Don’t you just hate it when your hair gets greasy and oily and you just can’t style it no matter what you do. People with shorter hair have a hard time camouflaging because of the length they maintain. So what do you do to fix this? Washing your hair regularly with the right product is a must-do. The shampoo you choose should pertain to the very function of removing excess oil from your scalp and keeping it clean and lush. So here are some of the best shampoo for oily hair for men that will help you maintain a clean and clear scalp. 

Top shampoos for men with oily hair

#1 – Pantene total damage care shampoo

Pantene is no stranger when it comes to fixing hair problems. It has a bigger pro here as it mainly focuses on rectifying any damage caused to your hair. This shampoo has to be used everyday for the best of results. It cleans the hair scalp and makes it even more smooth and cleaner than ever. This is an 80 ml which means it will suffice for an entire month. Another feature to highlight about this product is that it smells like a dream. 

Effective. Small quantity.

#2 – Maple holistics shampoo for oily hair in men 

This works its way into clearing any oil build that occurs on the scalp of men. It should be easy to destroy any accumulation. Men are more prone to such formations and this shampoo works a miracle in clearing such particles. The main ingredient in this product is lemon, which is as we already know a powerful ingredient in cleaning such dirt on the skin and the scalp. The lemon softens the scalp allowing more hair strands to grow in it. The worst part about having oily hair is the itchiness that follows and with this shampoo you won’t have that anymore. Your hair will appear more shiny and lush. 

Cleans the scalp thoroughly. Expensive. 

#3 – Argan shampoo for oily hair for men 

Best shampoo for men with oily hair

Besides cleaning the oil residue in the scalp this argan oil also enhances hair growth in such a way that strengthens the hair strands. This product regenerates broken hair strands and gives the head so much more volume. This is perfect for men with thin and fine hair as it gives you thicker and fuller hair strands. Make sure to use it right. For starters take the right amount while applying it onto wet hair. Massage it and leave it on for sometime before washing it off and adding the right conditioner. 

Strengthens the hair strands None. 

#4 – Degreaser shampoo for men with oily hair 

Best shampoo for oily hair men

Degrease as the name suggests, makes sure your hair strands are not greasy and gives it more volume and texture. The packaging comes in a very secure state. Since the ingredients that are a part of this product are natural, we can couch for the reaction it can have on your hair in every sense. The natural ingredients can wash away dead cells, dandruff and any kind of dirt that is on your scalp. Again, like other products, this has to be used regularly for the best results. 

Washes away dandruff and dead cells.None. 

#5 – Balancing shampoo for oily hair for men 

This vitamin shampoo is 100% natural with only pure ingredients that work towards the well being of your hair. We assure you that after one wash with this shampoo your head will look more clean and fresh. Not only that this can also withstand and protect your hair from dust and other dirt particles from damaging your hair strands. As the name suggests, this product helps your hair to be well balanced and in tone after the use of it. 

Protects from dust and dirt. None

#6 – Amaze shampoo for men with oily hair 

This is therapeutic shampoo which works heads on to give the best hair results for men. If you are someone that undergoes a lot of exposure to dust and dirt, then you might want to consider investing in this shampoo. It provides a solution to your itchy and oily scalp with the magic of all the essential oils that are blended together in this shampoo. This works well with all hair types and hair colours including bleached hair. Since this is a natural shampoo you need not worry about unpleasant side effects on your hair.  The best part about using this shampoo is the fragrance it has. 

Treatment for itchy scalp. None. 

#7 – Lemon Sage shampoo for oily men 

If you are someone with thick and unmanageable hair, you must consider having this as a solution. Again, lemon is the primary ingredient in this shampoo which means your hair will be clean and clear. It will definitely serve as a therapy and make it look lush and full. The lemon will cleanse the scalp from within and make sure the pores are pure which will enhance hair growth and strengthen the strands from within. Another important factor is that it fights hair loss and hair breakage and makes sure your hair is strong and long. 

Strengthens hair strands. Expensive. 

#8 – Tree tub shampoo for oily hair for men 

best shampoos for greasy hair for men

This is a soft product that cleanses the scalp from deep within and opens the pores for the hair strands to be oil free. The pH level of the shampoo is well balanced and gives the hair strands a break from the pollutants and dirt that may be accumulated in the hair cuticles. Another thing we love about this shampoo is the scent it has. It has a floral and fresh scent to it. Using this shampoo can get rid of dirt soon and will be easy for people with thick and lush hair.


Do not leave this shampoo on your hair for too long. It can cause your hair to appear frizzy or cause further damage to the hair. 

Organic shampoo with natural ingredients. Can be hard on the skin. 


#9 – Eco love shampoo for oily hair for men 

oily hair men shampoo

This shampoo is the perfect solution for men with oily hair. Not only is it cost effective but it also comes in a very comfortable packaging. It has been tested to be completely safe for all hair types and skin types. Some products have the power to disrupt the scalp skin but this one acts extremely safe on the scalp. It makes sure the pH levels are stable which in turn acts perfectly on the scalp. It moisturises the hair strands, keeps it flowy and silky and makes sure it does not dry out in any way.

Cleanses the scalp. Expensive. 

#10 – Apvita Propoline shampoo for oily hair for men 

shampoo for oily hair men

This shampoo is made for those who have the oiliest of hair. We are sure there are some men out there who just don’t know what to do with their oily hair. But fret not, this shampoo right here, will do the job of clearing that out for you. It has methanol as the primary ingredient and will make sure to keep your hair minty fresh at all times. It has a great packaging which makes it super feasible to use. 

Keeps the hair scalp fresh.Expensive. 

#11 – Natural tea tree oil shampoo for men with oily hair

shampoos for men with oily hair

The tea tree oil in this shampoo can cleanse and help in reducing  dandruff and dirt in the hair. Most men will be familiar with the bumps that appear on the scalp due to continuous scratching and itching. The presence of tea tree oil will strike this out for you and give you healthy scalp and silky smooth hair. This is a premium product and yet not too expensive as the cost compliments the function of the shampoo for men with oily hair. 

Reduces itchiness. None. 

#12 – Biolage shampoo for oily hair for men 

products for men with oily hair

The minty fresh Biolage shampoo for oily hair for men can be the solution. This shampoo for oily hair is fresh and minty which is exactly what you need at the end of a long and tiring day. This shampoo is the solution for dandruff and pollutants that can be the answer to your oily hair issues. We suggest you buy the conditioner from Biolage for the best of results and the complete eradication of oil and other accumulated dirt. 

Pros Cons 
Minty fresh shampoo for oily hair. Expensive. 

#13 – Brickells shampoo for oily hair for men

oily hair men shampoo

Including aloe vera and other proteins, this shampoo from Brickell's is an instant cure for oil accumulation and other dirt particles on the cuticle. If you are particular about the hair growth without complications, you need to get rid of the dirt particles that stunt the growth of hair strands. It also prevents dandruff and other pollutants from affecting your hair strands from damage. It also has the ability to give you super soft hair.

Prevents dandruff and dirt Expensive,

So here is our complete list of the best shampoo for oily hair for men so that you can maintain lush and healthy hair. This is an absolute necessity if you want to maintain clean hair throughout which will in turn enhances your hair growth. 

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Brickell's shampoo for men has the ability to eliminate dirt and oil completely.

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