25 Men High and Tight Haircuts

by Tommy Sroski

Let’s be honest. How many of you know all the hairstyles that a man could get done at the barbers? The truth is not many. Most men just go to the barber’s and ask the guy to cut it off short, medium etc. I found an interest in haircuts when I started taking care of myself a bit more and when I started wearing good clothing, I decided I need to know my hairstyles as well.

Today we cover High and Tight Haircuts. For the many of you, who don’t know what a high and tight haircut is, here’s a little primer.

Best High and tight haircuts

While it is important to know what hairstyles suit you, you should also delve deep into what the hairstyle is all about and style it to your features.

What is a high and tight haircut?

A high and tight haircut is a military styled haircut that requires the backside of the hair to be shaved off, creating a certain kind of bowl-like structure on your hair. The hairstyle is very trim and neat and can be done if you have the face structure for it. Unlike other haircuts, a high and tight haircut requires very less maintenance and is very comfortable during summers. It does not extend to the nape of the neck which is what makes it so comfortable and trim. 

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You can look at the picture below, which is a good example. But a high and tight is characterized be a very short cut on the back and sides of your head and a puff of hair on top that is neatly trimmed.

Over the years, the High and Tight has taken various forms and there has been new additions and innovations in that hairstyle. We will cover the best high and tight styles.

#1 – High and Tight Fade Long on Top

This is the modern-day version of the high and tight. The new addition to the high and tight is the long hair on top.

Generally speaking, the top hair for the high and tight isn’t too long. But the modern day rendition lets you grow your hair on top and keep the sides and the back of your head super short.

This is a super smart hairstyle that doesn’t look too “Militaryish”. It’s the most popular high and tight going around in 2021.

To get this cut done at the barber’s make sure you have enough hair on top and ask the barber to trim off the hair on the back and the sides.

Source : Pinterest

#2 – High and Tight Haircut With Beard

Many people think that a hairstyle and a beard style are two separate things. But in fact, they are super interconnected.

If you go for a class high and tight, it might seem like you don’t have enough hair and it might not suit everybody.

But when you pair a high and tight with a good beard, you immediately have a modern day style paired with an old-school style.

High and Tight Haircut With Beard
Source : Pinterest

#3 – High and Tight Pompadour

What do you get when you mix two classics together? The Pompadour in itself is a very popular hairstyle. For the uninitiated, it’s the hairstyle that Elvis Presley rocked back in the day.

The Pompadour is basically when the hair is raised high and combed back like a slick back.

When you mix that with the high and tight, you get a classic look that is sure to look great.

The short sides of the high and tight and the complimenting length of the pompadour make this a classic.

High and Tight Pompadour
Source : Pinterest

#4 – High and Tight Recon Haircut

The high and tight recon is the “classic” high and tight haircut. This is what most men in the military sport and for traditionalists, this is the high and tight they know.

This is super simple to do, in fact, you don’t even have to go to the barbers for this.

You can take electric clippers and shave your sides and back off.

When you come to the top, make sure to add a blocker to your clipper and then remove the excess hair on top.

You will be left with a carpet like hair on top and really short sides and back.

This whole thing will take you 20 minutes at absolutely no cost. This is the best budget haircut with no extra frills.

High and Tight Recon Haircut
Source : Pinterest

#5 – High and Tight No Fade

The High and Tight No Fade is the extreme version of the high and tight. This is a clean shave of the head except for the top.

Normal High and Tight involve shaving the back and the sides of the head with a clipper.

But with a high and tight no fade, the back and sides are completely shaved off with a razor.

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This is also a style that can be easily done at home without too much equipment.

This is an extreme hairstyle that will suit only a few people. If you are in the military, this is the perfect hairstyle.

High and Tight No Fade
Source : Pinterest

#6 – High and Tight Haircuts for Thin Hair

One of the best haircuts for thin hair is high and tight. Why? Because you barely need hair for the high and tight.

Thin hair looks thin only when you let it grow long. But when you cut it short, thin hair doesn’t look thin anymore.

For people with thinning hair, the high and tight is a perfect cut.

High and Tight Haircuts for Thin Hair
Source : Pinterest

#7 – High and Tight Combover

If you are looking for a hairstyle that is neat, clean and makes you look polished, there is no haircut that can come close to the high and tight combover. What is this style?

This particular hairstyle is characterized by long hair on top that is combed over towards the side while the sides and the back are kept short.

This is a classic hairstyle that looks fantastic and is super neat.

High and Tight Combover
Source : Pinterest

#8 – High and tight haircut for receding hairline

If you have balding hair or receding hair, the perfect style you can choose is high and tight. Why? High and tight requires no hair. This is why this particular style is used by men from the world over to cover their bald spots of their receding hair.

How do you pull this off?

Make sure your top is shaved very closely and whatever hair you have on top, make sure to comb it over to cover your bald spot.

High and Tight Receding Hairline
Source : Pinterest

#9 – High and Tight Fauxhawk

A fauxhawk for people who aren’t aware is like a mohawk, but slightly more presentable and non-rebellious.

A fauxhawk is characterized by long hair on top that is spiked evenly.

A fauxhawk combined with a high and tight is when the sides of the head and the back are shaved or removed off.

High and Tight Fauxhawk
Source : Pinterest

#9 – Classic high and tight haircut 

The classic high and tight haircut for men has longer hair on the top of the head and shaved sides.

This hairstyle is the most chosen among men who want something simple and trim.

Military personnels adopted this hairstyle because of how trim this looked. The best part about this haircut is that it looks great on almost any face shape. 

Classic high and tight haircut

#10 – High and tight afro 

Who would’ve thought of this combination of fun and neat! 

The afro with the high and tight haircut is something that could be tried if you have long hair.

Besides the fact that it looks great this haircut is also super convenient.

The sleek look can go with any outfit. 

High and tight afro

#11 – Forward swept high and tight haircut 

Clearly this hairstyle needs longer hair on top if it needs to be swept to the front. But it does not have to be very apparent.

Even a subtle sweep can create the look.

Although this haircut is quite popular, you might need to consider face shape before you get this haircut done. 

Forward swept high and tight

#12 – Blonde high and tight haircut 

This is a super popular haircut among blonde men.

The hair colour adds to the trim and neat look that high and tight haircuts already give out. You could do the process vice-versa as well.

We recommend you to get a contrast in the haircut when compared to blonde or brown hair. 

blonde high and tight

#13 – High and tight drop fade haircut 

The high and tight haircut is tapered above the ears and something that can be seen around.

Like the rest of the high and tight haircuts, this is super convenient as well. It gives out a very neat look.

If  you have brown hair, this is sure to be exceptionally good on you. 

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frop fade high and tight

#14 – High and tight quiff haircut 

This is the ultimate solution for men with fine and thin hair. The thickness factor is not taken into consideration for this haircut.

In fact it adds up to the volume with the quiff. Using a hair gel can be of a lot of help. It can help keep the hairstyle in place. 

quiff high and tight

#15 – High and tight curls 

This is for those who have curly hair and need a look that keeps the decor of the hair.

This exudes the volume of your hair while also managing the entire look. The buzzed sides complement the top of the hair which is longer. 

curly high and tight

#16 – Caesar inspired high and tight haircut 

ceasar high and tight

#17 – High and tight haircut with spikes 

spikes high and tight

#18 – Wavy high and tight haircut 

high and tight for wavy hair

#19 – High and tight haircut with bangs 

bangs for high and tight

#20 – Long messy top high and tight haircut 

long hair high and tight

#21 – Two tone high and tight haircut 

two tone high and tight haircut

The two tones of high and tight are the most creative you can get with this hairstyle. You can choose two different lengths or colours on either side to make it look super creative. 

#22 – Hard part high and tight 

hard part high and tight

The hard part of a high and tight haircut is something that can bring out a certain sense of boldness. The shaved sides are not exposed completely to the eye but covered by the long locks on top. 

#23 – High and tight subtle layered cut 

ceasar cut high and tight

The Caesar cut on its whole itself oozes a lot of decor and trimness. The high and fade when combined with the caesar’s cut creates a very decorative and subtle look. Make sure you try out this hairstyle if you have thinning and sensitive hair strands. – 

#24 – High and cut with skin fade

buzz cut

If you loved Zayn’s exceptional hairstyle which flaunts his jawline then this haircut is going to do you a lot of good.

The size of the hair is pretty short that it is easy to maintain that most times you don’t even have to use a comb and brush.

#25 – High Skin Fade with Short Side Part

high tight haircuts

This high fade haircut is what you will need if you have narrow face with a chiseled face cut.

The haircut is best suitable if you are looking at a professional haircut that goes with your casual looks as well.

Should I get a high and tight haircut? 

The whole point of the high and tight haircut is that it is meant for men who don’t have all morning to style their hair. The shaved sides and trimmed hair is a whole look on its own and does not require much attention. However this haircut has a few exceptions like plump faces and small faces. This haircut would be the perfect choice if you have a strong jawline game as the haircut features fades which exposes your entire jawline. 

What is the difference between a fade and a high and tight haircut? 

The fade is only a part of the high and tight haircut or any other method for that matter. It requires the length of the hair from the nape of the neck to the sideburns to be short and trim. The high and tight haircut, on the whole, is a haircut that keeps the entire head trim and does not look messy. 

How do you ask for high and tight?

Besides just mentioning the hairstyle to your barber, he will need specifications on the length of the hair on the back of your head. Since the length can have a lot of variations, the specification matters the most. If you are someone who just wants to try your luck at this hairstyle, we suggest you don’t go too high and just keep it semi-low. 

What size Clippers for a high and tight?

The top of the head is usually trimmed with a ¾ since it is more easy maintenance which in turn serves the purpose of the haircut. Pairing a beard with this length is also ideal if you want a normal length. But you can lower if you are not comfortable with exposing your scalp that much. Whatever you choose, make sure it matches with your beard and other features on your face. 

The best part about the High and Tight is the simplicity of it all. It’s a very simple hairstyle to cut and in most cases, one can do it at home with scissors and clippers. It’s also very easy to maintain. This is a style that I like to sport during summers because I hate visiting the barbers in the summers and I’d like to keep my hair short because it’s cooler that way.

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