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There are a zillion products out there for adding volume to your hair and giving it that thick and bouncy look. But have you ever used volumizing hair powders? Quite similar to dry shampoo but with added extras that give you that casual celeb-like hair without any grease or crunch. After a day or two of your shampoo, if your hair begins to weigh down and look limp, a volume of hair powder is the way to go. Now that sounds like something you must try, so check out the best hair volume powders in the market:

Top Hair volume powders 2021

Best Volume Hair PowderFeatureLink
PlayaSlows down follicle ageing Link
SexyHair PowderMore lift and volumeLink
VO5Absorbs excess oilLink
Davines Your Hair Assistant Volume CreatorProtects your hair from humidityLink
Kevin MurphyGreat styling Link
Briogeo Blossom & BloomStops hairfallLink
Puff MeFree of parabens Link
SchwarzkopfProfessional use Link
Got2b Volumaniac Spray PowderLeaves no residue Link

#1- Playa Natural Soft Volume Powder

best volume powders

The natural oils in your hair plus environmental grime and grease are what makes your hair heavy and flat.

Playa is one of the best volume hair powders out there that works like a boss with its fullers earth clay.

It absorbs all the unwanted oil from your hair, making it lighter. It lifts your hair up and makes it bouncier.

That’s not all. This volume powder is also enriched with vetiver root powder that is a superb antioxidant.

It also soothes your scalp and slows down the ageing of the follicles. Now that’s a deal you cannot resist signing up for!

#2- SexyHair Powder Play 

top volume hair powders

As the name goes, you are sure to get Sexy Hair when you use this volume hair powder.

One of the best selling hair powders in the market, the SexyHair Powder Play gives you instant volume at the roots without any fluffing up or combing.

You can even apply throughout your hair to be absorbed by your hair for more lift and volume.

The powder is colourless and liquefies when it touches your hair. It is also free of fragrances and suitable if you are sensitive to strong scents. 

#3- VO5 Give Me Texture

hair volume hair powders

While there are many professional brands around, there is one drugstore brand that quietly does the job at a much lower price. VO5 is a favourite among many thanks to it falling within a small budget as well as being easily available.

The only thing you might miss is that rich fragrance of the other brands. The “Give Me Texture Instant Oomph powder” does just that – it absorbs the oil from your scalp and gives your hair fantastic volume and texture, all in a jiffy.

Just spread and massage it around your roots for a few minutes till you feel your hair get lighter and bouncier. 

#4- Davines Your Hair Assistant Volume Creator

hair volume powders

This Italian comes at a price but gives your hair that modelesque look at the end of it. A little bit of the Davines Your Hair Assistant Volume Creator is all you need for lighter and bigger hair.

The manufacturer advises you to use it with their special applicator brush which helps spread the powder evenly throughout the scalp and lengths, and instantly gives it a boost.

It not only absorbs the oil like other volume powders, but also protects your hair from humidity and helps keep the hair styled. 

#5- Kevin Murphy Powder Puff

volumising hair powders

Powder Puff by Kevin Murphy is a light powder that lifts up the thinnest of hair to make it look thicker and fuller.

Sprinkle a little bit on your fingers and use the fingertips to spread it around the roots to quickly do the job.

It won’t leave your hair greasy or too shiny and is a good product to use just before you style your hair.

Like any volume powder, using too much of this can make it difficult to take it out when you shampoo, so make sure you use only as little as you require. 

#6- Briogeo Blossom & Bloom

volume hair powders

We all love it when a volume powder can do so much more than just give our hair that desired lift.

Briogeo Blossom & Bloom definitely does not disappoint when it comes to being a texturizing powder.

But what we love more about this is that it is enriched with biotin and ginseng, two elements that play a key role in strengthening the hair and encouraging hair growth.

Biotin, as we know stops hair fall and makes the hair healthier. Ginseng is the magic Korean herb that is used to stimulate hair growth, make it thicker and keep the scalp clear of infections. 

#7- Puff.ME Volumizing Powder 

best volume powders

Try the Puff.ME Volumizing Powder and you might actually stop using even your hairspray once you style your hair.

Puff.Me gives your hair a sexy lift as soon as you apply it and what we noticed is that it gives a good hold as well.

Go ahead and style your hair the way you want and it retains the style with very little of other products thrown in.

The powder comes in a pump that makes it easy to spray into your hair and spread with your fingertips. You can backcomb your hair for more lift if you like. It is free of parabens and sulphates and safe on your scalp. 

#8- Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Dust It volume powders 

volume hair powders

If you want the best hair volume powders, a good place to start is to check ones manufactured by the market professionals.

Schwarzkopf manufactures the OSiS+ Dust It that comes in a small jar you can throw into your handbag and carry with you.

The powder itself is light and gives your hair a matte look. It absorbs the excess oil from your scalp and hair and adds volume.

It works amazingly well even for the thinnest of hair and makes it appear fuller. What sets this apart from the other volume powders in the market is the texture. It does not clump up the hair and leave back too much residue. 

#9- Got2b Volumaniac Spray Powder

volumizing hair powder

If the idea of spending your entire paycheck on a volume powder does not appeal to you, here we present the Got2b Volumaniac Spray Powder.

For the cost of a couple of coffees, you have a pretty cool volume powder that works like a boss. Of course, it doesn’t have those added herbs to strengthen your hair but it immediately removes the oil and makes your hair lighter and bigger.

It does not make the hair sticky and leaves no residue behind, which is something we love.

It is free of parabens and sulphates and comes in a spray bottle that makes it convenient to spread the powder. 

#10- Alder New York Texture Powder

You shampooed your hair a couple of days ago and mother nature seems to be working against you, leaving you with thin, limp hair.

That is absolutely undesirable cos you deserve to have gorgeous hair no matter what. Alder Alder New York Texture Powder comes to your rescue with its blend of minerals and natural silicone that add heaps of volume to your hair and restores it back to life.

This completely vegan, TSA compliant and cruelty free product also comes with a beautiful eucalyptus and lime scent that keeps your hair smelling fragrant all day long. 

#11- Batiste Dry Styling Plumping Powder

dry powder for volumizing

Batiste is popular when it comes to hair styling products, so it’s no surprise the  Dry Styling Plumping Powder is featured on our list.

A little bit of this powder goes a long way to give your hair some excellent body and bounce.

It is not called “XXL plumping powder” for nothing! Use this before you style your hair or even leave your hair wavy and down, cos Batiste gives your hair what it needs.

Our only advise when you use this, is to use very little as that’s all that’s required. Using too much may leave a residue on your scalp. 

#12- Oribe Swept Up Volume Powder

hair volume powders

Oribe is a premium hair care and hairstyling brand and is priced accordingly. What you are paying for is superior quality hair powder that not only lifts your hair but also nourishes it.

The combination of watermelon, lychee and edelweiss flower extracts act as antioxidants, preventing free radical damage and keeping your hair follicles young.

They also strengthen the hair strands and keep it from losing moisture. Hydrolysed quinoa adds protein to your hair, avoiding breakage and hair fall. Saw Palmetto fruit extracts and Tapioca starch is the natural element that cleanses the hair, removes excess oil and adds volume to your hair.

The powder also contains aloe vera that moisturises the hair and baobab seed extracts that nourish it with essential vitamins, A, E, D and F. 

The result – voluminous and shiny hair. 

#13- Amika Vandal Volume Powder 

best hair powder

All those chemicals we use in our hair and environmental damage can cause our hair to age faster, make it weaker and make it duller.

Amika Vandal Volume Powder does a lot more than just adding volume to limp hair. It has rich antioxidants from buckthorn berries that fight free radical damage and slow down the ageing process.

A few pumps of this powder spread through your hair leaves you with healthier and stronger hair. 


volume hair powder

IGK is a new brand in the market that aims big with its 30,000 feet volume powder spray, and it succeeds!

The powder spray is wonderfully light and a little bit goes a long way. Apart from its volumising performance, it also offers protection from the sun’s harsh UV rays, something that can cause damage to the hair and even cause cancer.

It is purely vegan and cruelty-free, and is made without petroleum or mineral oils.

What is volume powder? 

Volume powder solely works on adding more volume to the parts of your hair that are thin and need more volume. The microparticles in them serve as a volumising factor in the hair and gives you a more full and complete look. The hair texture is made to look thicker and fuller as a result of these volume powder particles. The best part about using a volume powder is that it does not require styling or any other effort, it appears thick and full just after application. 

Is volume powder bad for your hair? 

That depends on the quality of volume powder you opt for. The above list is a strong list with only top quality volume powders not affecting the scalp or the hair strands directly.

However, when the volume powder is left on the hair for too long it starts to accumulate and build up moulds in the hair serving as a harmful factor. So is vital to make sure that you wash off as and when needed for the best and healthy results. 

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