Bangs for ethnic hair is something that is sought after in terms of style and advice. It is rare to see articles that elaborate on the same. So here we are, to make this topic thorough and completely dedicated to black hairstyles with bangs.  

Black hair is one of the most admired hair textures in the world and although it has managed to create some signature hairstyles, there are so many that have not been talked about as much. So read on to know the different hairstyles for black women to try out with bangs in 2020. 

Black hairstyles with bangs  2020

If you are confused as to which hairstyle to choose for yourself, consider certain factors and you will be half way there. While we have given you the best hairstyles for black hair with bangs. There is some work you have to do to pick the right one. 

Face shape Black hairstyles with bangs 
Narrow face Pixie black hairstyle with bangs 
Heart shape Shoulder length downdo with bangs for black women 
Wide face Collar bone length black hairstyle with bangs 
Square shape Voluminous black hairstyle with side bangs

Best black hairstyles with bangs 

#1 – Shoulder length downdo with bangs for black women 

wavy hairstyle with bangs for black hair

 The shoulder length hairstyle with bangs is the perfect choice if you have a big forehead. Not only do the bangs conceal the forehead area but it also compliments the long shoulder length hair. The texture of the hair does not really matter as long as the bangs are kept trim and smooth. Besides the frame it offers for your face, there are so many other styles you can try out. Medium hair for black women is probably the best hair length to try out and explore new hairstyles. 

Wearing a really cute headband or a scrunchie can help you out with the length of the hairstyle. 

long bangs for black hair

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#2 – Voluminous black hairstyle with side bangs 

black hairstyle with side swept bangs

If you have a chiseled face with a sharp jawline, this side bangs hairstyle can be the one for you. The highlight of getting this hairstyle is that it does wonders with the complexion and can really bring out a different and exotic look. This does not make a drastic difference to your face cut as it is on the side so it does not affect your existing look. 

You can use a hair gel or a hair serum to make the black hair silky and smooth so that it sits well. You can check out this product from Eco which will tame any kind of hair irrespective of texture and size. It is also super safe for the hair strands and nourishes it from the roots. 

styling gel for black hair

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#3 – Collar bone length black hairstyle with bangs 

best black hairstyles with bangs

This is a long bob hairstyle for black women that is one of our favourites. Having short hair with bangs for black women is a trend that is up and coming and let’s face it, it looks GORGEOUS. The only catch with trying out this hairstyle is that you need to have smooth hair or at least semi-smooth hair. Since the bangs are short, it would not be appealing if it had a rougher texture. 

To maintain a smooth texture, the best solution would be to swear by a hair serum for black hair. 

Shea moisture hair serum. This jamaican hair serum nourishes the hair strands from the roots so if you have a rough hair texture, fret not, this will do the job just right. 

hairstyle for black women with bangs

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#4 – Pixie black hairstyle with bangs 

pixie hairstyle for black hair

This attractive hairstyle for black women has a beautiful decor to it. It exudes confidence in a high scale. This is our top pick among the short black hairstyles with bangs, Although the bangs are not that prominent, it is the perfect addition to the pixie hairstyle. It brings out a certain sense of style and radiance and exhibits the best of facial features. 

The best accessory you can have while maintaining a short pixie hairstyle is a handy comb that you can everywhere. Since it is cute and stylish it won’t even look out of place when used outside. This comb which is 7.5 inch won’t take up much place in your handbag. 

bangs for black women

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#5 – Medium length hairstyle with bangs for black hair 

medium length black hairstyle with bangs

If you are someone with thin hair then maintaining medium length hair can be the answer for your hair thinning hair problems. The bangs are an addition to the thickness the length is already promising. Not only does it work well across face types, it compliments all hair types as well. It gives the face a better structure and is super flattering for women with thin faces. Another plus point of opting for this hairstyle is that it is absolutely stunning on dark complexion. 

Having medium length hair, it is vital to take care of it and maintain volume and one solution to that is to choose the right shampoo. Design essentials have the right ingredients to tend for your black hair and nurture it just right. 

conditioner for black hair

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#6 – Edgy half hawk hairstyle for black hair with bangs 

black hairstyles with bangs

The half hawk is basically the faux hawk except the hair at the back hangs loose. It is one of the hairstyles that is blooming in trend for black women. It is an absolute vision to the eyes when ombre highlights are added as well. It takes your fashion game to the next level as it is both sexy and creative. It is best suited for long hair as well as medium length hair. 

We suggest you go in for the ombre highlights which you can do at home with ease. It is the most used hair colour for the half hawk and you will not be disappointed with how it turns out to be. 

stylish hairstyles with bangs

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#7 – Wavy bob black hairstyles with bangs 

bob hairstyle with bangs

A little wave did nobody any harm. This is Zendaya’s most memorable look where she matched it with neon pink. Her hair and her skin tone was just a collision of attractiveness. This look can be anything you want it to be depending on how you style it further. Just make sure you have the right facial shape to pull of this look and you’ll be flaunting your hair. 

Using hair gel is the way to keep it damp and sexy. While having a wavy bob it is easy for your hair to look disoriented and out of place and a hair gel will do the right job in keeping it in place. 

Paul Mitchell’s hair gel works wonders on black hair as it tames it in the way it ought to giving it form and nourishing it from the roots. 

products for black hair

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#8 – Black hairstyle with bangs and ponytail

black ponytail with bangs

This is more of a red carpet look that can be pulled off at your office party or a get together to match any high profile look and make it extra. Obviously you need long hair to nail this look. You can create a bouffant to make it look puffy and voluminous.The bangs look amazing with ponytails and have a certain feel to it. Just make sure which side your bangs should go to bring out your best profile. 

Owning good quality scrunchies is completely necessary when you are trying to nail this look. Another reason why scrunchies are a good idea is because it makes your ponytail look thicker. 

Black hair with short bangs

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#9 – Black curly hairstyles with bangs

Black curly hairstyles with bangs

Bangs on curly hair is a really underappreciated style that stays true for all those beautiful women who have a dark complexion. It simply brings out the extravagant details of the face and gives a different structure to the face allowing you to flaunt every possible angle. The beauty of this hairstyle is that it is not partial towards a certain type of curls but welcomes both spring and bouncy curls. One thing to note is that, you will have to constantly maintain your bangs and keep up its texture. 

It is vital to be able to hold up the curls and enhance the bounciness and a curling cream will do a perfect job in helping you attain perfect curls. 

coconut cream for black hair

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#10 – Feathered pixie black hairstyle with bangs 

bangs for black women

We have already established the fact that a pixie hairstyle is booming for women of colour. A feathered pixie is a beautiful hairstyle that will look so great if you have a chiseled face cut. Add a bit of dark eye shadow and light lipstick and your job will be done. It can bring out the best of your features and make you look radiant. 

The perfect product to use with the feathered pixie hairstyle is a hair gel. It will help your hair stay in place and also boost your style. 

curling gel for black hair

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#11 – Black updo with highlighted bangs 

how to cut bangs

#12 – Straight pixie black hairstyle with short bangs 

cool black hairstyles with bangs

#13 – Feathered and volumized black hairstyle with bangs 

latest black hairstyles with bangs

#14 – Sleek ponytail black hairstyle with side bangs 

straight black hairstyles with bangs

#15 – Black natural hairstyles with bangs

curly black hairstyles with bangs

#16 – Low silvered ponytail black hairstyle with bangs 

black hairstyles with bangs 2020

#17 – Lob black hairstyle with bangs 

Black hair with bangs wig

#18 – Medium length black hair with bangs

#19 – Black hairstyle with side swept bangs 

Black hair with bangs wig

#20 – Wavy medium length black hairstyle with side swept bangs 

Short black hair with bangs

#21  – Asymmetrical curly black hairstyle with bangs 

Black hair with bangs

#22 – Long bob black hairstyle with bangs 

Black hairstyles 2020

#23 – Long straight bob black hairstyle with bangs 

Black natural hairstyles with bangs

#24 – Short bob black hairstyle with bangs and ombre highlight 

Black hairstyles with bangs and ponytail

#25 – Straight bangs black hairstyles 

Black bangs

So there! 

That’s our complete list of black hairstyles with bangs. Make sure you consider all the factors that we have listed out under hairstyle and you will be rocking the hairstyle you pick. 

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