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I love wavy hair. There, I said it. But to maintain the look you need a lot products… like hair mousses for wavy hair!

While straight hair can give you that sleek, smooth look, wavy and curly hair have a kind of wild sex appeal and romance to it (think, Shakira).

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Of course, with wavy hair you also get that annoying frizz and you can’t use products meant for very curly hair but hey, that’s why we have so many mousses in the market.

Best Hair Mousse For Wavy HairBest ForChief Ingredients
Sheamoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Frizz-free Curl MousseCoarse HairCoconut Oil, Hibiscus, Olive Oil, Neem, Silk Protein
OGX Locking + Coconut Curls Decadent Creamy MousseDry HairCoconut Oil, Shea Butter
OGX Quenching + Coconut Curls Frizz-Defying Curl MousseFrizzy Hair HairCoconut Oil, Citrus Oil, and Sweet Honey
Onesta Hair Care Hi-Boost VolumeDull, Limp HairAloe Juice, Green Tea, and Ginger Root
Thermafuse Fixxe Volume MousseDamaged Wavy HairHydrolyzed Wheat Protein
R+Co Aircraft Pomade MousseThin Wavy Hair Argan Oil, Tea Tree Oil

Check out the best hair mousses for wavy hair:

Top hair mousses for wavy and curly hair 2021

#1- Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse for wavy hair 

best hair mousse for wavy hair

The delicious blend of almonds and avocado along with a dash of olive oil, Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse is food for your hair, not just mousse!

With plenty of vitamins in the form of added B complex and the Vitamin E from the oils, your hair gets lots of hydration and becomes softer and shinier.

Ideal for wavy hair, this mousse is flexible and not sticky. It lets you scrunch your hair and wear in styles that appeal to you. Free of parabens, alcohol and mineral oils, this is a treat indeed. 

How to use 

Apply onto wet hair and scrunch it with your fingers if you want it to be curly. 

#2-OGX Quenching + Coconut Curls hair mousse for wavy hair 

top hair mousse brands for wavy hair

The Organix Quenching Coconut Curls mousse feels like your hair is having a fabulous tropical vacay!

With luscious coconut oil, this is meant to “quench” your hair’s thirst. It revives dry hair by infusing plenty of moisture and keeping it hydrated all day long.

This is achieved by a lightweight formula that does not make your hair sticky or weigh it down too much.

That’s why this works well for wavy or fine hair to give them some bounce and volume. It removes frizz and helps you play your waves the way you want. 

How to use 

Apply it evenly on your strands and use the right hair brush to gently get rid of the tangles in your hair. Wash it off with a good conditioner to maintain shine. 

#3-OGX Locking + Coconut Curls hair mousses for wavy hair 

hair mousses brands

The Organix Locking Coconut curls is for hair that’s in-between wavy and curly. This blend of shea butter and coconut oil is one wonderfully fragrant product.

It’s a combination of foam and cream that’s easy to spread through the hair and style it.

The cream part of it infuses a lot of moisture into the hair and makes it easy to detangle it, while also giving it some lustre. It calms down the frizz leaving you with just bouncy waves.

This mousse is priced nominally and available online. 

How to use 

Leave it on for a considerable amount of time to get rid of frizz. 

#4-Shea Moisture Sheamoisture Coconut & Hibiscus hair mousses for wavy hair 

frizz free hair mousses

If you love the fragrance of coconut, you will like this mousse.

The Shea Moisture mousse is one that gives you huggable waves while nourishing it.

Lightweight but with enough hydration from the coconut oil and shea butter to moisturize your hair and keep it glossy and healthy throughout the day, this is perfect for wavy hair.

It even protects dry hair and prevents breakage while the neem oil in it reduces frizz. Take a blob of this in your palm and ease it through your hair. 

How to use

Using your fingers, gently detangle your hair, scrunch it up and give yourself soft, lovely waves. This contains no parabens, so it’s very safe to be used regularly. 

#5-Garnier Fructis Style Curl Construct Creation Mousse for wavy hair

hair mousse curly hair

This drug store brand has always managed to impress us with its innovative and effective hair and skincare products that actually work really well.

One of the widest used brands by women and men across the world, Garnier Fructis brings us one of the best mousses for wavy hair.

With shea butter as one of its active ingredients, the Curl Construct Creation Mousse has a hold rating of 3 to give you just the right density.

It doesn’t weigh the hair down or make the curls crunchy, but lifts them up and gives them a nice, soft bounce. Also to be noted, the price of this product is easy on your wallet. 

How to use 

Use it like you would a normal shampoo but make sure to massage it onto the scalp for a good 10 minutes at least. 

#6-got2b Kinkier Gloss ‘n Define Curling Mousse for wavy hair 

hair mousses for wavy hair

The got2b range of hair styling products is from the popular salon professional brand, Schwarzkopf.

You do get hair that looks professionally styled when you use the Kinkier Gloss n Define Curling mousse.

Just use a generous quantity and spread it with your fingers on towel-dried hair and scrunch it up, evening out your frizz.

This mousse gives you definitely more defined waves that are shinier and smoother.

It is almost weightless so you don’t have a sticky texture or any residue left on your hair. 

How to use 

You can use it to style your hair because it has the capacity to keep your hair upright in spite of dust and other pollutants. 

#7-GIOVANNI 2chic Ultra Volume Foam Styling Mousse for wavy hair 

hair mousse for wavy fine hair

Say goodbye to limp hair with Giovanni’s 2chic Ultra Volume Foam Styling Mousse. With papaya extracts and tangerine butter, this mousse makes your hair feel and look fuller.

This also has extracts of thyme, aloe vera, and rosemary to protect your hair and reduce damage.

The weightless formula gives you an airy feel without being sticky or clumping together.

What we like is that this mousse has a good hold and your hair stays styled till your next wash.

This mousse is free of sulfates and parabens, so you can use it without worry. The only downside we found is that using too much of this product can dry your hair a little bit. 

How to use 

Make sure not to apply too much of this product. Customers have pointed out that it can tend to make the hair strands a little dry. 

#8-Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly hair mousses for wavy hair 

best hair mousses

The Tousle me softly is a delightful mousse with it being so light weight. It works best for fine hair that’s wavy by smoothing out flyaways without ruining the natural waves.

With a hold rating of 2, this may not be great if you have very curly hair or hair that’s too thick and voluminous, but is perfect for thin hair.

It smells lovely with its hibiscus essence and it’s safe even on colored hair as it contains no parabens, colourants or silicones.

It protects your hair all day from the humidity but not from heat treatments. 

How to use 

If you are using it on coloured or dyed hair, we suggest you make a mixture of the mousse and water in a mug and gently massage it and wash it off immediately. 

#9-John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Air Dry Waves Styling Foam

products for wavy hair

Ideal for any type of hair, wavy or curly, the Frizz Ease Dream Curls Air Dry Waves Styling Foam works better than expected.

Those annoying flyaways that simply won’t calm down, will actually do with this mousse.

So light that you don’t even feel like you’ve used it, this mousse by John Frieda works wonders in defining your waves, giving you lots of volume, while keeping your hair soft and touchable.

It has a non-sticky formula and is safe for colour treated hair as well. 

#10-Kenra Volume Mousse Extra 17 hair mousses for wavy hair 

wavy hair mousse

Do you sometimes feel like you can never achieve that salon-like hair no matter what you do at home?

Well, you will not be able to get that effect without the right products. Kenra is a brand used by professional hairstylists to give you that extra something that can’t be got with any other brand.

This Volume Mousse is a firm hold, lightweight formula that can hold your style till you wash your hair again.

You get a vibrant bounce and lots of volume when you apply this to damp or towel dried hair.

It has a non sticky formula that is free of alcohol. It also protects your hair from heat treatments, so that’s an added bonus as well. 

 How to use 

If your hair is dyed make sure you are gentle with your hair and wash it off quickly. 

#11-African Pride Moisture Miracle Rose Water & Argan Oil Curl Mousse

mousse for wavy hair

The African Pride mousse is a fantastic concoction of pleasant smelling rose water with argan oil.

Though this is meant for coily and very curly hair, it is quite light in weight, non-sticky and works perfectly well for fine and wavy hair as well.

The natural ingredients nourish your hair and moisturise it deeply.

The hold is quite firm and it also adds a lot of natural volume to your waves. Your hair looks shiny and healthy with well definition curls. 

#12-Nexxus Mousse Plus for wavy hair 

hair mousse for wavy hair

If you have fine hair that’s wavy and you struggle with those untameable flyaways, the Nexxus Mousse is a product you should definitely consider buying.

With keratin protein and ceramides, you have a mousse that not only lifts your hair and makes it vibrant, but also nourishes it and makes it silky.

Get rid of flat hair while this protects it from humidity and other harsh elements of nature. 

#13 – R+Co Aircraft hair mousse

curly hair mousse

This hair styling product from R+Co is a hair mousse that works well in keeping styled hair in place. If you have untamed hair then this hair mousse is great in keeping your hair in place and moisturised. 

There might be instances where the weather is making your hair crazy then you might want to check out this hair mousse to keep it sane. 

It is made up of safe products that include papaya and other extracts which makes your hair soft and frizz free. 

The presence of tea tree oil and argan oil can work its way into the aroma of the particular product. 

How to use

Keep it on for a while before you wash it off. Since this hair mousse does not include harmful ingredients your hair will not be prone to damage or wearing off. 

#14 – Thermafuse hair mousse 

Think of this product as a therapeutic treatment for your hair if it is going through a rough patch. 

The good news is that it is affordable. The effectiveness of this hair mousse is such that it coverts lifeless damaged hair into shiny and glossier texture hair.

It adds volume to the hair and gives thinning hair a better volume. 

This works as a styling product for your wavy hair so that you can curl your hair and leave it on for as long as you’d like.

Besides all this, it has the ability to detangle your hair and give it smoother hair strands. 

How to use

Comb your hair after you have applied it to your strands so that you can detangle your hair. 

#15 – Onesta hair care hair mousse 

hair mousse curly fine hair

Onesta is a natural hair mousse which is made up of safe extracts of fruits. It works solely into adding texture and making the hair shinier with every use of this hair mousse.

The mechanism of this hair mousse is such that it works from the roots till the tip of the strand giving it full nourishment and strength. 

This hair mousse also gives your hair strands protection from the rays of the sun or dust particles. The best part is that this hair mousse is safe for color treated hair. 

How to use 

The amount of hair mousse that has to be taken should be dependent on the length or volume of your hair. 

Wavy hair requires special mousses that are lighter than those used for very thick and curly hair.

Here are some frequently asked questions answered for you:

Is mousse good for wavy hair?

Mousse is good for hair that’s thin and requires a bit of volume. It works well for wavy hair when you want to show off the curls rather than smoothen it down to look very straight. Gel works better when you want to hold your hair down. 

Is mousse or gel better for wavy hair?

Gel can get very heavy and weigh your hair down. It works better if you have straight hair and works wonders when you want to tame flyaways and frizz.
Mousse is lighter and can help you get more volume while getting rid of the frizz as well.
It can help define the curls as well if you apply just the right amount with your finger tips and scrunch them up.
Mousse has a quick drying formula that gel doesn’t have, so your waves feel flowy. 

Mousses these days don’t make your hair stiff and crunchy.

They are so light in weight and come enriched with multiple ingredients that actually take care of your hair, make it softer and feel natural. 

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