Indian Male Hairstyles for Thin Hair 2022

by Tommy Sroski

Hair thinning is a serious problem. A lot of it is to do with bad lifestyle, poor eating habits, poor sleeping patterns and more. But sometimes, it’s genetics. If your father didn’t have long and thick hair, it’s very likely you won’t have too. 

There are a few remedies to this such as eating better, taking care of your hair or drastic steps such as hair transplant and hairpieces. 

I’ll talk a bit about how to take care of the hair and how to improve your thinning hair later on in the article.

Firstly, let’s talk about the best Indian male hairstyles for thin hair!

So you have thinning hair and you want to know the best hairstyle for it. Here goes! 

Here are some of the best hair care tips for men

Haircut for Thin Hair

#1 – Buzz Cut or Short Hair for thin hair

indian male hairstyles for thin hair

One of the best hairstyles for thinning hair is undoubtedly the buzz cut. It might feel weird to do this, but it’s much better than having a patchy head of hair.

It’s easy to maintain, it looks manly and it’s the perfect solution for male pattern baldness without going through too much trouble. 

If you have a trimmer at home, you can easily clip it all off and go for the clean stubble head look. 

#2 – Comb Over hairstyle for thin hair

indian hairstyles for thinning hair

One of the best ways to counter thinning hair is to bunch them all of them together. Indian men in the past used to comb their hair together and put oil on top and that is a solution you must emulate too.

So how does a comb over look? Basically you have long hair and you comb it all together towards one side. The best way to hold it together is to use gel.

Do not forget that a man with thinning hair has one good friend and that is a good quality gel. 

#3  – Mop Top hairstyle for thin hair

mop top hairstyle for thin hair

The Mop Top is another interesting hairstyle for men with thin hair. Men with thin hair don’t have a problem with the quantity of hair, but the quality of hair.

If you don’t grow your hair long, you will never find enough thickness for a hairstyle. Don’t hesitate to grow your hair long and the perfect hairstyle for this is the Mop Top.

It basically covers your bald pattern that is common among men in the front. 

Check out the best hair extensions for thin hair.

#4 – Slick Back hairstyle for thin hair

thin hair hairstyles for indian guys

Another hairstyle that is similar to the comb over is the slick back. The slick back is when you push your hair back with a comb. Think of Leonardo Di Caprio in Titanic. So how does the slick back cover the male pattern baldness or thinning hair?

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Two ways. Basically, when you slick back your hair, you don’t give an opportunity for the baldness to poke out. Also when you slick back your hair and add a bit of gel, all your hair is bunched up together which makes it look thicker.

The only caveat is, this isn’t an everyday hairstyle and it requires a bit of maintenance. 

#5 – Front Slick hairstyle for thin hair

hair styles for men with thin hair

My personal favorite for thinning hair is the front slick. I can’t begin to describe how awesome this hairstyle is.

So this hairstyle basically keeps the hair short on top, except a small quiff in the front.

This hairstyle makes the thinning hair part of the style and doesn’t look odd at all. Because the other hair is short, the thin spikes look part of the natural hairstyle. 

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#6 – Pompadour with Undercut Indian male hairstyles

indian male hairstyles for thin hair

This is a great choice for those men who want to keep their style in check in spite of their thinning hair.

The fades on the sides are a great addition to the entire look. Having fine hair does not hinder with how good this hairstyle looks. 

#7 – Side Textured Tapered Hairstyle

hairstyles for Indian men with thinning hair

This hairstyle is the best suited if you have thin hair because it is tidy and is easy to comb the hair on one side.

You can style your hair with safe products that don’t let your hair break out or fall out. 

Check out some of the best hair dye removers.

#8 – Stylish Side Swept 

Stylish Side Swept hairstyles for thin hair

This look is very casual and yet gives a very bold appeal.

This hairstyle can be best done with thinning or fine hair since it does not stress much on the hair strands.

You don’t need too many products to set your hair. Although, you will need a good hairbrush which does not damage your hair strands. 

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#9 – A receding hairstyle is no match for this outgoing style

top thinning hairstyles for men

If you have a visible hairline then you have come to the right place.

This hairstyle does not hinder with how your hair looks but gives it more volume and brings out the best of your facial features. 

#10 – Quiffed Side Swept

indian thin hairstyles for men

This hairstyle is a head turner and can’t be achieved if you have extremely fine hair. If you want to try on something bold and out of the normal this would be a great choice.

#11 – Tidy Style for thin hair 

best hairstyles for indian men with thin hair

This is a professional hairstyle for thin hair. You can set it easily with a safe product and it will stay intact for the entire day. 

#12 – Retro Style male hairstyle for thin hair

moustache for thin hair guys

A little retro would not be so bad. This can boost your whole look and make you look creative and stylish at the same time. A great tip would be to add a thick moustache to complete the entire look. 

#13 – Hand Brushed Back Drop Skin Fade

haircuts for guys with thin hair

A brush up is a good trick for people with fine hair. It covers any patches or gaps you have in your scalp giving a very whole feel. 

#14 – Faux Hawk for thin hair

haircuts for guys with thin hair

Just because you have thin hair doesn’t mean you don’t get contemporary looks. A faux hawk can be done on thin and fine hair. As shown in the image above, your hair will remain in place and still ooze charm and style. 

#15 – Slick and Stylish for thin hair

thin hairstyles for men

Another one of our favorites from the slick backs. Adding a good beard structure with this hairstyle will make it look better. 

#16 – Indian Braided rows for thin hair 

indian braided rows for men with thin hair

This is our personal favorite hairstyle for Indian men since it gives you the chance to get creative with your hair.

The braids can be super sleek for those who have long hair.

If you are wondering how you can nail this with thin hair, then we are here to assure you that light braids will not damage the hair or expose your scalp too much.

#17 – Indian guy next door hairstyle for thin hair 

indian guy next door hairstyles

This might look familiar since this is the popular hairstyle in India which is easy for all hair types.

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Another reason why this is so popular is because this hairstyle looks neat and caual at the same time.

#18 – Curly shag for thin hair 

curly shag indian male hairstyle

For those blessed men who have those beautiful curls – we have three words for you.

Let it down!

Flaunting your hair without tying it up into a pony or bun can frame your face really well.

#19 – Comb over quiff indian male hairstyle

shahid kapoor hairstyle for indian males

A comb over works really well for Indian men who have thin hair since it has a way of hiding the scalp.

This can come in handy when you want to look professional.

#20 – Boho caramelised indian haircut for thin hair 

indian boho hairstyle for guys with thin hair

Kartik Aryan has been a heartthrob among Indians ever since he made his debut.

The boho caramelised look is super fashionable even though it can take time to maintain it.

#21 – Subtle indian undercut for thin hair 

indian undercut hairstyle for thin hair

An undercut is the best option for those who don’t want to overdo their look much.

This is very subtle and easy to maintain. Also it hides your scalp.

#22 – Recession line indian male hairstyle 

recession hairstyle for guys with thin hair

A recession line can be great for men who have a trim look.

It can come as a great option if you want to maintain a professional hairstyle.

It is a neat hairstyle which does not give you the chance to groom it much.

#23 – Indian male natural waves 

indian natural waves hairstyle for guys

The natural waves for men can come as blessing!

What you can do if you have extremely thin hair is using hair volumising products and fluff it up.

Make sure you have a comb to remove tangles.

#24 – Patchy beard with thin hair 

patchy beard hairstyle indian men

A patchy beard doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing.

It has become a certain type of style which normally goes well with long hair.

Styling your beard according to your hair is key in keeping a balanced look.

#25 – Indian afro for thin hair

indian male hairstyles for thin hair

Who says afro has to be only for African hair?

Shahid rocks the afro and shows proof that Indian men can totally pull it off depending on the kind of hair.

The one thing that you will have to keep in mind is that your face shape should compliment this hairstyles since it is towards one side.

Cool Haircuts for men with thin hair

Although getting a good haircut can ease out your bald look, there are other techniques and pointers you can have in mind to maintain a cool and awesome look. Check out some frequently asked questions about thin hair.

How to avoid thinning of Hair 

#1 – Improve your eating habits 

Most of the problems in your body and mind can be solved by the food that you eat. Food is fuel for your body. If you eat junk, then you will see hair loss, bad skin conditions, bad joints and more. When you eat natural and healthy proteins, you will see thick hair growth and good hair growth. This is the number one reason why people’s hair starts thinning. 

#2 – Workout 

Working out not only makes you look good, but it also pumps blood to different parts of the body and invigorates the organs. It improves the performance of your organs and makes you feel much much better. 

#3 – Get vitamins

Deficiencies in your body can also be responsible for hair thinning. The common deficiencies are Iron, Vitamin D and Vitamin D12. If you don’t get it from food, you need to get it from supplements. 

# 4 – Improve your scalp hygiene 

This is an area that most people don’t give two hoots about and people complain that their hair is thinning without looking at their scalp. Your scalp needs to be treated with care and nourishment. Oil your hair regularly, if you have dandruff, get rid of it. There are so many more things you can do to improve the life of your scalp. 

#5 – Stop smoking and drinking 

This is an obvious one that most men ignore. They drink heavily and smoke every day and expect to have no repercussions. These substances affect your liver and lungs in a bad way. It stops them from performing to the optimum and stops your hair from getting the right nutrients. 

Can you grow back thinning hair?

There have been a few cases where men have reversed hair thinning. But this requires consistent effort. Here are the steps that one needs to take to reverse the process. 

  1. Eat healthy and nutrient-rich food
  2. Avoid junk food
  3. Avoid processed foods
  4. Drink plenty of water
  5. Take vitamin supplements
  6. Oil your hair with coconut oil and other natural oils to nourish your hair
  7. Exercise regularly 
  8. Take care of the scalp 

Does an undercut work with thin hair?

Unfortunately shaving off sides does not work for thin hair as it exposes the scalp more. We agree that undercuts are in trend and can make you look cool but if you have thin hair, it is not appropriate to get an undercut. However, you can get it down mildly and not overdo it. 

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The other thing about getting undercuts done is that it needs a lot of maintenance which includes shampoos, conditioners, and whatnot. These can have an impact on your hair. There is a lot of work that goes into the perfect grooming of an undercut. 

How to make thin hair thicker? 

You can do a lot of routines at home to get thicker and fuller hair. 

  • Applying oil every now and then is very effective for hair growth. Make sure to massage your scalp well while you’re applying it onto the scalp. 
  • Eat healthy food. The food that you eat can directly impact the way your hair and nails grow. Your hair is prone to fall off if you don’t have fruits and vegetables in your diet. 
  • Washing your hair regularly is a healthy way to maintain the thickness of your hair since it removes dirt and gives you luster. 

How do I hide my scalp with my thin hair? 

If you are one of those people who have fine hair, we understand if you have trouble hiding that very fact. Because with thin hair your scalp can be exposed and it can be embarrassing. 

To hide the middle part of your scalp, side part your hair and comb it all to one side. This way your hair covers most part of your head. Or you can comb your hair backward. 

Keeping your hair upright is a way of hiding your scalp although not completely, it does not expose your scalp as much

How do you make fine hair look thicker? 

For men to make their hair look thicker, the best option would be to maintain it short. This way it looks thicker. If thin hair is grown long, it affects the roots that are already weak which is why you have fine hair in the first place. 

Brushing your hair back with gel is another way of exuding volume. Some things not to do would be, 

  • Don’t wear your hair too long. 
  • Try your best not to part your hair. 
  • Protect your hair from pollutants.

Which Indian haircut suits thin hair?

There are several hairstyles and haircuts that suit thin hair, especially if you’re Indian. These include:

  • Buzz cut
  • Mop top
  • Slick back
  • Pompadour
  • Side swept
  • Quiff
  • Faux hawk
  • Curly shag
  • High and tight
  • Crew cut

What are some hairstyle hacks for thin hair?

If you’ve got thin hair, there are certain rules to keep in mind. These are as follows:

  • Cut your hair short: Long hair tends to weigh hair down, making it look thinner in the process. So if you keep it short it appears thicker and lifted.
  • Grow a beard: The perfect way to hide thinning hair is to direct attention to your face instead.
  • Avoid hair waxes: Hair waxes are heavy and tend to build-up and weigh down already fine hair. This makes your scalp more visible.
  • Choose pomades or gels: If you really want to use a styling product it’s best to use something lightweight like a pomade or hair gel.
  • Ditch the combover: If you think combing a bit of hair over a bald spot will help hide it you’re wrong. Instead, this directs more attention towards it. So don’t attempt a comb over.

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