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You can instantly embrace a whole new look by changing your hairstyle.

Depending on the length of your hair, we have curated the perfect cute haircuts for girls for you to choose.

Short hair – Many people believe that short hair has fewer style options. To prove them wrong, here is our list of styles.

Top Haircuts For Girls 2021

 A simple bob

This haircut has traversed time and still not lost its popularity. It is trendy and sophisticated at the same time. This hair cut is ideal for girls of any age.

 The edgy lob 

This haircut is the funky cousin of the simple bob cut. The sharp finishing of this style sets it apart. It makes a statement and definitely stands out in the crowd.

haircuts for girls with medium hair

 No-nonsense pixie

This cut had been the staple for serious girls. But with changing times and thanks to vibrant hair colours, this hairstyle has become popular with the cutest girls.

haircuts for girls with curly hair

Bangs and the pixie

When the pixie cut meets the bangs, it simply creates a visual treat. An effortless and timeless style. Looks cool and suits every attire.

teenage girl haircuts

 Dramatic pixie

The singer and songwriter Pink showed us how to glam up the pixie cut. A mohawk adds to the richness of the pixie cut. A dash of colour will raise the style quotient further.

girl haircuts short

Stacked curls

Women with naturally curly hair tend to skip short haircut options. But short hair can look great when the curls are all stacked and cut with a structure.

curly hair haircuts women


If you want the best low-maintenance haircut which also does well on the oomph meter, snip it all. Go for super short hair. A gel is all you will need to style it.

short hair styles women

 Bold enough

This is for the most courageous of us all. Shave your head, let it grow back, bleach it! Get highlighting or shades for the ultimate look. It is the sacrifice of the tresses you make for a super stylish you.

short hair women styles

 The match

Bangs at the front and an extended bob are a match made in heaven. Many celebrities have been sporting this look for decades. The easy upkeep makes it popular for the busy woman of today.

fringe bob cut women

 Cropped locks

Talking of short hair, we can’t miss Halle Berry’s choice of haircut. The cropped front locks add so much elegance to the short hairstyle. Use a curler to get the bangs. Let it fall on a side or use a gel to hold them upright.

spike style women

 Curled and structured

The 1950s and 1960s saw women going for shorter hair and getting ringlets to frame their face. This period hairstyle is making a come back and looking chic as never before.

Medium hair-cut

Also known as shoulder length hair cut, this style offers great versatility. It is easy to handle and presents a great variety of stylizing.

 Flick complimenting a lengthy bob

A shoulder-length bob with a strand of hair to the side is ideal for any season or occasion. The best feature of this hairstyle is you can keep it open or simply tie in a ponytail as according to your wish.

flick style women

 Layers touching the shoulder

This gorgeous haircut is a must-try for every girl.  The length till the shoulder makes the layers appear more gathered and adds more body to your hair. It has a super delightful frolic and fun to its appearance.

layers hair women

 Bangs and wavy layers

This versatile look is all-purpose. It suits well girls with salient features. To make it even more appealing, get highlighting in a shade lighter than your natural colour.

bangs and wavy women

Blunt Bob

This sleek haircut is an instant show stealer. It adds an eclectic aura to your overall appearance. A styling gel is all you need and you are ready to step out in style. Make sure that your hair is ironed straight to maintain the appeal of this look.

blunt bob hairstyle

 Messy, wavy-midi

The messy hair is chic and trendy. Being sported by almost all of the divas from Hollywood, this trending style holds great promise for anyone sporting it. As it is a naturally messy look, the maintenance for this style is comparatively easier.

messy hair women

 Inverted bob for shoulder length hair

This elegant style is simple yet creates an astonishing image. It works best with naturally straight and fine hair. To achieve this upscale look use your hair straightener to iron out even the finest waves.

inverted bob women

 Layered out

When you have medium length hair, getting a deeply layered outlook can work magic o your looks. Create an extended side sweep and highlight only the layered out portions.

This haircut will frame your face and add more structure to the jawline. Best example Jennifer Anniston aka Rachel Green.

layered out hair women

 Side-parting lob

This adorable style is girl-next-door! Side-parting is easiest to achieve and works well with hair length till about the shoulder. As it does not have to be perfect, ditch the straightener. Combing through with serum can help achieve the effortless look.

side parting lob women

 Curled up

You are mistaken if you think medium hair cut is only for straight hair. It works equally well with curly hair. The length of the hair, allows it to be easily manageable. A simple cut and trim can make your hair look stunning.

curled up style

 Curls ad bangs

Yes you can get bangs even if you have curly hair. The messy nature of this hairstyle creates its own unique appeal. The bangs should ideally touch your eyebrows. This haircut suits square and round faces best.

curls and bangs hairstyle

Loose waves

Wavy tresses work best with mid-length hair. Part as you wish. But let a few strands brush your face for bringing softness. This style suits girls with strong facial features. it helps to highlight your best facial, structural asset- the jawbone.

waves hairstyle

 Simple U or V

If simplicity defines your style, then for your mid-length hair choose a U Or V cut. The beauty of this style is the way it falls on your shoulders.

simple hairstyle for girls

 Angled layers

Many people prefer to have razor sharp edges for their face-framing cut. The layers in this type of cut are structured with a razor for precise finishing.

angled layers for girls

Long hairstyles

The long length of your hair is the dream of every stylist. However, finding the right cut for lengthier hair can be challenging. Here is a list of our favourites.


The best way to break the monotony of long hair is by getting fringes. It adorns your face and lets you keep the length.

fringes style girls

Distant layers

When you have long hair, you need to plan your layers well. Keeping them at a good distance apart especially from the chin can create an impressive look. This look when done right, attracts as the most eye-catching style.

distant layers girls

  Keep it simple

The charm of long hair is in its length. To make the most of it, cut your hair in a straight line along the tip. Use a leave-in serum for maximizing the glossy effect.

long hair styles women

 Layered and shaded

Perfect style option for people with thin hair. The layering and the shade add more volume to your hair. This cut is perky and cute. Suitable for all face cuts.

shaded hairstyle

 Long shag

This has been the trendiest hair cut since the Rachel cut. The long and flowy waves add an extra bounce to your hair. Perfect for even limp and dull hair.

long shag women

 Large and loose

  If you prefer curls, soft curls can look awesome in a layered, long hair. Do not go for perming, simple scrunching of big, flowing curls can get you the desired effect. Though it may look expensive this stylizing is quite affordable.

girl haircuts fine hair

 Balayage and layering

This combination not only adds volume but gives instant movement to long hair. It is the best solution to cover up for fragile and dry hair. Always go for warmer hues as it brings extra softness.

girl haircuts 2019

  Embrace the waves

  Many people fear their wavy to curly hair and skip having long hair altogether. But if you have natural waves, let them rock for you. Cut it in a haphazard manner and let it fall cascading around your facial features. This is quite a bold and daring look.

wavy hairstyles girls

 Swirl all the way

If you want to look like a princess, then you have to go for swirls. Start by getting a steps hair cut starting from the chin downwards. Make a side partition and sweep it across to a side.

swirl hairstyle women

 Tiered glory

This haircut comes in the form of tiers. The step cut typically begins quite low almost from the shoulder level. The fall of this haircut makes it look so enticing.

tiered hairstyle women

 Straight and wavy

Most people with long hair prefer to keep it straightened. But the hair may lack volume, to get more bounce, add waves. This hairstyle brings in softness and makes long hair look fancier.

A haircut can easily lift your spirits high. Sticking to one hair cut is so out of style. Keep changing, keep exploring!

wavy hair women

Wavy Blond Haircut 

blonde hairstyle for girls

Medium Haircut With Bangs

medium haircut for girls

Wavy Ombre Mid-length Haircut

hairstyles for girls

Medium Straight Haircut

sexy haircuts for girls

Beachy Waves Medium Length Haircut

top popular haircuts for girls

Flirty Waves

bob hairstyles for women

Super Layers

layered haircut for girls

High Low Style

top hairstyles for girls

Thick Curls

popular hairsyles for girls

Thick Retro Bangs

bangs hairstyles for girls

Romantic Curls

cute hairstyles for curls

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