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The shoulder length hair is the most versatile hair length. It offers most of the style options for long hair and also allows the easy manageability typical of short hair.

There are plenty of hairdos you can choose to help you look your best. Some of the most popular and gorgeous choices for the shoulder or mid-length hair are the following.

Best Female Shoulder Length Hairstyles

#1 – Spunky low pony

The easiest to achieve of all hairstyle is the ponytail. There are so many styles that you can achieve with a ponytail. For a simple yet gorgeous look, tie your hair in a low ponytail. The knot should be loose. Tease some hair in the front for a messy look. Even if there are some flyaways, just ignore. It will make this casual look much more appealing.

shoulder length hairstyles 2019

#2 – All-purpose top knot

Having a messy hair day? But want to step out in style? Try the top knot. Gather your hair around the crown, tie them in a high ponytail. Section your hair in two parts. Wrap each part forming a circular pattern. Use a good hairspray to keep the knot in place. If you have structured jawline and thin neck, go for a higher top knot. Women with square face should keep the top knot just below the crown.

medium length haircuts

#3 – Delicate pull-through braid

This ornate hairdo is a perfect choice for any occasion. Start with a half-up ponytail. Start braiding your hair as you move sideways. Keep the braids loose if you have fine hair. Make sure to keep pinning them as you move along. For thick hair, tighter braids look best. If your hair tips are uneven, then tuck them inside the strands next to your ear. Secure with a bobby pin.

medium length hairstyles for thick hair

#4 – Fishtail double braid

This dreamy hairstyle is perfect for a day at the beach or to meet up your girlfriends. Section your hair in two parts. From fishtail braids with alternate braiding. You can braid your whole hair in a fishtail or lead the braids to end in ponytails. Accessorize with beads and stones. For a classic look, use ribbons to tie the knots.  This style works with all types of hair.

short to mid length hairstyles

#5 – Messy chignon

A popular bridesmaid hairstyle is a chignon. For shorter hair, try a messy look. This look works best with shoulder length hair and makes you look angelic. The loop of the chignon is everything. Keep it gentle and loose. Fluff and tease to get the look of your desire. Double toned hair looks best with a chignon. Leave a few flying strands to frame your face at the front.

medium length hairstyles with bangs

#6 – Space buns

Even if you are not a star wars fan, you must try the space buns. It is certainly one of the coolest hairstyle ever. Part your hair at the middle. Tie two ponytails. Wrap each ponytail making them look like buns. There are plenty of variations you can try. Each bun can be formed with a braid as well.

best shoulder length haircuts

#7 – Half up bun

Want something that is cool and effective? This hairstyle keeps all your hair away from your face. It also helps you look great at the same time. Section your hair in a way that the front hair can be put together in a bun. Leave the rest of the hair open. If you want, you can give the bun a sleek finish to match your smooth open hair. Or to bring contrast, make a small messy bun on the crown and thoroughly brush the open hair.

shoulder length hairstyles 2019

#8 – Tied yet not tied

This is a very popular look among young professionals. This style does not allow hair to disturb or interfere with your work. The style gives you a very sophisticated look. Try to twirl a few strands it helps accentuate your facial features. To finish off the look, get loose waves and razor cut for the tips. It is the perfect combination.

quick and easy hairstyles for medium hair

#9 – Smooth lob

Many women opt for shoulder length hair as they want easy maintenance. But that does not mean you have to compromise on style. A smoothened lob is the hairstyle that combines the elements of a stylish cut and hassle-free upkeep. The secret behind looking effortlessly stylish with a lob is a good smoothening cream. Brushing regularly and occasional straightening will give you the best look with minimum effort.

haircuts for girls with medium hair

#10 – Subtle layers

This girl next door look is perfect for a brunch as well as a formal dinner. The hint of layers adds volume to the hair. Thus even if you have limp hair, this look will instantly add bounce to your hair. Try getting warmer highlights or contrasting colour with your natural hair colour for best results.

layered haircuts for thick hair

#11 – Headband braid

This style suits all ages. Even kids would love to wear their hair in a hairband like a twist. Section your hair for the band. You can do it across the hair circumference or have a diagonal twist. This hairband twist looks amazing with beads or crystals. You can also tie a scarf. To get a unique look to brad a ribbon along with your hair.

neck length haircuts

#12 – Medium length and a bang

If you are looking for something sexy and posh, try the Dakota Johnson bangs. This hairstyle is elegant yet powerful. Keep the bangs as long as possible. Comb them along the length. Women with a broader forehead can benefit from this style the most. Wear your hair straight or with loose waves, you will surely look stunning in this medium-length hairstyle.

shoulder length hairstyles for thick hair

#13 – Collarbone bob and waves

This sultry style is becoming a trend. The key element is that your hair needs to touch your collarbone.  For hair colour, pick a cooler tone or a vibrant hue. Get your rollers for loose waves. Sweep of the hair and pin it on one side. Get a huge chunk of wave framing your cheek to have the most dramatic effect.

hairstyle ideas for short hair

#14 – Shag shoulder length hairstyles

There is beauty even in dishevelled hair! This messy, straight out of bed look is super sexy. A dab of styling cream is all you need. The cut should incorporate as many sections as possible giving it the shag look. Ideal for limp hair as this style adds volume to flat hair. Nude makeup and a delicious gloss are all you need to rock your look.

simple hairstyles for medium hair indian

#15 – Deep part female shoulder length hairstyles

One of the hairstyle that the most fashionables rock today is the deep parting. It is nothing but a simple combing technique. Take a risk and plunge a deep parting on to the sides. Sweep your hair and fix with a bobby pin. You can also try twirls for your open hair. It works with all types of face cutting. You can also experiment with different hair colour. From the daring to the conventional it works for all.

short medium layered haircuts

#16 – Ballerina bun shoulder length hairstyle

Even with short hair, you can easily achieve a ballerina bun. In fact, short hair adds more volume to the bun if you use a thick band. For a sleek look, try a net. Use bobby pins to secure all the flyaways.

how to style above shoulder length hair

#17 – Lob with a deep part bang

The lob cut itself looks very stylish. To add an edge, get a deep part bang. This side sweep adds more to the sophistication of this cut. Try different hair colours and choose the one that reflects your personal style the most. For some extra spunk, bead and twirl the topmost strand of the side sweep. Apply some hair spray and you are good to go.

short length hairstyles for thick hair

#18 – Layers for shoulder length hair

Soft layers look really cool for shoulder length hair. Try the face-framing cut that outlines your jawbone. For mid-length hair, make sure the layering is done below the tip of your nose or your chin. Layers work wonder with limp hair as well. Wear it as a side or middle parting. Try different looks by wearing bandanas and scarves.

shoulder length hairstyles 2019

#19 – Side twist female shoulder length hairsyle

This side twist is one of the easiest hairstyles to achieve. This hairdo is not just preferred by bridesmaids but also the mom of the bride. If carried out meticulously, even the bride can sport it with panache. To get the look, do not smoothen or iron your hair. You should not also get any perms. This works best with naturally wavy hair. Tie a messy side ponytail. Twist it and form a loose bun. Spray and tuck the frizz for a neat finish.

chest length hair

#20 – Bouffant and side sweep shoulder length hairstyle

Many Hollywood divas swear by this hairstyle. Side brush your hair in a deep parting. Sweep rest of the hair across the face and pin it with ornamental bobby pins and clips. Twirl the parted hair in smaller strands. Keep the topmost layer free and pin the rest. With the free strands, structure your face. Use as much of hairspray you need.

best short length haircuts

#21 – Shoulder length hairstyle for fine hair 

Shoulder length hairstyle for fine hair

If you have fine hair, then this subtle hairstyle is for you. This may not be suitable for those with curly or wavy hair. But women with straight hair, this one is a saviour! It frames the face well with gentle bangs that fall on the sides of the face with ease. 

#22 – Asian female shoulder length hairstyle 

Asian female shoulder length hairstyle

Asians have a thicker texture but when it comes to hair type, most of the Asians have straight hair. A great addition to this hairstyle would be wispy bangs that will softly caress the forehead. You can style your hair in anyway you like and it will look as elegant. 

#23 – African american female shoulder length hairstyles 

shoulder length hair for black hair

African american hair can look great when cut upto the shoulder. Since the ethnic hair can be thick and of high maintenance, cutting it upto there can save you so much time on doing your hair. The amount of products you apply to your hair will also reduce by a whole lot. 

#24 – Layered haircuts with side parts 

layered shoulder length hair

#25 – Collarbone length hair 

collarbone shoulder length hair

#26 – Balayage shoulder length hair 

shoulder length balayage hair

#27 – Shoulder length gray hair 

shoulder length gray hair

#28 – Uneven curtain bangs for shoulder length hair

curtain bangs

#29 – Mermaid shoulder length hair 

mermaid shoulder length hair

#30 – Two tier shoulder length hair 

two tier shoulder length hair

Why is shoulder length hair the best?

Shoulder length is the mid between short and long and this is the safest place to be. Those with long hair know how hard it is to maintain the hair strands. And those with short hair, we know you want to have long hair! Having shoulder length can help you be on both sides and enjoy the perks. This is also a great way to make up your mind on what you really want to do with your hair. 

Another important part of having shoulder length hair is that you can try a whole bunch hairstyles that look amazing on you. Most of the fanciest of them can be nailed only with shoulder length hair. Maintenance is also supereasy and can be done very well on shoulder length hair. 

Is shoulder length hair flattering?

Shoulder length hair is very flattering if you can maintain well. Use the right kind of products to flaunt your hair and tie it up whenever necessary. One thing I can assure you is that shoulder length hair will go with any outfits. A shoulder length hair can be styled in literally any way you want. A sleek look is what any woman would want so a shoulder length is the perfect way to keep it at. 

How can I make my shoulder length hair look good?

  • Use the right kind of products. 
  • Curl it or straighten it but make sure you use only good quality appliances. 
  • Make sure that the hair length compliments your body structure and your facial features. 
  • If you have hindrances in maintaining your hair, we suggest you go short rather than keeping it shoulder length. 
  • Eat healthy and drink plenty of water to keep the texture of your hair flawless.

While choosing a hairstyle, keep in mind your facial features. The hairstyle you wear should accentuate your face and highlight its best aspects. Wear your gorgeous style in confidence and prepare to step out in style.  

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