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  • Every Silky's Men Toupee
  • Every Silky's Salt and Pepper
  • Simbeauty's Toupee
  • Old Man's Toupee

Men don’t have as many problems that women have. But there are a few problems most men think about when they grow older and that is losing hair and going bald. There are numerous options such as a hair transplant or laser treatment that can be done. But for the average person that is super expensive. A hair transplant can cost thousands of dollars and some of them are botched up too. So what is the other option for men to regain their glorious mane? 

To use hairpieces of course! Today we find out the best men's hairpieces! 

Men's Hair Pieces for Sale

There are a lot of questions that most men have when it comes to hair pieces. The most common terminology is ‘Mens Hair Replacement System’. So what is this system? A system can be anything from a wig, toupee or plugs. This is a much better solution than a hair transplant because not everybody can benefit from a hair transplant.

 In case you don’t have strong enough hair follicles, hair transplant cannot be done for you. A transplant also is taking a portion of hair from one part of your body and putting it on your scalp. A hair replacement system is much more versatile with your own choice of hairstyle, hair colour, shapes and sizes. If it suits you, you can wear it! It’s also super cheap compared to a hair transplant. 

#1 – Eversilky’s Men Toupee 

The Every Silky’ Men’s Toupee should be in everybody’s collection if you have balding hair or thinning hair. This is one of the most versatile hair pieces going around. It can be modified and change to any style that you so require. The Length is about 6-inches and has two different densities – 110% and 120%. 

The toupee itself comes in a variety of colours – black, brown, silver, burgundy, black & white, peppered, blonde, auburn and more. No matter what hair colour you have and what beard colour you have, you will find the perfect colour of your choice with the Ever Silky’s Men Toupee. 

Price – $100.32

#2 – Simbeauty’s Men Toupee 

The Simbeauty’s Men Toupee is unlike many other types of toupees. It is super light and has a natural silky finish unlike many other toupees out there. It’s made of 100% virgin human hair and the standard length is 6-inches, but it also comes in a bigger size. When it comes to the base of the hair, there are many varieties they offer. Full lace, ultra thin skin, mono, lace front, Q6 and NPU. Depending on what type of base suits you, you can get your toupee done with that material. 

It’s available in a few colours such as black, brown, auburn and blonde. So what are the hairstyles you can try with this toupee? You can try the slick back, spikes, side part and more. 

Price – $102

#3 – Tsingatowigs Men Toupee 

If you have a super rare hair colour that you haven’t seen before and most of the toupees out there have your standard colours, then TsingtaoWigs Toupee can help. They have more than 50 colours for their toupees. It ranges from different shades of black to brown to blonde and more. No matter what your hair colour is, they will have an option. 

Tsingatowgis toupee also comes in two colours that are 100% and 120%. If for some reason, your hair colour isn’t available, you can send a sample of your hair to the seller and their hair technician, will find the right colour and create a dye for it and make your toupee ready. 

Price – $132

#4 – Eversilky’s Long Toupee For Men 

Eversilky’s Long Toupee is for those guys who want longer hair. Although the toupee length is 6-inches. It does come in a variety of sizes that are 5X7, all the way to 8X10. It comes in two different densities too, they are 110% and 120%. This toupee can be styled in any way that you want that includes side part, spikes, loose hair and so on. It comes in 4 different colour options. If you are looking for good long-term toupee, then this should be your choice!  

Price – $100.32

#5 – Simbeauty’s Men’s Toupee 

The Sim Beauty’s Swiss Lace is one of the top hair pieces out there for men. It is made of 100% natural virgin human hair. The standard length for the toupee is 6-inches. It has a natural wave texture that looks natural and is super soft to the touch. The type of base is a french lace with 2-inches PU in back hair replacement. The french lace aids breathability and it has the most natural look that looks like the hair is growing out of your scalp. 

It comes in two densities that are 110% and 120%. The toupee also comes in a variety of colours that are blonde, black, grey, auburn, brown, peppered and more. 

Price – $103.16

#6 – Ever Silky’s Salt and Pepper 

Most men who bald start balding at the age of 40+ when their hair is peppered and it starts thinning. One of the best things you can do to stand out is to wear a toupee. When most men in their 40’s and 50’s are balding, if you have a head full of hair, it looks great. But a lot of toupees out there look super unnatural and it looks like you are wearing a wig, which is pretty bad. This is why Eversliky’ Salt and Pepper toupee is one of the most natural-looking ones out there. It has grey and black hair, which gives that George Clooney likes peppered look. This is a solid product that will make the wearer look amazing. 

Price – $115.42

#7 – Slim Beauty’s Old Man Toupee 

The Old Man Toupee from slim beauty is one of those natural-looking toupees which look pretty great. As you grow older, your hair starts to thin and you don’t have that thick hair you used to previously have. The Slim Beauty’s old man toupee has the thickness and length of hair that mimics a real old man’s head full of hair. This makes it supernatural and looks great! It’s available in numerous colours that include black, grey, blonde, brown, golden and more. The standard length id 6-inches and the toupee size is 8X10. 

Price – $130.88

#8 – European Virgin Human Hair 

If you are European, then you might have realized that the hair texture and finish are different from hair from other parts of the world. So if you are looking for genuine Europen Virgin human hair, check this product out!

Price – $126

How to take care of your toupee 

 Although a toupee is made of real hair. The way it needs to be treated and taken care is different and here are some tips on making your toupee or hairpiece or wig to last for longer. 

Wash it regularly, at least once a week 

Like real hair, you need to maintain your toupee as well. You need to gently wash it with shampoo and make sure you rinse it and dry it naturally, not under the sun. This keeps the hair vivacious and strong! This is a must-do for the longevity of the hair. 

2. Combing your hair requires patience 

Hair falls out of toupees too. So you need to be careful in how you deal with tangled hair. Make sure to untangle it slowly and don’t try to force the narrative by pushing down on your hair, hard. Make sure to comb it regularly and keep it well maintained. 

3. Do not sleep with your hair 

One big mistake that a lot of people do is sleep with their hair. This is rule number one. Never sleep with your hair. This can damage your toupee irreparably as you move around, strands of hair can keep getting plucked out. Store it in a cool, dry place. 

4. Do not use too much gel 

Too much gel usage can affect the hair on your toupee as it has harmful chemicals. Gels can bring down the life of the toupee considerably. So make sure to use a little bit and not too much! 

5. Use Warm Water and Not Hot Water 

When you are washing your hair, make sure to use warm water, lukewarm water. If you use boiling hot water, you can loosen the strength of the base and the hair as well. 

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