Being stylish and well dressed isn’t only a thing for adults. Even young kids need to look smart and presentable. This early stage grooming can help them as adults. Now you would think there aren’t too many hairstyles for boys, but you would be surprised.

We cover boys trendy haircuts that are good for school and are great for the outdoors. If you are doing this for your little boy, make sure to ask his permission before you get on with it. A lot of boys, even at a young age are super picky about their hairstyle.

So without further ado, here are the trendy hairstyles for boys.

4 years old Boys Haircuts 2020

#1 – Textured Crop for Boys

The Textured Crop is one of the stylish haircuts for boys. It’s a very simple style that requires no effort to take care of. A textured crop is basically, the hair on top that is cut a tad short and that is also cut criss-cross to give it a texture. This is a super simple hairstyle and suits boys of all ages from 6 to 13. This is a kind of hairstyle that they can have comfortably for the rest of their lives as it looks great on grown men as well.

#2 – Spikes Hairstyle for Boys

Boys love spikes. Just like they love shiny cars, they love the spikes hairstyle because it makes them look cool. But the spikes hairstyle for boys does not have to look crude or in bad taste. If you look at the image above, there is short hair on the sides and then the top hair is left purposely long that can be used for spiking the hair a bit. Generally, when people think of spikes, they think of greasy hair filled with gel. But modern-day gels give a dry look and can make the spikes look great and natural. Perfect for a young boy!

#3 – Side part style for boys

A style with a difference for boys is to try a traditional hairstyle on children. For example, the side part is an old-school hairstyle that has been around the earliest of times. For very young boy, the side part looks super stylish as it makes them look slightly older. If you want your boy to have a cute look, then the side part is a great hairstyle to go with.

#4 – Long fringe side part for boys

A long fringe side part is an awesome look for teenager. But it’s also perfectly suited for boys. Boys especially when they get to age 8 or 9, they get conscious about their looks.  A great style for them is the long fringe with a bit of a side part. This makes them look uber cute and it’s a natural style that doesn’t look like it’s overdone. If you want a style icon at home, then the long fringe with the side part is a great choice.

#5 – Short fade with side swept hair for boys

This particular hairstyle is uber stylish, looks good and very easy to style on a daily basis. One of the reasons the fade was invented was to reduce the number of times a person visited the barber. Young boys have hair growing super quickly and this could be a menace as a parent. So if you are looking for a stylish hairstyle that is minimum maintenance and reduces the barber visits, then the short fade with the side swept hairstyle is the perfect choice for you.

#6 – Combover + taper for boys

The combover and taper style is very similar to the side part with a short fade. But a combover can happen front to back or side to side. It’s also much neater than a side part. The tapering is the same.

#7 – French cut for boys

This is one of the oldest styles of cuts for young boys that was trendy in the 90’s. It’s a great hairstyle because it’s super stylish, easy to maintain and short hair is always good for boys. The french cut is characterized by a lot of hair on the top with the sides and back with almost no hair to a little bit of hair.

#8 – Long hair straight for boys

Who said long hair is only for rockstars? Long hair is a perfect hairstyle even for young boys. It looks super cute and will make your kid stand out. Long hair for boys who are 8 or 9 will also look very good. This is a style that not a lot of parents approve of, so if you’re a different kind of parent, then the long hair for your boy should be the go-to hairstyle.

#9 – Crop fade + design for boys

Boys like cool hairstyles and if you want a truly cool hairstyle for your child, then the crop fade and design is a good choice. The design is applied on the sides and can be anything. It can be two small lines, it can be a star or it can be a swirl. This is a super stylish hairstyle for a young boy.

#10 – Spiky quiff for boys

A spiky quiff is basically the top portion of the hair that is a bit long and they are made to stand. This is far easier to maintain compared to a normal spike. It’s also easy to get ready with this hairstyle as there isn’t much gel required. A spikey quiff is a simple and elegant hairstyle for a young boy.

#11 – Messy short spikes for boys

One of the best hairstyles that are super cute and stylish are the messy short spikes. Messy short spikes are characterized by bunching up a set of hair and gelling them together. This takes a lot of work to do and your young boy must be patient. But this is a perfect hairstyle for a young boy for parties and other events.

#12 – Football player mohawk

Kids at a certain age, especially boys are inspired by the hairstyles of sportsmen. Football players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi have a big influence in the styles of young boys. So whoever their favourite player is, that is a particular choice that would be very well liked.

#14 – Mop Top haircut for boys

The Mop Top haircut is one of the most popular styles for young boys. It’s name the mop top because the top of the head looks like the end of the mop. This is a super popular hairstyle that was sported by the Beatles when they were young and also Justin Beiber when he was young. This is a super cute haircut for young boys!

#15 – Long curls for boys

Have you ever seen a kid with curls? Curls are one of the most cutest hairstyles for young kids especially when they have it naturally. If your kid has curls, don’t cut them off, let them grow to a certain level and you can let it loose. This is an uber cute hairstyle that works well only for young boys.

  • Long curls for boys
  • Straight long hair for boys
  • Spiky Quiff for Boys
  • French Cut for Boys

Trendy Boy Haircuts

What style will you go for your baby boy?

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