25 Cool Music Festival Hairstyles | The Hottest Coachella Hairstyles Of 2024!

by Tommy Sroski

There’s absolutely no chill during festivals. All you want to do is doll up and look totally chic for Coachella. But how are you going to do that when every festival season styles are changing rapidly?

One thing everyone attending these festivals focus on is hair. The more creative the hairstyle is the better.

So if you are looking for a makeover for this festival season read on to find out the top festival hairstyles that we have curated for you.

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Music Festival Hairstyles 2023

Music festivals are a great opportunity to express your personal style and experiment with new hairstyles. Here are some popular hairstyles for music festivals:

  1. Braids: Braids are a popular choice for music festivals because they are easy to style and can help keep your hair out of your face. You can try a variety of braided styles, such as a fishtail braid, a Dutch braid, or a crown braid.
  2. Messy bun: A messy bun is a classic hairstyle that is perfect for music festivals. It is easy to style and can be dressed up or down depending on your outfit.
  3. Space buns: Space buns are a fun and playful hairstyle that is perfect for music festivals. You can create two buns on the top of your head or add some braids or glitter for a more unique look.
  4. Half-up, half-down: A half-up, half-down hairstyle is a great choice for music festivals because it is easy to style and can be customized to suit your personal style. You can add braids or twists to the top section of your hair for a more bohemian look.
  5. Beach waves: Beach waves are a popular hairstyle for music festivals because they are easy to achieve and look great with any outfit. You can use a curling iron or sea salt spray to create loose, tousled waves.
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Remember, the most important thing is to choose a hairstyle that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and have fun with your hair!

#1 – Dutch braids Festival hairstyles for short hair

festival hair 2022
Source: Instagram@braidnhair

The dutch braids are out first choice for top hairstyles for festivals because it stays put while also looking functional. You can match this hairstyle with any festival outfit that you have planned. This looks the best for women with medium and short hair. If you have long hair it can be a bit hard to maneuver as the braids can get tricky.

Another thing to look out for is thickness. If you have thin hair, this hairstyle might not be a wise choice for you. But on the whole, this hairstyle is fun and chic at the same time. 

How to do a dutch braid

  • Part your hair in and brush the strands thoroughly. 
  • Start to plait your hair inside out and then clutch it with a rubber band or a thin scrunchie. 
  • Make sure not to use a thick scrunchie else the hair braid will tend to look too clumpy. 

#2 – Double bubble pigtails festival hairstyle 

festival hairstyles
Source: Instagram@braidum_by_tatum

We all love a cute pigtail. Just wait till you try the double bubble pigtail which amps up the fun. 

Pigtails are an excellent choice of hairstyle when you are attending a music festival. For one, the hair is kept in place and does not bother you when you are dancing away.

At the same time, it oozes confidence and style. This looks the best on women with long and medium hair. The bubbles that appear on the pigtails require volume and thus have to be done only on a considerable amount of volume. 

How to do double bubble pigtails

  • Split your hair in two and clutch it with a scrunchie. 
  • At regular intervals use a rubber band and create a bubbly structure. 
  • Make sure not to make it too clumpy. 
  • One tip that you can swear by is to tie your scrunchie on these intervals tight so that it holds the bubble. 
  • Use different colours for your scrunchie so that it looks more fun and creative to wear for a festival. 

#3 – Space buns festival hairstyle 

festival hair buns
Source: Instagram@hairwithlinda

Space buns are easy to do and let’s face they make you look gorgeous. 

The one that we are presenting is not the regular kind of space bun but comes with an infusion of braids as well. This way the space bun looks more full and creates a stronger structure to the face. It is true that this kind of space bun takes up more time than your regular bun but we assure you that this is worth it. 

How to do a space bun

  • Lift two partitions of the upper part of your hair and braid it loose. 
  • Rotate the plait and form a bun on either side of your hair. 
  • You can braid the rest of your hair as shown in the picture or just let it loose. 
  • Use a hair spray at the end of it to keep it firm and in place. 

#4 – Easy festival hairstyle with hair clips 

easy festival hairstyles
Source: Instagram@goodyhair

Adorning your hair with hair clips can seem like a menial thing to do for a festival but once you do it right there is nothing more stylish. 

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First of all, you need to pick out the right kind of hair clips. The ones that are funky and not mediocre. The next thing is to clip it in the right way. Figure out the partition first so that you can arrange your hair clips accordingly. We suggest you go with the side partition and adjust the clips on the side. 

#5 – Bohemian textured waves Festival hairstyles for thin hair

long hair festival hairstyles
Source: Instagram@loopedbydani

This is an effortless look if you have long hair. With the looks of it, it is clear that this hairstyle will look good on any outfit as long as you pull it off confidently. If you have layers this looks better.

Thicker the hair is, the harder it is to keep it in place. When you are attending a festival it is crucial to make sure that your hair does not ruin your fun. You can match this hairstyle with a headband. 

#6 – Fishtail ponytail hairstyle for festivals 

fishtail hairstyles 2022
Source: Instagram@Joannetheblond

This is the absolute dash of creativity and casual style. With this hairstyle you will appear ready for the fun and still feel pretty. Braiding your ponytail is an extra step into keeping your hair from the chaos that is around.

You will need a scrunchie and a hairspray if you have curly hair. 

How to do fish braid ponytail 

  • Tie your hair into a ponytail and braid it tight from the top. 
  • The fish braids require an extra bunch of hair from your regular braids. 
  • You can use a hair gel while braiding it for it look tidy and secure. 

#7 – Viking braids Festival hairstyles for curly hair

viking hairstyles for thin hair female
Source: Instagram@victoryrollsbridalhair

I bet you are already settling for this hairstyle with how stylish and chic it looks! 

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The Viking coachella braids is the dream hairstyle every girl has to wear for a festival with how exotic it looks. This looks amazing on women with long hair. This may take time but once you have achieved the look, it will undoubtedly be a hit!

How to do Vikings braid 

  • Take half of the upper part of your hair and divide it into two or three parts. 
  • You can braid them separately and clutch them together or you can do it separately as long as they are on the upper half of your hair. 
  • Use hairpins to strongly clutch your hair.

#8 – Hair rings festival hairstyle 

music festival hair ideas
Source: Instagram@hair_she_glows

Using rings as hair accessories for festivals is an amazing way to look chic. It gives a boho look which will add up to the glamour on your fest night. The rings have a great way of adorning your hair locks in a way that looks super creative and cool. You can clench the rings onto loose hair or fix it onto braids. 

#9 – Pull through braid festival hairstyle 

how to do festival hair
Source: Instagram@Braidbabes_buffalo

The pull through braids are a puffed up version of your bubble braids that will look awesome on women with thick hair. If you have too thick hair that you can’t handle on a fest night, this is the perfect occasion to try it out. Use the right hair product to make it look puffed up and to stay that way all night. 

 If you are particular about braiding your hair but don’t know a more easier and creative way of doing it, try this hairstyle out. 

#10 – Boho fishtail pigtails festival hairstyles 

festival plait hairstyles
Source: Instagram@tashatripphair

Kendal Jenner’s boho look is an absolute delight. It just adds up to the charm of having medium length hair. It is super easy to master as well with loose braids. Adding accessories to your boho hairstyle is an amazing way of looking creative and chic. You can try a headband or even use extensions. 

#11 – Half up disco buns festival hairstyle 

festival glitter hairstyles
Source: Instagram@Laurenmcnab_hairstylist

#12 – Volumised textured festival hairstyle 

festival braids short hair
Source: Instagram@Kenadeemoss

#13 – Major rainbow hairstyle for festivals 

rainbow unicorn haircut
Source: Instagram@yure_vasquez

#14 – Desert blown top knot festival hairstyle 

coachella hairstyles 2022
Source: Instagram@proappbeauty

#15 – Unicorn bun festival hairstyle 

festival updos
Source: Instagram@Secretails

#16 – Hippie pigtails festival hairstyles 

long hair viking hairstyles female
Source: Instagram@tashatripphair

#17 – Braided bangs festival hairstyle 

festival hairstyles for black hair
Source: Instagram@1_of_piece

#18 – Pierced braid ponytail hairstyle for festivals 

hair rings hairstyles
Source: Instagram@its_flawless_ness

#19 – 90’s bun festival hairstyle 

short hair festival hairstyles
Source: Instagram@Momoszanka

#20 –  Sleek half up pony festival hairstyle 

festival hairstyles long hair
Source: Instagram@sweet.salone

#21 – Flower crown festival hairstyle 

hairstyles for music festivals
Source: Instagram@Flowersandfrostingg

#22 – Waterfall braid festival hairstyle 

festival curly hairstyles
Source: Instagram@vintagehairsalon98

#23 – Disney festival hairstyle 

festival hair ups
Source: Instagram@braids.life_style

#24 – Head scarf braids festival hairstyles 

braids festival hair
Source: Instagram@raqcitybeauty

#25 – Center Part festival hairstyle 

festival bubble braids
Source: Instagram@goddesskrownzbeauty

While these hairstyles will help you pull up a cool festival look there are so many other things you can do to add up to the fun. Using accessories and other hair products is one.

The whole point of pulling off a hairstyle for a festival is to make sure it’s comfy and at the same time that it looks super cool.

To have fun during your fest night, you need to make up your mind and pick the right hairstyle from our top festival hairstyles and rock your event. We hope the above list has helped you figure out

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