Who says bangs can go only with a bigger forehead? 

Bangs have been especially associated with those who have a bigger forehead and have not made much of an entry in the styles of smaller foreheads. 

We are here to put that misconception to rest and tell you that there are a bunch of bangs hairstyles that will work exceptionally well with smaller foreheads. 

Not only will this give you a chic look but will also balance out the rest of your features well and give you a cute look. 

So here are the best bangs for short forehead.

Bangs for short forehead 2020

Full Blunt fringe for small forehead 

full blunt bangs for small forehead

The common misconception most women have about the blunt fringe is that the hair in front is longer and hence best suits those who have bigger foreheads. 

But the truth of the matter is that and I think the above image has clearly proved, the bangs have to be started earlier on from your forehead. This has become a common and trendy style that is going around those who have a smaller forehead. 

The best hair type this goes with is those with straight hair. 

Hair type: Straight, wavy 

Long side-swept bangs 

long side swept bangs

Long side-swept bangs come in handy if you are looking at being casual and bendy in the way you look. Some people have a fine line on how they look. It is always functional or casual. But with the side-swept bangs, your short forehead is complimented and not too fuzzy. 

All you will have to watch out for is that your bangs are combed and not too frizzy so that it does not look like you just rolled out of bed. 

This looks amazing with curly hair and straight hair. 

Pro tip: Wearing your hair in lob form is the most stylish you can get with this bangs style.

Hair type: Curly, Straight 

Graduated bangs 

Graduated bangs

The beauty of these bangs (besides the fact that it was once tried out by Taylor!) is that it sits well and adjusts with your hair type and give the flowy and silky look. 

The gradual layers in front works great in framing the face and making you look extremely stylish and chic. 

You might want to try out short lobs with the graduated bangs for the best look! 

Another major advantage is that brown ombre looks super cool with this look. 

Hair type: Straight, wavy 

Soft wispy bangs for small forehead 

soft wispy bangs

Wispy bangs are super stylish and common now because of how well it goes with every face shapes. The advantage of trying out wisps with a small forehead is that you can adjust it every now and then. This way when you are tired of the look you can just sweep it to the other side. 

All you need to be careful of is that you don’t make it too thick and lush but maintain it thin and subtle. 

Another major tip for this particular look is that you can make the wispy bangs gradual so that it frames your face better. 

Hair type: Straight, wavy 

Textured bangs 

textured bangs

Creating textures has always been a trend and a favorite among hair stylists. 

But when it comes to getting bangs, the textures take another level of rocking and nailing. 

This especially works with thicker hair strands and gives your hair a certain sense of style. 

This goes with shorter foreheads because you can decide how thin or thick you want the textures to be done so it effectively works out in creating the perfect look for you. 

This looks amazing on plump and chubby girls! 

Hair type: Wavy 

A shaped bangs for small forehead 

A shaped bangs for small forehead

A-shaped bangs are a certain style that creates a beautiful frame for the face no matter the shape of the face. 

If you are someone who has a considerably small forehead then you might want to check this look out. 

A special mention in the salon about how thin or thick you want the bangs to be will go a long way in garnishing your entire hairstyle. 

One thing to look out for is to moisturize the front part of your hair at all times just so that it looks flawless and silky. 

Hair type: Semi curly, straight 

Crescent bangs 

Crescent bangs

The crescent bangs is that ONE look you can’t look away from! 

Not only does this frame your face super accurately but it makes sure that your hair sits well with everything else. 

Another major pro is that it effortlessly rocks any outfit that you have planned without demanding too much attention or hair care routines from your side. The only thing that you have to take care of is combing the bangs and keeping it knot-free

Hair type: Straight, Semi wavy 

Brow grazing fringe bangs 

Brow grazing fringe bangs

Brow grazing bangs are perfect for those who want an accurate length for your bangs and not go too overboard with the look. 

As the name suggests, the bangs just subtly touch your brows without exceeding the length and making too much of a mess on your face. This goes really well with those who have a small forehead and a broader other half of the face. 

You can modify this look by making the layers longer till your chin and adjusting it according to the length of your hair. 

Hair type: Thin hair, wavy hair

Eye grazing bangs 

Eye grazing bangs

Bangs that exceed a bit down from the forehead as well is a stunner for those with smaller foreheads. 

It does you more help if you have longer hair. You can also texture and layer your bangs according to the length of your hair and gives you the best experience flaunting your long hair. 

You can also get a slight side-swept bang to look with the same to up your hair game a bit. 

On the whole, we love this look and think it is going to change your entire look. 

I mean, if Heidi Klum tried it on, there has got to be something right! 

Hair type: Long and straight

Can you have bangs with a short forehead? 

Bangs are a neutral style to have and can go well with those with big and small foreheads. The only thing to consider while getting bangs is to have a good balance between the length of the bangs so that your whole face isn’t buried in your fringes. 

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