12 Cutest Braids And Beads Hairstyles For Kids 2024 | Adorable Hair Ideas

by Helen Sroski

Make sure your little girl looks her best with these adorable braids and beads hairstyles for kids right now!

Fashion today is what you create and fashion has no age limit. That’s what I love! 

Dress the way you want, style your hair the way you like and flaunt the style you’ve tried, because why not? 

The braids and beads hairstyles never go out of fashion, in fact they honestly get more and more trendy, is what I think!

While there are quite a few hairstyles for girl children, there are lesser for the boys.

But that being said I must admit that even the boys will still rock the cool braids and beads look just like Jaden Smith did in the movie Karate Kid back in 2010. 

Braids And Beads Hairstyles For Kids 2023

So parents, what’s stopping you from getting your kid the coolest braids and beads hairstyle!

1. The Two Ponytail Braids With Beads Hairstyle

Okay let’s be honest here, all children look absolutely super cute in two ponytails, don’t you think? 

Well, while it is a common hairstyle, turning the good old ponytails into braids stemming from cornrows and incorporating the beads at the ends of the braids will make the same classic hairstyle look really fancy! 

You can use the regular transparent beads or even go in for other coloured fancier beads of your child’s choice and I’m sure your kid will love it!

2. The One-Sided Braids With Beads Hairstyle

Well, I really like how funky this hairstyle looks, apart from it being completely unique and different as compared to the other regular braids and beads hairstyles out there. 

This hairstyle entails cornrows covering the whole head in the same direction, falling into braids over one side of the face. 

Attach multiple beads at the ends of each braid to complete the hairstyle, of course!

3. The One-sided Braids with Heart hairstyle

I know I’m going to sound a little partial here, but this is one of my favourites! 

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Look how adorable that little heart shaped cornrow looks on one side of the hair and how well it comes together forming a single braid

On the other side the braids fall over the side of the head like a waterfall, creating a stylish effect.

4. The Single High Ponytail with Side Heart Braid hairstyle

While the heart looks quite similar to the previous hairstyle, it does have a few noticeable changes. Did you notice it? 

Yes, the heart opens out into two braids while the rest of the hair is tied into one single ponytail with multiple braids ending with a row of beads.

5. The Zigzag Braids hairstyle

Yet another unique braided hairstyle indeed! I love how awesome this zigzag pattern looks on the scalp.

And I really like how well the braids look as though they are entwined, finally all coming together to form a nice high ponytail.

6. The Double-sided Braids with Beads hairstyle

Is your child someone who likes to keep it simple? Well, we got something for that kid too! 

The classic hairstyle never goes out of fashion and will always look simple yet trendy and elegant! 

If your child likes regular cornrow braids falling over both sides, so be it, right?

7. The Double-sided Bun with Braids hairstyle

Isn’t this hairstyle very cute? I really like that it will match pretty much any outfit and look good for any occasion too. 

Simple double tied buns, but coming out into braids with beads. I think this style looks pretty unique and cool!

You can also see a lot of celebrity kids like Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy sporting this kids’ hairstyle.

8. The Top Bun Braids hairstyle

This hairstyle looks so pretty, I have to admit! 

Just look how beautiful the cornrows look over the scalp, tied up into a bun, with just a couple of braids falling over the sides of the face.

 To complete the look are two heart shaped cornrows at the sides of the head.

9. The Classic two-sided Braids with Beads hairstyle

When I see this hairstyle, I remember the good old days, how as kids we’d have to wear two braids to school. 

Well, this looks much more classier, right? Cornrow braids, with beads at the end. Sounds super cool and classy, don’t you think? 

10. The Single Braided Ponytail hairstyle

This is yet another hairstyle that never goes out of fashion or so I think. 

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Correct me if I am wrong, but the single high ponytail is something that almost everyone with long hair will settle for, even kids! 

But here, what’s cool is that it is not just a simple high ponytail, but a high ponytail with braids and beads. Totally enhances the look, right?

11. The Brick Braids with Beads hairstyle

I’m sure this style is going to get eyes turning in your direction as your child walks around with you because this style looks so unique and so very pretty. 

While getting this style will definitely take an effort, because it entails a unique brick-like pattern, I’m sure it is going to be worth the while!

12. The Star Braided hairstyle

If you thought the brick pattern hairstyle was cool, then I’ve got another one to add to your list. 

Check out how the braids stem from the star shaped pattern, making it form such a pretty pattern over the scalp. 

Whether your child has long or short hair, I’m sure this hairstyle will look good either way!

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs) About Braids And Beads Hairstyles For Kids

I’m sure a lot of you mothers out there have a lot of questions regarding braid hairstyles and I’ve tried to answer the most frequently asked ones for you guys.

1. How long can you keep the braids on?

While wearing the braids look super cool, they need to be taken off after some time in order to let the hair breathe and avoid too much hair damage from keeping them on too long. An ideal time for keeping the braids on will be 6 to 8 weeks.
Also, if you keep the braids on for too long a time period, dirt will begin to collect and get combined with the hair’s natural oils, causing a layer of buildup and dandruff formation over time which can also clog the hair follicles and lead to scalp infections.

2. Will keeping the braids on too long damage my child’s hair?

Yes, like I mentioned above, keeping the braids on for too many months at a stretch can damage the hair follicles as most of the braids stem from cornrows that can tug on the hair follicles and permanently damage them.

3. How much of a gap should be maintained between two braids and beads hairstyles?

I’d recommend that you keep at least a week’s gap between getting your child’s hair braided into a different hairstyle.

4. How do you maintain and clean the braids?

Maintenance of the braids can be for sure hard and here are two tips you could use while your child hair their braids on:
To maintain the braids, you can cover your child’s hair in a satin or silk scarf while she/he sleeps, to ensure that there is limited hair damage because of friction or traction alopecia and also to avoid the braids from getting damaged and end up looking untidy.
Remember to moisturize your child’s hair by oiling it on a regular basis.
To clean the hair, you can use dry shampoo from time to time.

5. Do children’s hair grow faster when in braids?

Well, I must say that this is a myth. Braided hair doesn’t grow any faster than when the hair is left loose. Braids just help to tame the hair and protect the hair from excessive damage. This means that your child’s hair growth pace will depend on heredity and genetics and that the braided hairstyle will have no effect on the hair growth pace.

6. Will braids ruin my child’s hairline?

Only if the braids are tied too tightly and tug at the ends near the hairline, then yes, the hairline will begin to recede over time. Therefore, parents should make sure that the braids hairstyles are such that they do not tug at the child’s hairline, since the hair near the hairline is baby hair, which are fragile and very fine and more prone to damage.

The final takeaway

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What I love about braids and beads hairstyles is the fact that you can combine hairstyles, switch up styles and make your own hairstyle and experiment with the bead types and colours.

This way your kid won’t get bored and you can create fres new look and have your child’s hair styled perfectly, but in your own way.

You can also experiment with different patterns while getting the cornrows tied, to form the coolest patterns on the scalp. Yes, braid styles are so very flexible, so make the most of it!

While you keep experimenting and enjoy the look of the braids and beads hairstyles, do not forget to follow the right hair care and maintenance methods.

Doing so will maintain the quality and texture of your child’s hair while the braids are on!

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