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Product Description: The Pura D'OR Hair Oil is perfect for guys with big foreheads because they could use the oil to style their hair and the same time it adds lushness and thickness to the hair which helps in covering the forehead in a unique style

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Guys with Big Foreheads

Best haircuts for guys with big foreheads. 

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A lot of you think I’m replacing the term “receding hairline” with “big forehead”. That’s not true! The reality is, there are a lot of men with a big forehead. When you have a big forehead, it looks like you’re balding to other people and that’s not a look that you want to carry. This is a perennial problem that can only be solved by one thing and that is sporting a very particular hairstyle depending on your requirement. So here are the best hairstyles. 

Hairstyles for Big Head Male

#1 – Fringe

The fringe has been a long time friend of men who have had big foreheads. There are different types of fringes and the fringes sported by a woman is different. A man’s fringe is basically hair that comes down a bit to lessen the length of the forehead. The truth of the matter is, it doesn’t have to look bad or weird and it can look absolutely natural. Some fringe styles like the one below can make you look rugged and also give you the “untamed” look. If you want to go for the traditional fringe, then the barber brings your hair to the front and cuts it parallel to give you a straight fringe. This is a look that a lot of people can’t sport. 

#2 – The Long Fringe 

The Long Fringe honestly is one of my favourite hairstyles irrespective of whether you have a big forehead or not. This is that kind of a style that can easily be pulled off in an official setting as well as a part setting. It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have. It could be wavy, curly or straight, a long fringe will absolutely suit you. This is one of those trademark hairstyles for a younger man and if you are young and have a big forehead, this hairstyle acts as a good concealer while being stylish at the same time. This might not be the perfectly suited hairstyle for an older man. The long fringe is also easy to maintain. This is one of the classic hairstyles for guys. 

#3 – The Side Swept Fringe 

If you are looking for a bit more panache and a style that you could pull off in official gatherings, then I would suggest the side swept fringe. The side swept fringe is also one of the most classic cuts you will ever encounter. It looks super stylish and it’s short enough to be used as a hairstyle at work. It covers a portion of your forehead and cuts the space. It’s personally one of my favourite hairstyles and one that I’ve worn quite regularly. The only requirement for this hairstyle is that you should have enough hair and if it’s too short, you can’t sport a side swept fringe. It’s a classic cut that works for wavy hair and straight hair. It doesn’t work that well on curly hair. It’s easy to maintain and it’s a look for the ages. 

#4 – The Wavy Hair Swept 

I’ve been a big fan of wavy hair, as it looks the most rugged and gives the person a “natural” look. Wavy Hair that is grown long and swept to a side has hair falling on the forehead. This immediately covers a portion of the forehead and makes it look smaller. This is a very “natural” hairstyle to cover up a large or big forehead and it doesn’t take much in terms of upkeep. You just need to maintain it well. This is a good look and looks super stylish and hip and it’s something you might want to consider if you have a big forehead. 

#5 – Quiff

Now, you can’t be always insecure and decide to cover up your forehead all the time. So a good hairstyle to make sure your big forehead isn’t always prominent is a quiff. A quiff is basically hair on top that is pushed up. So why does a quiff work for big foreheads? It’s all about balance. When you have a large forehead and your hair is really short, the forehead gets all the prominence. But if your hair is grown and pushed up, it balances out the size of your forehead. This is one of the best styles, that is hip, modern, stylish and works really well for a person with a big forehead. 

#6 – Short Hair with a Beard 

Say you want to go with short hair on top and you don’t want anything else. This poses a problem as your forehead will stand out distinctly. The only way to counter that and to balance it out is to have a good beard. A good beard takes the attention of the person and they won’t even notice your big forehead. 

#7 – Clean Shave 

One of the best looks that one can sport if they have a big forehead is going fully clean shaved. This is a no nonsense haircut and it solves the issue immediately. A clean shaved head makes you look tough and rugged and is very easy to maintain. If you don’t want to be bothered by any hairstyles, then this is the best look to go for! Some of the most famous celebrities like Jason Statham, The Rock, Pitbull sport this look! 

#8 – Short Hair with a Moustache 

Another great style to counter a big forehead is to have a moustache. A big moustache will take the attention from a large forehead. 

#9 – Swept Up Fringe

The Swept Up Fringe is a good hairstyle for men with large foreheads. For people who don’t like a flat hair look, you can fringe your hair a little bit and then sweep it up a bit. This covers a bit of your forehead also props up your hair. 

#10 – Wavy Style Textured Top 

A great way to distract people from a big forehead is by adding an element of style to your hair. The wavy style textured top involves having waves on the top of your hair that comes from having a textured cut. This hair style adds dimensions to your hairstyle that cuts the size of your forehead. 

#11 – Short Curly Style 

This is a very interesting way to cover a large forehead. The short curly style requires slightly longer hair to fall over your head and extend a bit that covers your forehead. This is one of those natural, unkempt looks. 

#12 – Slicked Back Style 

This is one of those styles which is counter intuitive. Instead of trying to hide your forehead, you can go for the slick back which will raise your hair and make your hair long. This balances out the width of your forehead with a bigger hairstyle. 

#13 – Textured Fringe 

One of the most popular styles going around is the textured fringe. It also is perfect for making your forehead look smaller. It’s a very popular hairstyle and that is similar to the quiff mentioned above. 

#14 – Brush-up Standing 

This is one of those styles that can be a bit of a hit or a miss. For men who are balding and their forehead is big, this is a hairstyle that is basically brushed up above similar to a quiff. Yes it does show a bit of your balding head, but it still looks good! 

#15 – Ivy league

You can’t go wrong with the ivy league. No matter how big your forehead is, you can’t look bad with an ivy league. This is a short hair that is just pushed up and neatly parted and pushed towards the side! 

#16 – Wavy Blowout 

The blowout is all about making your hair look bigger than it is to show a bigger proportion of hair compared to your forehead. This requires a bit of trickery with the hairdryer. This is a good style for men who have slightly long hair and for those who have wavy hair too. 

#17 – Comb Over 

The comb over is a classic cut. This hairstyle is so neat and trim it will make your forehead look smaller. When you have hair that is messy and all over the place, it makes your forehead look big, but a neater hairstyle like the combover is much more clearer. 

#18 – Brushed Back with Fade and a Beard 

Sandwiching your forehead between the hair on top and a beard below is a great idea to take away your forehead’ significance. This is a classic style that looks pretty awesome. 

#19 – Short Pompadour 

The Short Pompadour is another great addition for men with big foreheads. It’s basically a pushed up hairstyle that is slightly slicked back. This is one of those stylish hairstyles that look good no matter the size of your forehead. 

Hairstyle for Big Forehead Male

As you can see, there are numerous styles to cover a big forehead and in this day and age it’s not a problem at all. You can choose from any of the styles stated above. 

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