Why should young people have all the fun?

In this day and age, 50 is the new 30 and if you are young at heart, you can sport any hairstyle or haircut you want. But there are a few restrictions because the older you are, more professional the setting you will be in. In these cases, you cannot sport an afro or a long fringe. So here are the best hairstyles for older men.

Old Man Hairstyle


#1 – Slicked Back Hair

If you are an older man with hair, then you need to put it to use! A slicked back look can make a older man look fashionable and stylish. The slicked back style also works perfectly if your hair is thinning. This can cover your bald spots pretty well. Slicked back hair suit all situations, formal and informal. If you have a head full of hair, don’t be afraid to slick it back.

The ladies will love it and you can pull it off only until you have hair on your head.


slicked back old man

#2 – Side partitioning + comb over

Men of the yesteryears loved to partition their hair. That was considered neat and well groomed. Most men who are older will partition their hair and if you still want to partition it, while being stylish, then you can do the side partition with a comb-over. A comb-over is basically running a comb through your hair so that your hair takes that shape of the bristles. This is a top hairstyle that can suit any man in any situation. It’s a classic, old school and super stylish!

Think of a James Dean look back in the day. That is the side partitioning + combover look.


comb over old man

#3 – Slicked back + undercut

If you want to be part of the youthful trend, then the slicked back + undercut will do wonders for you. This is a low maintenance haircut. For those of you who don’t know what an undercut is. An undercut is basically closely cut sides and back.

This means a barber runs an electric clipper on your sides and back. The slicked-back look will take the cake and make you look like a rockstar!

This hairstyle is particularly well suited for the older man.

undercut old man

#4 – Fade

The fade look is one of the best suggestions for an older man. Why? It’s super easy to maintain and it’s the in-thing now! A fade is basically, a gradient cut with a lot of hair on the top and fading hair all towards the neck and the back. This is super easy to maintain, you don’t have to keep going to the barbers and it is trending right now. For an older man? This is a fantastic look.

fade old man

#5 – Short Hair

The old school short hair. This is a no-nonsense style and the best part about this cut is, there is no style. No matter how your hair looks, getting a shorter version of it is the best choice for older men. This is low maintenance, no headaches, no constant visits to the barber, no extra washing and so on.

short hair old man

#6 – Completely Bald

A lot of men in the mid-’30s and the late 30’s start to bald. Their hairline starts receding and it starts to look bad. One of the best options, when you are going bald, is to go totally bald. The clean shaven look. You run clippers through your entire hair and shave all the hair off till you get the shiny effect. Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, pull this look off all the time and it’s in trend.

old bald man

#7 – Messy short hair

If you are an older man and want to look younger and if you have a head full of hair, then you need to go for the messy short hair look. You leave a quiff on the top of your hair and shorten everywhere else and do not comb your hair. This messy look will look stylish, without actually looking super messy.


messy hair old man

#8 – Side part short

The side part short is a classic older man’s hairstyle. The most famous person with a side part short is George Clooney. This hairstyle is characterized by short hair that is partitioned to the right or the left, based on your choice. This will never go out of trend, no matter how old you are.


side part old man

#9 – Crew cut/Buzzcut

The crew cut or the buzz cut is the last in the list, but it’s definitely not the least. This hairstyle is low maintenance and it requires the least amount of time. You don’t need to spend a lot of time taking care of your hair. This style also makes you look leaner and meaner!


old man crew cut


#10 – Long Hair

There are long hairstyles for older men.

As men grow older and reach retirement age, they aren’t dependent on anybody and they can do whatever they want. A good hairstyle for an older man is long hair that is worn as a band. It’s stylish, beautiful and will turn heads no matter how old you are.

long hair styles old man

#11 – Medium Length Hair

A lot of older and middle-aged men look a lot better when they have medium length hair. The textured style is to let your hair droop over to its natural flow. You can cut a few errant hairs here and there, but if you left your natural hair take its shape, then it’s a pretty good style.


medium length hair old man



#12 – Ivy League


old man ivy league

The ivy league is a classic hairstyle for an older man. In fact, this is the hairstyle sported by the big wigs of Wall Street. This hairstyle is characterized by a short hair, but not too short. The Ivy League is also called the Barber’s Cut. This is because the sides are cut short and the top portion has a short quiff. This is one of the most professional hairstyles that one can sport. The ivy league will always be a classic for an older man. This is also that short of hairstyle that requires no maintenance whatsoever and it’s a pretty quick cut at the barber’s.


#13 – The Peppered Hairstyle


salt and pepper hairstyle

This isn’t a style that is particularly to do with the style but the colour of your hair. A lot of older man have grey hair peppered with black hair. A lot of men choose to dye their hair completely black. Instead, the peppered hairstyle has a bit of black and white. It’s similar to what George Clooney sports. This is a look that will make you look young and matured at the same time. This is one of the most popular looks out there! So don’t dye your hair and let the natural colour shine through!


#14 – The Classic Wave


wavy hairstyle old man

The classic wave is one of those hairstyles perfectly suited for older men. Most people know that older men look better with a head full of hair. So instead of keeping it short, you can let your wavy hair grow and then slick it back. This is a natural hairstyle that requires minimal maintenance. It’s one of the best hairstyles for older men.


#15 – The Long Beard + Short Hair


hair style for old man

If you’ve heard of David Letterman, then you will know his new look. A lot of older men start balding and there is a lack of hair on top. This can be countered with a long beard. A long beard basically counters the lack of hair on top. So it doesn’t matter if you have balding hair. The long beard is not difficult to maintain. It has to be dried and oiled every once in a while. This is one of the popular older man hairstyle looks in 2019.


#16 – The Receding Hairline Shortcut


bald old man hairstyle

If you are struggling with a receding hairline, then here’s the best hairstyle to make it look good. Celebrities like Jude Law and Jason Statham have been pulling off this look for years. When you hairline is receding and the other parts on top of your head has hair growth it starts looking odd. The way to counter this mismatch is to cut the hair on your back short. Like a crew cut but not throughout. This is a super stylish look which requires no hair transplant and doesn’t require you to go bald as well.

Old Man Haircut


Is long hair on a man unprofessional?

The true answer is, it depends. If you maintain it, groom it and put it in place, then it’s not unprofessional. If it’s left unkempt and isn’t taken care of, then obviously it becomes unprofessional. Having long hair can be a distinct advantage, as it makes you stand out from the crowd of men. In professional settings, long hair can make you instantly noticed and in a corporate environment, that is key.


How long is long hair for guys?

Anything that covers the nape of your neck and comes to shoulder height is long hair. But of course, long is subjective and depends on how you wear it. But generally speaking anything at shoulder length is long.


How do you know if you look better with short or long hair?

There is no point in asking people on the internet. You just have to try it out and ask people around you. But when you grow your hair long, do it right. Make sure to groom your hair, comb it, oil it. Once you’ve grown your hair, make sure to try different styles. Ponytails, buns and so on. Take pictures and then cut your hair and do the same thing. Then you’ll know if you look better with shorter or longer hair.


Does long hair make guys look older?

In some cases, people do say you’ve lost a few years after you cut your hair. But more often than not, men who get these comments have a big beard as well. If you keep your hair long and your beard short, you will not look older. If you have a big beard and long hair, you will look older.


Does darker hair make you look older?

Darker hair generally speaking is the colour of the young. When you grow older, the shade of your hair loses colour and slowly turns to grey. So darker hair does not make you look older.


Does shorter or longer hair make you look younger?

Shorter and longer hair serve their purpose, to make you look good. If you have long hair with a beard, then you will look like a wise sage. If you have a neatly trimmed beard with long hair, then you will look young. It’s not the length of the hair on your head, it’s about the length of hair on your beard.


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