 2019 and have become quite the rage. They have a 97.2% positive feedback. They have many styles such as straight hair, body wave, kinky curly and loose wave. They sell hair of different types such as Brazilian Hair, Indian Hair and Peruvian Hair.

They also have a special mink quality bundle. Some of their best selling hair are Brazilian hair weave, curly front lace, short straight hair, pure blonde hair and weave bundles. 

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#8 – Alipop

best aliexpress hair

Alipop is probably the most hep and popular hair seller on Aliexpress. With 6 years on Aliexpress, they are veterans in the business. They are a ‘Top Brand’, certified by Aliexpress and have 98.1% positive rating. They have more than 8000+ followers, which makes them an in-demand seller. Some of the hair styles they offer are straight, kinky straight, body wave, kinky curly, deep curly, water wave, loose wave and deep. 

They also sell Indian and Peruvian hair. Some of their best selling items are straight hair bundles of Peruvian hair, curly hair, lace frontal, straight wig, Brazilian hair and more. 

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#9 – Beauty Lueen

hair wig seller aliexpress

Beauty Lueen is another five year veteran that has a 96.5% positive feedback. They have more than 5000+ followers. They deal with special hair in certain ways. They make sure the hair is natural baby hair and that is a pre-plucked hairline, luxury cuticle of virgin hair and a secure elastic band to keep everything in place. They have many types of bundles such as body wave bundles, straight hair bundles, kinky curly bundles, funmi hair bundles, loose wave bundles.

Their popular selling items are 180% lace front human hair wigs, Mongolian, African kinky curly, ombre human hair with honey finish, ombre deep wave Brazilian hair.  

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#10 – Spark 

chinese hair vendors

Want to add some spark to your life? The Spark official store has been around for five years. They have an interesting range of products unseen in other stores. They have a good South American collection and African collection. The styles they offer are also vast such as kinky curly, body wave, straight, water wave, loose deep wave, loose wave, deep curly and bouncy waves.

Their best selling products are the spark ombre Brazilian hair (body wave) and spark ombre kinky curly and ombre bouncy curly. All three of these are pretty unique to this store. 

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#11 – Dolago 

affordable hair vendors

Lastly, it’s the Dolago shop. This store has been around for six years and it’s a Top Brand rated by Aliexpress with over 10,880 followers which makes it the most followed store on Aliexpress for a hair seller. Apart from women’s hair, they also sell men’s toupee. The styles they have are varied and here are a few of the Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair, Afro Kinky Curly and Yaki human hair. 

Some of their best selling products are Brazilian weave, Kinky curly ponytail, frontal lace with bangs. 

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Best Aliexpress Hair

The best Aliexpress hair sellers we have listed here have been in the business for so long and have been able to service tens and thousands of customers.

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Hair Vendors on Aliexpress

Who are the best hair vendors on Aliexpress?

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