60 Trending Hairstyle Ideas For Teenage Guys In 2024

by Tommy Sroski

When I was a teenager I literally had no sense of hairstyles. I had mentioned in the previous article that my dad would just ask the barber to give me a crew cut, every time.

But by the time I turned 14, I started experimenting with gelling my hair and spiking it. When you are a teenage guy, hairstyles are one of the most important things.

And the worst part? If you get it wrong, you’ll get ridiculed!

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What hairstyle is trending right now for boys?

There are several hairstyles that are currently trending for boys. Here are some popular options:

  1. The buzz cut: The buzz cut is a classic hairstyle that is always in style. It features short hair all over the head, typically cut with clippers.
  2. The textured crop: The textured crop is a popular hairstyle for boys that features short hair on the sides and back, with longer hair on top that is styled with texture and volume.
  3. The side-swept fringe: The side-swept fringe is a versatile hairstyle that can be customized to suit different hair types and face shapes. It features longer hair on top that is swept to one side, with shorter hair on the sides and back.
  4. The messy quiff: The messy quiff is a modern take on the classic quiff hairstyle. It features longer hair on top that is styled with texture and volume, with shorter hair on the sides and back.
  5. The curly top: The curly top is a popular hairstyle for boys with curly hair. It features longer hair on top that is left curly and voluminous, with shorter hair on the sides and back.

Overall, the trend for boys’ hairstyles is to keep it short and low-maintenance with a focus on texture and volume on top.

Trending Hairstyle Ideas For Teenage Boys 2023

These are some awesome hairstyles for teenage guys that will help you look your stylish best at school and be sure to impress your date! And you know what else would be cool?

#1 – The Undercut Teenage Guy Hairstyles

The Undercut Teenage Guy Hairstyles

If you are a teenage guy and if you want to know the most popular style of hairstyle this year, then it’s the undercut.

The undercut is basically the sides and back of a portion of your head are shaved short and the top has any style you choose.

The top can be a pompadour, it can be a slick, it can be a spike. Whatever you name it.

The undercut bodes well for low maintenance and if you are the type who doesn’t like maintaining his hair, then it’s best to go for an undercut.

#2 – Taper with texture cut hairstyles for teenage guys

short hairstyles for teenage guys

A taper with a textured cut is one of the most stylish hairstyles going around and I personally prefer this style. So what is a taper and what is a textured cut?

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A taper as the name suggests is a slow fade. The barber basically keeps your hair at a certain height at the top and as he goes, the hair gets thinner and thinner.

A textured cut is a non-cut and this is for people who don’t want to look like they’ve just got a haircut. A barber, for a textured cut, doesn’t cut your hair straight, but cuts it at an angle, what this does it, gives you a natural style and texture.

This is a pretty popular style among teenage guys.  

#3 – Slicked spikes hairstyles for teenage guys

Slicked spikes hairstyles for teenage guys

A slick is generally wet. That’s why slick backs styles have a lot of gel in the hair. A slick spike is similar.

It is basically spiking your hair, but only in the front with a slick style. So the rest of the top of your hair will be kept short and your sides and back will also be short.

Slicked spikes aren’t the hairstyle to choose if you want to keep your parents happy. But this is an incredibly stylish hairstyle and most teenagers can pull it off with elan.

Now this hairstyle is also very popular with celebrities, Leo wore it in the 90s and Zayn Malik wears this hair with elan in our time.

Check out more slick hairstyles for guys.

#4 – Combover hairstyles for teenage guys

Combover hairstyles for teenage guys

If I actually tell you why the combover originated, you will probably not try that hairstyle ever. A combover was first introduced for bald men to cover their balding portion of their bald head.

They would run the comb at an angle to cover the bald spot. But now, the comb-over has taken a different form altogether.

The combover is one of the stylish hairstyles going around. This is perfectly suited for guys who have straight hair.

So if you are a teenage guy with straight hair, I would suggest a comb-over. It’s pretty stylish and looks great on most people.

#5 – Short Fade hairstyles for teenage guys

Short Fade hairstyles for teenage guys

The short fade is basically fading of the sides and the back hair, but the fade starts slowly and gets super short when it goes further down. The short fade is the most in a haircut.

#6 – Curls hairstyles for teenage guys

Curls hairstyles for teenage guys

For this hairstyle, you need to have curls and the curls are cut into a mohawk like style while the sides are kept short with a fade.

#7 – Side part cut hairstyles for teenage guys

Side part cut hairstyles for teenage guys

The side part cut is one of the most popular styles. The barber when cutting the hair makes the top hair short and combs it over to the side.

This means the traditional side part cut remains the same, but the styling can be different.

A good side part cut can be raised or it can be brushed back. The side part cut is one of the best styles for a teenage boy.

#8 – Pompadour hairstyles for teenage guys

pompadour hairstyles for teenage guys

There are hairstyles and there are HAIRSTYLES. If you want to stand out from the crowd. If you want to be the centre of attention, then this style is for you.

But be warned, if you are meek and don’t have enough confidence, then you cannot pull off this look.

This requires great confidence, self-belief and the thought that you can pull it off. Presenting the pompadour. The pompadour is basically a slick back that is raised and is high.

So your hair will be high. This is a look for special occasions.

#9 – Ivy League hairstyles for teenage guys

Ivy League hairstyles for teenage guys

An ivy league is basically a crew cut with a difference. This is characterized but super short sides and back while the front-top is left with a little extra hair that can be styled into a side part.

An ivy league is smart, and it’s well suited for any occasion and it looks fantastic in formal and informal clothes.

#10 – Fauxhawk hairstyles for teenage guys

 Fauxhawk hairstyles for teenage guys

Most people know what this hairstyle is, but don’t know the name given for it. A fauxhawk or a fohawk is a better version of the Mohawk.

The Mohawk is characterized by completely shaved sides and back and the top of the head has a small raised spikes.

The faux hawk is a better version, where the sides and back of the head have hair, but the top portion is entirely spiked.

It kind of similar to David Beckham’s hairstyle in the early 2000s. This is one of the best looks in the present day and its perfect for a teenager.

#11 – Long fringe hairstyles for teenage guys

teen boy haircuts 2022

If you are going through an emo phase or don’t really like to cut your hair, then consider a long fringe.

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The long fringe can be considered an out of the bed look, where your hair is in front of your face, it looks messy, but it still makes you look good.

For this, it doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have, except curly. The long-fringe is easy to maintain, but it does take time to dry your hair after washing it, because of the volume of hair.

#12 – Quiff hairstyles for teenage guys

Quiff hairstyles for teenage guys

The Quiff is a style that suits teenage boys and that will keep their parents happy as well.

The quiff is basically a bunch of hair on the top and the front that can be used to style well. It can be spiked, it can be slick backed, it can be made into a fringe. A quiff is a useful hairstyle to have.

#13 – Hedgehog hairstyles for teenage guys

 Hedgehog hairstyles for teenage guys

The Hedgehog is a stylish hairstyle, especially for teenage boys. It’s characterized by straight hair throughout on top. This is like a mohawk, except there is hair on the sides and back. This is a super trendy hairstyle and will catch the attention of everybody.

#14 – Side Bangs teenage guy hairstyles

hairstyles for teenage guys 2022

Side bangs are not a style that only women wear, but its a perfect style for boys as well. Side bangs are basically long hair in the front that is moved to the side.

This is the bad boy or emo look. This is especially stylish for teenage guys who have long hair.

#15 – Man Bun hairstyles for teenage guys

hairstyles for teen boys

We’ve all heard of the man bun, but have you heard of the teenager bun? No? I’m not surprised because I just made it up. Who said a young man can’t sport a man bun?

You sure can and it will look great! It just requires you to grow your hair to a certain length and then tie it up into a bun.

This is a rare style that not a lot of teenagers will sport and this is your chance to shine! 

#16 – Braids teenage guy hairstyles

best hairstyles for black teenage guys

One of the best times to pull off a braid is when you are a teenager. Braids might seem like an irresponsible hairstyle on a grown man, but its definitely not for a teenager.

Granted, it’s a difficult style to maintain, but if you want to try braids for once in you life, the best time to do it is when you are a teenager. 

Experiment on the different braided hairstyles and figure out which one’s best suited for you.

#17 – The Short Cut teenage guy hairstyles

teenager haircut

If you can’t be bothered about styles and trends and other things, it’s best to go for a short cut. It’s perfect during the summers and it’s super easy to maintain.

And the best part? You don’t even need to go to the barber to get this haircut, you can take the clippers you have at home and then shave it off short. 

#18 – Natural Curls teenage guy hairstyles

good haircuts for teens

Teenage is a time when you are conscious about the way your hair looks and how its styled and so on. But if you have curls, it’s time to flaunt it.

The trends this year is, curls are in. Natural curls can be super stylish and there’s no need to cut them. If you got them curls, let them flow! 

Use curl enhancers or hair sprays if you are having a hard time keeping the curls intact.

#19 – Side Part Long Cut teenage guy hairstyles

teenage guy hairstyle

If you are looking for a super edgy yet, super stylish hairstyle is the the side part long cut.

This hairstyle is characterized by a long side part on one side and a drop fade on the other. It’s super stylish and amazing hairstyle. 

#20 – Sharp side part teenage guy hairstyles 

Sharp side part teenage guy hairstyles

The sharp side hairstyle for teenage guys is the most stylish and comfy hairstyle for guys who care a lot about style and fashion.

The top part of the hair is long with the slides being trim and short. This goes extremely well for teenage guys with narrow face shapes.

Plump guys may not look good with this hairstyle but if styled well, it might not look bad. 

#21 – Cristiano Ronaldo teenage guy hairstyles 

#22 – Traditional brush teenage guy hairstyles 

#30 – Razor up and sweep mohawk teenage guy hairstyles 

#31 – Slicked style teenage guy hairstyles 

With spikes and shaved sides the hairstyles are best suited for boys who are between age of 13 – 16. This does not violate school rules of having trim styles. You can also have a line up and make it subtle instead of highlighting it on the scalp. 

#32 – Boys long undercut 

This buzzed hairstyle is for long hair and can be done so well if your boy has wavy or curly hair. It creates a slight sweep and maintains the length of the hair while also keeping it neat and trim. 

#33 – Side blown undercut teenage guy hairstyles 

The length of the hair on top can be a reason to flaunt your locks. The side sweep is a very popular look among teenage boys and creates a sense of style.

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If you have short hair, this can be a hard hairstyle to pull off. But otherwise, it goes well with other hair lengths. 

#34 – Cool curly teenage guy hairstyle 

This hairstyle is great to flaunt your curls. With shaved sides and the top of your hair just being as it is, is what this hairstyle is all about. Not only does this hairstyle make you look smart, its also smart and trim. 

#35 – Textured waves with low fade teenage guy hairstyles

Wavy hair for teenage guys is a boon if you know how to style it well. There are many styles you can pull off with this and this hairstyle with an addition of low fade can be truly rewarding. 

#36 – Haircut for thick hair 

If you have thick and wavy hair, this haircut will make sure it stays tamed and give a different structure to your face altogether. The fade out to the skin is the best part about styling thick and wavy hair. 

A side cut is in style right now with how much it goes with all ahir types. It does not matter if you have thick or thin hair, you can style your hair with ease. However, you will need a good quality product to style your hair. 

#38 – Spiky faux hawk for teenage boys 

Spikes have always been a trend among teenagers. This gets exciting because the spikes come with the faux hawk. Try on this hairstyle and only get the best reactions. Make sure your hair is long and curly for the best results. 

#39 – Modern long top fade teenage guy hairstyles 

The long top fade hairstyle makes sense only for teenage guys who have thick and long hair. You can texture it in a way that you like and bring the best out of your looks. This is not very inappropriate to wear to school. 

#40 – Undercut ponytail for teenage guys 

A ponytail can be super cute for teenage boys. If your boy has long hair and you want to know how to style it in a cool way, this is how to do it. Tying your hair back as a ponytail with an undercut can be super cool and trendy. 

#41 – Easy hairstyle for teenage guys

#42 – Spikes for curly teenage hair

#43 – Greasy bob with a crest teenage guy hairstyle

#44 – Wispy bangs teenage guy hairstyle

#45 – Stylish and classy fowhawk teenage guy hairstyle

#46 – Shaggy hairstyle for teenage guys

#47 – Undercut with messy bangs teenage hairstyle

#48 – Highlighted strands teenage guy hairstyles

#49 – Textured crest teenage hairstyle

#50 – Spiky bangs low fade teenage guy hairstyle

Spiky bangs low fade teenage guy hairstyle

#51 – Thin and Short Curls with Mid Fade

curly hairstyles teen boys

#52 – Modern Cowlick

messy hairstyles for teenage boys

#53 – Straight Fringe Hairstyle

fringe hairstyles for teenage boys

#54 – Cornrows

teenage hairstyles for black boys

#55 – Short Dreads

hairstyles fo black teens

#56 – The Induction Cut

short hairstyles for teenage boys

#57 – The Rat-Tail

16 year old teenage boy hairstyle

#58 – Perfect Tousle

14 year old boy haircuts

#59 – Emo Haircut

best hairstyles for teenage guys 2021

#60 – Groovy Brush Up

brush up hairstyles for teens

What are the best hairstyles for teenage boys?

  • Undercut
  • Texture with Taper Cut
  • Slicked Spikes
  • Combover
  • Short Bangs
  • Ivy League
  • Pompadour
  • Crew Cut
  • Side Part
  • Short Curls
  • Faux Hawk
  • Textured Waves
  • Spiky Bangs
  • Quiff

How do I trim my teenage son’s hair at home?

You can easily style your teenage son’s hair at home. All you need is a pair of clippers, scissors, a mirror, and a comb.

There are several hairstyles you can choose from as shown above. If you want to just give your teenager’s hair a little trim, here’s how you can go about to do it.

  • Using the clippers just trim the hair on the back of his neck. You can give a fade haircut if you want to.
  • Wet the hair a bit, and using the comb, partition your hair into the style you want.
  • If you want to give it a trim, just take the hair into the comb till a few inches are over the comb bristles.
  • Take the scissors and cut these extra inches off.
  • Make sure you don’t cut across horizontally like you would a piece of paper
  • Instead, snip the hair from the ends vertically. This allows you to control the length as well.

Is it appropriate for a teenage boy to have a mohawk?

Okay, we understand why Mohawks might be considered inappropriate for teenage boys. They are mostly associated with alternative and grunge culture.

And even if you’re a cool parent who doesn’t mind, the school dress codes might have a thing or two to say.

So is it ever okay for a teenage boy to have a mohawk. Yes, there are still ways your teenager can sport this stylish look without inviting the ire of strict parents and stricter schools.

You can try the faux hawk look which basically involves trimming hair at the sides and leaving a fade. The abundant hair in the middle can be styled with a hair wax or gel to appear like a mohawk.

But if you have school, you can simply comb it back down and get back to straight-A student mode! Fantastic isn’t it?

What are some good hairstyles for teenage guys with a big forehead?

If you’re a teenage guy with a large forehead, you can try hairstyles with cover you foreheads and even out your face.

  • Bangs – Bangs or fringes are the best thing for people with large foreheads. You can cut your bangs straight across the forehead or simply grow your natural hair longer at the front so it lays over your face. If you have a rounder face, maybe you can try curtain bangs as well.
  • Side swept hairstyles – Side swept hairstyles are great if you have slightly longer hair. These are also great if you have a large face along wit a forehead and want to slim it down.
  • Slick-back hairstyle – You might think sweeping your hair back can put your forehead in prominence. But this hairstyle can actually take the attention away if you do it right. It adds volume to hair that balances out your large forehead.

We hope that you are able to style your hair based on our top 30 hairstyles for teenage guys and make the best of your style.

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