14 Coolest Jumbo Braids Hairstyles 2024

by Helen Sroski

Check out the stylish jumbo braids hairstyles right here, including the big box braids, jumbo braids with braids and other latest 2022 styles.

Jumbo braids hairstyles demand attention because they are gorgeous and bold. 

If you have been looking for some inspo on how to style jumbo braids then check out these uber-cool hairstyles that are perfect for any occasion and any season!

What is the best hair to use for jumbo box braids?

When it comes to choosing the best hair for jumbo box braids, there are several factors to consider, such as texture, length, and color. Here are some popular options:

  1. Kanekalon hair: Kanekalon hair is a synthetic hair that is commonly used for box braids. It is lightweight, durable, and comes in a variety of colors. Kanekalon hair is also heat-resistant, which means you can use hot water to seal the ends of your braids without damaging the hair.
  2. Marley hair: Marley hair is another popular option for jumbo box braids. It has a kinky texture that mimics natural hair and is often used to create a more natural-looking braid. Marley hair is also versatile and can be used to create a variety of styles, from chunky box braids to twists and braids.
  3. Toyokalon hair: Toyokalon hair is a synthetic hair that is similar to Kanekalon hair but has a softer, silkier texture. It is lightweight, easy to work with, and comes in a range of colors.

Ultimately, the best hair for jumbo box braids will depend on your personal preferences and the look you are trying to achieve. It is recommended to choose a high-quality hair that is easy to work with and will hold up well over time.

Jumbo Braids Hairstyle Ideas

So I’ve made a list of the most stylish jumbo braids hairstyles you can try out this year.

The next time you are going to your hairstylist, this article is all you will need.

Triangular box braids

I mean, you can go with the usual middle part or side part, but why settle for that when you have more creative options? 

You can try the triangular box braids. These will take your hair game to the next level instantly. Triangular box braids are spectacular to look at. 

Also, you can rock this hairstyle to a party or even your work. It’s very versatile!

If you want all the attention then do try triangular box braids that are hot every season. I like how you can part your hair in a triangle shape or you can show off your hairstyle that looks so cool.

Top-knot hairstyle

You may not always be in the mood to leave your hair open and let your jumbo braids do the talking. 

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If that is the case someday, then try this top knot hairstyle. All you have to do is take all of your luscious jumbo braids and make a top knot with them. 

A big and bold hairstyle that will make a statement without any effort. 

To add extra oomph, you can add shell clips, golden cuffs, or beads to the braids or even randomly to the top knot. This updo is a favorite of many because of the no-nonsense vibe.

Bob box braids

Jumbo braids are not confined to being Rapunzel-like where they are long and flowy. They look stunning even in a bob or short hairstyle. 

You can opt for a middle part bob where an equal number of jumbo box braids fall on each side of the part.

Or if you want to spice things up and take it up a notch, then go for an uneven long bob of jumbo box braids. 

You can add cuffs to add to the sassiness and it will give you a whole new look without much effort. Plus, you will look marvelous.

Fishtail Jumbo Braids

If you like to take up challenges then try a fishtail braid like the one above. A fishtail braid looks quite intricate and dreamy. 

But once you get a hang of it, it doesn’t seem as difficult anymore. If you know how to braid your hair then you can learn a fishtail braid pretty easily. You can style a jumbo fishtail braid by flaunting it in a low ponytail or even a high ponytail. 

It is a super-versatile braid that looks good on everyone. You can even try the jumbo fishtail goddess braid if you want to be the center of attention in a crowded room!

Feed-in braids

While feed-in braids may not be as long-lasting as other protective hairstyles, you can still wear these because they are amazing. 

Your stylist can feed-in hair that is either the same color as your natural hair or you can try another color that pops such as yellow or pink. 

You can try the hairstyle that starts with your natural hair and then turns voluminous due to the addition of extra hair extensions that add ample dimension and texture. 

Or you can even go for an undercut and wear the braids in a high ponytail if you want to experiment and completely change your look!

Jumbo updo

For people who want more updo hairstyles, here is another one for you to try today. 

This particular style works best if you have jumbo braids that have been braided after you made a middle part. You can section off your hair and then let a jumbo braid fall loosely on each side of your face. 

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Next, you can bring together the rest of your jumbo braids and make a high ponytail. You can add golden wires to your hair to further enhance this look and make it look more breathtaking. 

Or perhaps wrap the ponytail with a bandana. Hey, it’s super easy to accessorize this look.

Half-up half-down jumbo braids hairstyle

Love the 90s? Then bring that era back with this jumbo braids hairstyle. Simply divide your hair into two portions. 

Tie the jumbo braids that come in the top portion of your head and then leave the remaining to fall gracefully on your back. This half-up and half-down hairstyle is simple yet elegant. 

When you don’t have the time to do a complicated hairstyle, you can do this and go. You can make it more stylish with the addition of small sparkly clips and cuffs. Or if you have colorful wire then that can do the trick as well.

Highlights With Jumbo Braids

You can elevate your hairstyle by highlighting portions of your hair or trying balayage. If you have naturally black hair then you can try light brown or honey-colored highlights. 

When you make even simple jumbo box braids with these, it will look absolutely phenomenal because of the different colors that work together to create that perfect look. 

If you are not so keen on these methods then you can try spray-on colors because you can get rid of the color by washing it off when you no longer need the color to stay on your hair.

Fulani braids with beads

If you love to use beads in your hair then you must try this hairstyle at least once for sure! 

Fulani braids are versatile and you can take it even further by doing this. You can braid some hair so that it falls on your forehead like bangs. 

But rather than leave it like that you can add beads to each of the braids so you now have beaded bangs. 

Since the rest of your hair is going to be braided into jumbo braids, you can leave it as it is or twist it to make it into a beautiful ponytail. You can wrap the ponytail in beads and that’s it. Slay it with your beaded braids queen!

Ponytail Jumbo Braids

Don’t have all the time in the world? Then try this simple ponytail hairstyle. Create jumbo braids and tie them together with a braid to create a ponytail. 

A gentle reminder of childhood yet a hairstyle that has stood the test of time. If the idea of ponytails sounds childish to you, then add cuffs, pieces of wire, or claw clips that add color and an element of fun. 

You can even gently tug and pull apart some strands to give your braids character. This is a perfect hairstyle for when you are going out with your best pals.

Low bun and cornrows

If you love the idea of a low bun then try this jumbo hairstyle that is simple yet sophisticated. 

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And looks stunning. After you have made cornrows and then braided your hair into jumbo braids, you can combine the braids together and tie them into a bun. 

If you have long hair then you can directly make a bun without a scrunchie. Else tie with a hair tie.

A no-nonsense hairstyle that is perfect for busy days when you don’t have the time.

Braided mohawk jumbo braids hairstyles

For those daring ladies out there, you can try the braided mohawk hairstyle like the one above. 

This looks so intricate and beautiful that people won’t be able to take their eyes off of you. This one is for adventure lovers and those who are unafraid of anything. 

You can dye the mohawk hair red or another bright color to make the hairstyle pop even more or highlight your hair. 

Yes, we know what you are thinking and we agree that it is an edgy hairstyle but one that is a stunner.

Blonde mix-and-match braids

Just dyed your hair blonde or have you colored just a portion of your hair blonde? Then this hairstyle is for you! 

If you want your jumbo braids to stay in one place then this protective style is a good place to start. The crochet braids with the infinite design looks super-fashionable and work with any look. 

This hairstyle is eye-catching and the contrast appearance of the braid size looks pretty cool and breezy. Add metal rings to add charm to the hairstyle and make it super-stylish than it already is.

Space bun braids

Get these space bun braids if you want to get inspired by Mickey Mouse ears! This hairstyle is the definition of spunk. It is an effortless hairstyle because all you need to do is gather the jumbo braids on each side of your head and turn them into buns. 

You can use a scrunchie or if your hair is long enough, you can use your hair to secure the bun in place. 

This is a favorite of many because of how cute and captivating it is. Use some hair accessories and voila, you have a stunning bun braid hairstyle that took only minutes to make!

Jumbo braids hairstyles are one of the best protective hairstyles out there. 

One thing to always keep in mind if you are braiding your own hair is to switch up styles every now and then to prevent hair damage such as breakage. 

Which hairstyle do you want to try ASAP? 

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