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Best Braids for Boys

What are the best braids hairstyles for boys?

Braids have been a super popular style that has become popular world over. Allen Iverson, the basketballer was one of the most famous people to sport a braid and to make it popular. His hairstyle is actually called the Allen Iverson Braids.

Braids or braiding has been a very popular history and it originated in Africa around 5000 years back. Now it’s a hairstyle that is very popular among the black community and its one of the stylish hairstyles out there.

Braids suit young black boys pretty well and it’s a super-smart hairstyle for them. Today we cover Black Boys Braids.

#1 – Allen Iversen Braids

Named after the famous basketballer, the Allen Iversen braids are the one sported by the player. They are characterized by a design that has been partitioned. When you look at it from the top you can see the design. It’s similar to a pattern that is curved.

allen iversen braids

#2 – Afro Braids

The second, super popular style is the Afro braids. When you take the traditional afro and make braids out of it, then it becomes Afro braids. The thing is, Afro Braids is a concept and not a singular style. Under this concept, you can have numerous styles.

afro braids

#3 – Bun with Braids

Bun with braids is a good style to go with. It’s basically your normal classic braids that are extended and then made into a bun at the end. This is a very unique hairstyle and requires a bit of hair growth. This is characterized by a braiding bunch of hair and then stretching it out to the end to make a bun out of it.

boy braids hairstyles pictures

#4 – Fade with Braid

This is mixing the old-school braid style with the modern day fade cut. A fade is basically a cut on the sides and the back of the head that gets shorter and shorter gradually. Whereas the top is bunched together and a braid is created. This is a super popular braid style in 2019.

	boy braids short hair

#5 – Designed Braid

A designed braid is basically a patterned braid. It can be a zigzag or circles or straight back. There are various styles that you can use for designing a braid. Here are some popular designer braid styles :

  • Criss Cross Braids
  • Jagged Braids
  • Cross Braids

The style of the braid is dependent on the skillsets of your barber.

black guy cornrows

#6 – Long Braids for Boys

Long braids are when you grow your hair long and braid them together. These are some of the most stylish hairstyles out there for boys. Long Braids are also called cornrows. These are basically braided hair from the top that is grown long and the hair behind the head is also braided.

	braids for boys

#7 – Box Braids for Boys

The most classic black boys braids are the Box Braids. Box braids are when you create box designs on top of the head. Each box has one braid coming out. This is one of the most popular box braid styles going around.

box braids for boys

How long should you wear braids?

How long you should be wearing braids depends on your hair quality. But especially with young boys who haven’t matured yet, it’s good to have braids for a shorter period. Anywhere around a month is good for younger people. For older people, 2 months is a good time period to sport braids.

Are box braids bad for your hair?

Braids of any kind are not good for your hair health for the long term. But Box Braids involves stretching out the hair at its core and tied together. So anything for more than 2 months is bad for your hair. Anything lesser than that is fine.

How do you take care of natural hair with braids?

There are a few ways to take care of your hair when you have braids. First off, you can’t leave your braids on for too long. Secondly, you’ll need to moisturize your hair either through oil or a conditioner. You cannot have your hair stay dry for too long. Thirdly, you will have have to wash your hair regularly and your braids.

Do braids help hair grow?

Braids don’t help hair grow. Braids, in fact, curtail hair growth if kept on for too long.

Will braids damage my hair?

Braids will damage your hair if you don’t take care of it. That is removing the braids every once in a while and letting your hair grow to its natural state.

Are cornrows and braids the same thing?

Cornrows and braids are the same. They are different names for the same old thing.

How to take care of your braids

Braid looks really good and stylish, but they are dangerous hairstyles to maintain. Primarily because they are not good for your hair. So how do you maintain braids while keeping your hair healthy?

Wash your braids regularly

The number one question when it comes to braids is, can you wash it? The answer is, please wash your braids. Any moisture is good and moisture from water is especially good. When it comes to braids, your hair at the scalp is stretched and if it gets dryed out, your roots will become weak and your entire scalp gets damaged. Braids also garner a lot of dirt and slime over time. You need to wash these out regularly to keep it healthy.

Keep your braids healthy at night

Braids can really frizz out at night and if they frizz out, it looks bad. The only major way to stop them from frizzing is to wrap it with a soft cloth like silk. This softness stops the hair from frizzing and lets you keep the braids on for longer.


Braids, like I’ve mentioned in the article repeatedly, is a stretched out hairstyle. You need to moisturize your hair regularly when you got braids. You can use a stay-on conditioner or use natural agents such as coconut oil. Massage your scalp with coconut oil and make sure it gets absorbed.

Remove the braids

You cannot have braids on for more than 2 months. It’s not good for your hair health. The only way to keep your hair healthy is to remove the braids and let your natural hair flow.

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