25 Amazing Brown Ombre Hair Ideas 2024

by Tommy Sroski

Looking for a new hair color? Check out these amazing brown ombre hair ideas to get some inspiration!

Who wouldn’t want to have a pinch of excitement in their hair! 

Ombre is the easiest way to get creative with your hair. With less effort and seamless transition in the hair, you can achieve the look everyone desires!

Brown ombre has its perks of sitting well with any skin tone. But the hardest part is to choose among the umpteen brown ombre hairstyles.

These options are the sole reason people prefer brown ombre. You can mix it up and have all the fun while also experimenting with your hair. 

Is Ombre Still in Style in 2023?

 Yes, the ombre is still the buzz among hair colour lovers! We see it everywhere and it is justified because of how good it looks. The transition of the colour is something that stands out from other hair colours.

If you are looking to get a hair colour that is both subtle and flaunty, we would definitely recommend you getting an ombre. 

What is the difference between Ombre and Balayage hair color? 

Hairstylists have time and again differentiated that ombre is a style and balayage is more of a process. 

While Ombre appears in a horizontal way, balayage is applied for vertical appearance. 

Both of these styles are done in a gradual way and don’t have a definite structure or shape to it. 

Brown ombre is one of the sought after hair colors that is out there. We hope the ombre hair examples have helped you choose your pick!

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 So we’re here to show you some amazing brown ombre hair examples.\

Does ombre ruin your hair?

Hair colour in itself has chemicals in it, so we are not going to deny that your hair will be effective. But it also depends on the threshold of your hair to withstand chemicals.

The best thing to do when you are getting an ombre or any other colour is to carefully divulge in considering whether or not this is safe for you. It is highly recommended that you consider your hair health before getting your hair coloured. 

Will I look good with ombre?

While ombre is well known and sought after, it favours a few more than the others. If you have dark or a dusky tone the brown ombre will look exceptionally amazing on your skin tone.

If you are fair or pale skinned we suggest you go for ashy tones.

Another important aspect to consider is the hair type. Each of the hairstyles we have listed before favours one hair type. On the whole the ombre looks great on wavy and curly hair.

That is our verdict but if you want to get it done on straight hair you could nail it with a little bit of creativity. 

Brown Ombre Hair Ideas

With the wide range of brown ombre colors that are available, I was perplexed on which one I should choose until I found the one everyone is making a hype about.

Honey brown ombre is the most popular style of brown ombre which can be done on all hair types irrespective of texture. The skin tone also does not matter when it comes to this subtle shade and in fact can be made darker or lighter according to how prominently the customer wants it.  

#1 – Cool toned Brunette Brown Ombre Hair Ideas

Brown Ombre Hair Ideas

The brown is very subtle and looks great on pitch black hair. This cool brown ombre looks great on women with medium length hair.

When you are going for this colour make sure to create highlights so that it sits well with your black hair. One thing about getting this colour is that it looks effortless but yet creates a very creative look. 

Best suited for

Skin colour- Dusky, Olive 

Hair length – Medium length hair

Hair type – Straight and wavy hair


If you are fair-skinned you might want to darken your highlights as it will look more prominent. 

#2 – Light brown ombre hair 

Light Brown Ombre Hair Ideas

Even though this is not as intense as the brunette hair dye, this can be customised according to our skin type. This looks especially good on blonde hair.

The brown ombre makes a seamless transition with the blonde hair in such a way that it does not look much on the hair.

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Light brown ombre hair colour looks great on long hair, medium hair and even short. It is best suited for wavy and straight hair. 

Best suited for 

Skin  colour – Fair, pale and olive 

Hair length – Medium and long hair 

Hair type – Wavy hair 


You could combine the light brown ombre colour with a darker shade of brown to exude a stronger colour. 

#3 – Ash Blonde ombre hair 

Ash Brown Ombre Hair Ideas

This is one of our favorites from the brown ombre series. It has a very subtle yet strong demeanor and anyone would want this to sit well on their hair.

Unfortunately, this does not go well with everybody. It looks amazing on fair skinned people. The length of the hair does not matter as long as you choose the highlights well. 

Best suited for 

Skin colour –   Fair and tan

Hair length  – Short 

Hair type – Wavy and curly 


These highlights will look especially good on the exterior when it is spread out. 

#4 – Brown Ombre Lob Hair 

Short Brown Ombre Hair Ideas

 This can be perfectly on tousled hair which is our favorite part about this hair colour. As you can see in the picture, it looks especially good on bob hair.

It makes a superb finish on short hair. The beautiful bright coloured ash colour balayage compliments the hair length. 

Best suited for

Skin colour – Fair and pale yellow

Hair length – Short 

Hair type – Straight and wavy 

#5 – Long brown ombre 

Long Brown Ombre Hair Ideas

How can anyone not want this hair colour! 

If you have long hair and you’re looking for a hair colour to add to the length of your hair, then this the one! The best part about getting the brown ombre for long hair is that it can be done anyway. Highlights look the best, in our opinion. 

Best suited for

Skin colour – All skin colours. 

Hair length – Long 

Hair type – Curly, straight and wavy. 


Getting purple or blue highlights with the brown ombre will look exotic and bold. 

#6 – Golden brown ombre hair 

Golden Brown Ombre Hair Ideas

This is your one chance to become Goldilocks!

We love the golden brown ombre hair colour because of its radiance and its ability to merge with any hair type.

But we want to give a special shoutout to those women with long beautiful hair and ask you to get this hair colour ASAP! 

Best suited for

Skin colour – Fair, olive, pale

Hair length – Long and medium hair length 

Hair type – Wavy and straight. 


Get this highlight with a mixture of a darker colour to bring out the complete look. 

#7 – Honey brown ombre 

brown ombre hair straight

The honey blonde is the pitstop for all hair lengths. The colour blends in so well, oozing out a very natural look.

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Another thing to note about the honey brown ombre is that it looks best with blonde roots but again that is only an observation and it looks amazing on other hair types as well. 

Best suited for
Skin colour – Dusky and fair 

Hair length – Medium and long 

Hair type – Straight and wavy. 


The honey ombre has different shades that might work well for various skin tones. 

#8 – Toasted brown ombre hair 

dark brown ombre short hair

Standing true to its name, it is a mixture of both blonde and dark brown. Our favorite part of this hairstyle is that it isn’t even and creates an illusion of both brown and blonde.

It looks best if you have wavy or curly hair since on straight hair it does not stand a chance to flaunt the transition. 

Best suited for 

Skin colour – Dusky, fair and wheatish skin tones. 

Hair length – Short and medium hair. 

Hair type – Wavy and curly 


If you have wavy hair, make use of this by scattering the color inside and outside. 

#9 – Oak brown ombre hair example

light brown ombre hair

This light brown oak colour will make you want to chop your hair off to this length. The tousles are the highlights of this colour. It blends in very well with wavy and curly hair.

The colour is so different from the rest that we have mentioned and gives a beautiful form to the hair. 

Best suited for

Skin colour – Fair

Hair length – Short and medium length. 

Hair type – Wavy hair 


Even though there might be options to darken the shade, we suggest you give the oak brown a chance. 

#10 – Balayage Ombre hair example 

dark brown to light brown ombre long hair

Clearly, this is the shining choice for curly haired women because of how radiant it looks. 

We love this combination because it blends perfectly and can be used on the hardest to impress hair type ; curly hair. Your bouncy curls deserve this fun looking colour combo!

Best suited for

Skin colour – Dark dusky and wheatish skin tone 

Hair length – Medium and short hair

Hair type – Curly hair 


If you have semi curls it would be better if you choose one colour rather than the combination.  

Here are some more examples of brown ombre hair colour. 

#11 – Strawberry blonde ombre 

copper ombre red hair

#12 – Grown out ombre hair example 

ash brown ombre

#13 – Curly brown ombre hair example 

#14 – Ponytail brown ombre hair 

light brown ombré hair

#15 – Brown Ombre with ringlets 

curly ombre hair

#16 – Face framing brown ombre hair example 

#17 – Melted brown ombre hair 

straight long ombre hair

#18 – Half blonde and Half brown ombre hair example 

Light to dark Brown Ombre Hair

#19 – Chocolate ombre hair example 

chocolate Brown Ombre Hair

#20 – Espresso to brown mocha ombre hair 

Mocha Brown Ombre Hair

#21 – Dark to golden brown ombre hair 

Golden Brown Ombre Hair

#22 – Brown to caramel ombre hair colour example 

Caramel Brown Ombre Hair

#23 – Auburn copper ombre hair colour example 

auburn Ombre Hair

#24 – Dark to light brown ombre hair example

Dark to light Ombre Hair ideas

#25 – Walnut brown to dark brown ombre hair 

face framing Brown Ombre Hair

Here are some tips that we have researched and curated for you so that you have a better understanding of wearing your brown ombre. 

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