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Soft and shiny hair! Every girl’s dream. But to make hair soft and silky? Read on to know.

We have never had it another way. Not only do we all aspire to attain soft hair but it is also part of grooming.

The reason why we all search for ways to get this kind of hair is because it can happen only in a few ways and it requires a lot of care and effort.

We lead busy lives and sometimes we just can’t afford time put into this.

So read on to know how to make hair soft and silky 

How To Make Hair Soft

#1 – Use Cold Water To Wash Hair

soft hair

Hot water is extremely harmful for the hair strands.

You have to understand that your hair strands don’t have the threshold to take in extreme heat.

It applies to your electronic devices as much as it does to water.

Rinsing your hair with cold water is an important part of maintaining hair texture.

Even lukewarm water will suffice to take care of your hair. 

#2 – Trim Hair Often

how to make hair soft

Your hair needs constant trimming to be able to grow at a steady pace.

Cutting the ends of your hair is extremely important to enhance your hair growth and texture.

Make regular visits to your salon and get the edges trimmed to get longer and more lustrous hair. 

#3 – Apply Aloe Vera to Make Hair Soft

soft and smooth hair remedy

This is the most common hair remedy for smooth and soft hair.

Applying Aloe Vera can do your hair a lot of help. It acts as a natural mask, nourishing and moisturising your hair which will in turn appear soft and silky.

Doing this twice a week on a regular basis can help your hair maintain its strength and texture. It is necessary to treat your hair to such natural remedies every once in a while. 

#4 – Use Onion Juice To Make Hair Soft

natural home remedies for the hair

The extract from onion is very effective when it comes to hair growth and strength. Not only does it enhance hair growth and reduces hair fall but it also makes the hair smoother.

Practitioners have rated this as the most effective remedy for hair softening and growth.

The only downside of this home remedy is the odour it creates once applied on the hair.

But it is all worth it when you see the result.

You can store the onion juice in a spraying bottle and use it every once in a while for the best results. 

#5 – Apply Grounded Curry Leaves with Coconut Oil

curry leaves for the hair

This is an organic mixture of two of the most powerful ingredients required for strong and lustrous hair.

Curry leaves have been religiously used for the well being of hair and so has coconut oil.

When these two are ground together and made into a paste and applied onto the hair, it gets rid of any substance that is harmful to the strength of the hair.

Leave this mixture on for about 15 minutes before you wash it off.

Beware of the strong odour but also embrace the wonderful result after!

#6 – Rinse Hair With Beer To Make Hair Soft

how to get soft hair instantly

This is an interesting approach to hair care as it is seldom thought of as something that nourishes the hair! 

But beer has its benefits on the hair including its capacity to treat any kind of hair and tame it.

You don’t need to leave on your hair for a long time but instead, mix it well with water and rinse your hair with it.

We assure you that your hair will turn out to look shiny and radiant.

The next time you have a party and have beer remaining, you know what to do! 

#7 – Sleep with a silk pillowcase or bonnet

Using cotton fabrics for pillowcases is a no-no. The fabric contains long fibers that snag at hair.

And as it is highly absorbent it can remove the natural oils from your locks as well.

So it’s best to use a silk pillowcase to make hair soft and leave it looking amazing!

Doing so can help reduce frizz as well.

#8 – Don’t use hot tools to dry hair

Using a hair dryer is the easiest way to dry tresses. But the overuse of heat can damage them.

So it’s best to keep the setting on cool when styling your locks.

Rigorously drying your hair using a towel can also lead to damage and frizz. So we suggest using a soft T-shirt instead.

How can I make hair softer at home?

If you want to make your hair softer at home, you can try using homemade hair treatments or hair masks using ingredients from your kitchen like:

What are some silky hair products?

In this time and age, it is crucial to own the right kind of hair products and incorporate them in your daily routine to get lustrous long hair.

We have made a list of the right kind of products you need to get super soft hair. Read on. 

#1 – Wide-tooth comb for soft hair  – Paul Mitchell Detangler comb

how to get smooth hair

The way you comb your hair has a huge impact on how your hair texture will turn out to be.

Using a wide toothed comb has its own benefits, including not damaging your hair strands while removing tangles from your hair.

This wide toothed comb from Paul Mitchell will do its job of leaving your hair silky and smooth with its gentle bristle and its soft touch on the scalp. 

Hair type – Curly and coarse hair. 

Tip: Even though a wide toothed comb has a lesser chance of damaging your hair strands make sure to be gentle with your hair while you drag it through your hair strands. 

#2 – Conditioner for soft hair – OGX Extra strength damage remedy conditioner 

conditioner for smooth hair

Conditioning your hair with the right product and maintaining that action for a considerable amount of time is essential for soft hair.

This conditioner from OGX has the potential to change your coarse hair into super soft and silky hair. The coconut extract in the conditioner allows the hair to grow in a smoother and softer way.

Not only does it leave your hair smelling like a dream, it enhances hair growth. 

Hair type – Curly, straight and wavy

Tip: Use this conditioner every time you wash your for the best results.

Don’t worry about it damaging your hair since it contains natural elements. 

#3 – Hair softening shampoo – Redken shampoo

shampoo for smooth hair

Not cleaning your scalp on a regular basis can cause the texture of your hair to change. Regularly using the right product and swearing by it can make your hair super soft.

This hair softening shampoo by Redken can make a huge difference in the way your hair appears.

Using this shampoo every once in two days canmake your hair soft and silky. 

Hair type – Curly and wavy

Tip: Even though it is important to use a shampoo on a regular basis, it is also important to know how much to use based on your hair type and volume.

Too much shampoo can be harmful for your hair. 

#4 – Hair Oil – Now solutions hair oil for soft hair 

hair oil for smooth hair

Oiling your hair is as important as your other hair care routines. Most hair oils are made up of essential elements that enhance hair growth and texture.

The Jojoba oil makes sure it moisturises your hair giving it all the necessary nutrients to remain silky and smooth.

Unlike most hair oils it does not give out a strong odour but is mild and can be left on the scalp for a longer time. 

Hair type – Coarse and rough hair

Tip: Massage the oil onto your hair for about 15 minutes and then leave it on for at least an hour before washing it off. 

#5 – Silk pillowcase –  ZIMASILK 

pillow case for smooth hair

Investing in a silk pillowcase can do more good to your hair than you can imagine. While sleeping you tend to toss and turn which has an impact on your hair.

Constant tangles can damage your hair strands. On a silk pillowcase these chances are skewed.

This luxurious and soft pillow case from ZIMASILK can be of great help for your hair as well as your skin.

The soft and soothing material is extremely sensitive on the skin so it makes your every night’s sleep a peaceful one. 

Hair type – Mostly for curly and coarse hair

How to get soft hair overnight? 

Sometimes you just want to acquire those soft locks and you can’t wait to do a whole process. For times like these, you could use Olive oil.

Though it has a thick texture, applying this overnight and washing it off in the morning will give you soft and silky hair.

Make sure you use a strong shampoo to wash the oil of your hair as it is kind of strong and thick.

But replacing olive oil with coconut oil can really work your hair’s texture. 

These products and hair care routines are an important part of caring for your hair and making it more radiant and soft.

We hope we have helped you figure out how to get super soft hair with these products and methods. 

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