25 Short Relaxed Hairstyles for Women 2024

by Tommy Sroski

Want to know how to style relaxed hairstyles at home? Try these simple relaxed hairstyles for short hair! These are no-heat styles that suit round faces and those transitioning from relaxed to natural hair.

If you have unruly short hair you need to know remedies for that as well. It could be uncontrollable curls, frizz, or even to just-style ethnic hair.

For all of these factors, relaxing your hair is a one-time solution that can eliminate all of these factors and give you flawless results.

If you are wondering if relaxing your short hair is an absolute necessity, we are going to say yes. Having short hair does not always mean easy maintenance.

Sometimes with certain textures of the hair, especially curly and ethnic hair, maintaining and keeping the strands in place can be quite a task, and hence we give the best-relaxed hairstyles for short hair.

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Best Relaxed Hairstyles for Short Hair

#1 – Short relaxed hairstyle 

short curly relaxed hairstyle
Source: Instagram@360hairbar

This is the easiest and most simple way to set your relaxed hair. The length of your hair is only till the lobe of your ear which makes it easier to tame your hair. For this length of the hair you don’t need to force yourself to the salon too often. Root touch up is an important aspect of maintaining this hairstyle. It keeps the hair in place and will not require constant combing and brushing of the strands. 

#2 – Layered pixie bob relaxed hairstyle for short hair 

Layered pixie bob relaxed hairstyle for sho
Source: Instagram@k.smithdesigns

Everyone loves the pixie look! In fact it is the most preferred short hairstyle of this time. Once your hair is relaxed, the layered pixie is the perfect way of adhering to the relaxer. Layers are a great way of keeping your hair in place. If you are someone with thick and coarse hair, then this is a great way to make your hair look silky smooth. The relaxer will be a great addition to this hairstyle. 

#3 – Short relaxed pixie hair 

Short relaxed pixie hair
Source: Instagram@salonrhed

The relaxed pixie is the regular pixie cut with the hair smoothing. There is not much styling that goes into this hairstyle. Even if you let your hair down, it still looks smooth and silky. But if you are having doubts about the pixie cut looking appropriate on you, then make sure you consult a stylist and get the best advice. Once your hair is relaxed your pixie cut hair will tend to look longer after the strands are being smoothened. 

#4 – Cute side parted relaxed hairstyles for short hair 

low maintenance short relaxed hairstyles
Source: Instagram@iamvondutch

Who wouldn’t want this cute and simple relaxed hairstyle especially since it does not require much maintenance. A side part is the best way to tame curly hair and this makes it even better after you have relaxed your hair. Even using a relaxer in a mild amount will do your hair a lot of good. All you have to do is a sharp side partition and make sure your hair sits right on one side. 

#5 – Blonde pixie relaxed hairstyles for short hair 

Source: Instagram@lala.bad_

Although this hairstyle is pretty generic and aimed at blondes, you can pull this off with your own hair colour as well. Relaxing blonde hair is important as the hair colour has an impact on how your hair strands can be later on. Blonde hair when relaxed forms a better texture than when wavy. Even better when you have the pixie hairstyle since it makes your profile look super edgy and sharp. We love how the blonde colour compliments the short hair. 

#6 – Short sides relaxed hairstyles for short hair 

Source: Instagram@tinajestinaa

Short sides on either side of the hair is one of the sexiest hairstyles. But again like the rest mentioned above, it needs to be relaxed so that it can perform the best. Relaxing your short sided hair is easy as the length of this particular hairstyle is extremely short. Make you use a hair serum which compliments your hair type to make sure it stays that way for long. It also gives the hair a shiny and glossy texture. 

#7 – Grey relaxed hairstyle for short hair 

Source: Instagram@carlineinstylluxe

One of the boldest and flashy hairstyles among out picks! We promise you that this will get you compliments and even boost your confidence. The best part about the grey relaxed hairstyle for short hair is that it looks glossier after you use a relaxer. If you have wavy hair, the grey will tend to look more faded and dull but the relaxer can really boost things up for you. 

#8 – Stacked bob relaxed hairstyles for short hair 

Source: Instagram@itunupepper

The stacked up bob is one of our favorite relaxed hairstyles for short hair.

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This bob hairstyle when relaxed sits very well on people with narrow hair. The stacked bob does not look appropriate if you have curly or wavy hair and hence relaxing your hair is extremely important here. It also looks very natural and does not look too straightened. The upper part of your hair is usually the highlight of the entire look. 

#9 – Messy relaxed hairstyle for short hair 

hairstyles for short relaxed hair for school
Source: Instagram@Rakauskaite_

The messy relaxed hairstyle is the most natural looking among our top picks. While it reduces frizz and tames the curls, it does still look messy and gives a very casual look. Not to mean that this hairstyle can’t be worn for formal occasions because it looks amazing on formal suits. Make sure you have enough locks to complete the entire hairstyle. 

#10 – Straight relaxed hairstyle for short hair 

Source: Instagram@hairitagehub

The straight relaxed hair looks grand and looks super sexy on any outfit. You need longer hair in the middle to be able to flaunt it but either way, the straightening will complete the entire look. This hairstyle is a bit difficult to achieve if you have coarse and thick hair. If you belong to this category we suggest you get a layered cut to tame the hair and keep it in place. 

#11 – Mohawk relaxed hairstyles for short hair 

Source: Instagram@Aioki_k

#12 – Short relaxed hairstyle with high crown 

Source: Instagram@silva_lynnn

#13 – Stylish relaxed hairstyle for short hair 

Stylish relaxed hairstyle for short hair

#14 – Relaxed short hairstyle with Edges

 Relaxed short hairstyle with Edges
Source: Instagram@90shair4you

#15 – Short layered relaxed hairstyle 

Short layered relaxed hairstyle 
Source: Instagram@silkpresss

#16 – Coloured relaxed hairstyles for short hair 

 Coloured relaxed hairstyles for short hair 
Source: Instagram@Styles_by_sherisa

#17 – Short Wavy relaxed hairstyles

protective hairstyles for short relaxed hair
Source: Instagram@healthyrelaxedhair

#18 – Wild waves relaxed hairstyles for short hair 

Source: Instagram@onychair

#19 – Sleek middle-parted relaxed hairstyle for short hair 

middle-parted relaxed hairstyle for short hair 
Source: Instagram@attheshampoobowl

#20 – Brushed out finger waves relaxed hairstyles for short hair 

 finger waves relaxed hairstyles for short hair 
Source: Instagram@Itsallaboutash

#21 – Swooping waves relaxed hairstyles for short hair

Swooping waves relaxed hairstyles for short hair
Source: Instagram@kellywhitehair_

#22 – Tousled relaxed hairstyles for short hair

 Tousled relaxed hairstyles for short hair
Source: Instagram@vmmvvvv

#23 – Pinned up volume relaxed hairstyles for short hair

Pinned up volume relaxed hairstyles

#24 – Wispy ends short relaxed hairstyles

Wispy ends

#25 – Wet relaxed short hairstyle

Wet relaxed short hairstyle
Source: Instagram@taylor.bliss.rhodes

How often do you relax your pixie cut?

Having a pixie haircut means more maintenance especially when you have to relax it. Since the hair strands are short they tend to stand out and don’t sit in well. We would suggest you have a salon visit once every 2 weeks. The salon visit is to have a root touch up and make sure your strands are straightened and the curls are tamed.

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While you’re at the salon it would be advisable if you could get your hair trimmed and level your hair so that the relaxing bit gets easier.

How often should you get a relaxer with short hair?

While relaxing the hair can be good for the texture of your hair, it does contain chemicals so you cannot overdo it. We would recommend going at least 3 weeks without such chemicals. This can damage your hair and cause your short hair to appear disproportionately. 

However, you can try natural remedies for your hair like aloe vera gel, almond oil, castor oil and so on. If you are looking for a safe relaxer for your hair check out this one from Linange. The shea butter that it contains causes the hair strands to appear smooth and seamless. 

How to style your relaxed short hair without any heat?

Styling your relaxed hair but it’s even harder when it is too short. Relaxing your short hair without heat can be achieved by using rollers overnight. 

Rollers can be huge and can be hard to attach it on short hair but there are smaller rollers as well. 

Pro tip 

Detangle your hair before you use it since the rollers can get in the middle of your strands. Using a hairspray or hair serum to make the result more effective. 

How can I make my relaxed hair curly? 

Most people think that after they get their relaxers on their hair, they should just stop! 

But no, we are here to burst that bubble for you. You can make curls on your relaxed hair as well. 

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This comes with a number of accessories 

  • Curlformers are sort of rollers that are very easy to put on your hair and are more automatic than rollers. All you have to do is clip it on. 
  • Straw sets are another kind of accessory that works well for forming curls as it comes with a more manual procedure and requires more effort than rollers or curlformers. But one thing you can be sure of is that it will not hurt your hair strands or keep your hair damaged. 
  • Braid outs might not be an option for extremely short hair like if you have pixie cut but if you have hair reaching to the nape of your neck, you can braid it. If you are planning to sleep on it, you can spray it after you have braided it and leave it. 

How to maintain relaxed hair

We know how hard it can be for some of you who are new to this method of hair treatment. So here are some tips to maintain relaxed hair that you can start off.


When you are relaxing your hair what you need the most is protein to strengthen the hair strands and elevate hair growth.

Conditioning your hair

Using a good quality hair conditioner for your hair and massaging gently to remove build ups is a good start into the process of maintaining your relaxed hair.

This can also smoothen out your hair strands.


You can do this with a hair serum or a good shampoo that has necessary nutrients that will moisturise your hair and give you a glossy shiny look always.

Don’t relax your hair too often

It can be quite natural to overdo the process especially when you are starting the process out. So make sure you keep count of how many times you are relaxing your hair throughout the month.

Relaxing short hair is a good hair care routine and wearing the right hairstyle is important. We hope we have helped you figure out how to wear your short relaxed hair. 

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