Do Beard Shaping Tools Work

by Tommy Sroski

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your beard would grow out neatly and stylishly on its own? Too bad that doesn’t happen. Sometimes, despite all the beard oils and growth serums, a beard comes out patchy, unruly, and with hair growing in different directions.

The next stop, in this case, obviously would be the salon. But what if we told you that you can create a neatly shaped and styled beard at home? 

Introducing – the best beard shaping tools! Think of them as stencils, but for your beard.  

Styling your beard takes more precision than you think. One wrong move with the razor and months of hard work growing your beard could be for nothing.

So instead of freestyling it with a blade and comb, you can use the best beard shaping tools available in the market.

All you need to do is place these tools near your cheek lines, ears, and neckline to get that clean, sleek beard shape. 

Should you use a beard shaping tool?

Using a beard shaping tool can be helpful in achieving a well-groomed and neat-looking beard. A beard shaping tool is a handy device that can help you trim and shape your beard with precision, allowing you to achieve a symmetrical and well-defined look.

Beard shaping tools come in various shapes and sizes, but they usually feature a comb-like design that helps guide your trimmer or razor along the contours of your face. They can also help you trim your beard to a specific length, ensuring that your beard looks neat and well-maintained.

Using a beard shaping tool can also help you avoid common mistakes when trimming your beard, such as accidentally trimming too much or creating an uneven shape. With a beard shaping tool, you can achieve a professional-looking beard trim at home, without having to visit a barber or stylist.

However, it is important to note that using a beard shaping tool is not necessary for everyone. If you prefer a more natural or unkempt look for your beard, you may not need a shaping tool. Ultimately, the decision to use a beard shaping tool is a matter of personal preference and grooming style.

What to go for – Beard Shaping Tools

Let’s have a peek at the best beard shaping tools available today. 

Beard shaping tools Best used for Number of Styles
Beardclass Beard Shaping ToolGreat for goateeGoatee, Mustache, Cheek Line, Neck Line, Forehead, Sideburns
The Black Beard Shaping and Styling ToolTaper the sidesGoatee, Neck Line, Forehead, Sideburns
The Aberlite Beard Shaping ToolBest beard shaping razorGoatee, Mustache, Cheek Line, Neck Line, Forehead, Sideburns, Curved Cut, Curved Edge
PILPOC Beard Shaping ToolGreat for thicker and fuller beardsGoatee, Mustache, Cheek Line, Neck Line, Forehead, Sideburns, Curved Edge
Tame the Wild Deluxe Beard Shaper KitCurves the edges Goatee, Mustache, Cheek Line, Neck Line, Forehead,
Beardoholic Advanced 9-In-1 Beard Shaping ToolHigh qualityGoatee, Mustache, Cheek Line
Grow Alpha Beard Shaping ToolPrecised shaping Goatee, Mustache, Cheek Line, Curved Cut, Step Cut

#1 – Beardclass Beard Shaping Tool

One of our favorites and among the best beard shaping tools is this one by BeardClass. We like how it’s got everything you need from a beard shaping tool!

The plastic body is transparent and lets you see how your beard styling is going.

The beard styling tool also comes with an attached comb.

So you don’t need a separate one for smoothing your facial hair. We think the Beardclass Beard Shaping tool is helpful if you love creating different beard styles.

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With this one tool, you can style your beard with a curved cut, a step cut, a goatee, and also clean up your neckline.

This beard styling tool comes with a 1mm tapered edge design that lets you shave close to the edge and get neat, precise lines.

Beardclass also includes small scissors, keychain, and comb in the package along with the beard shaping tool. 

The only grievance we had with the Beardclass shaping tool is that the material could have been more durable. But it’s satisfactory at its price. 

#2 – The Black Beard Shaping and Styling Tool

If you’re looking for the best beard shaping tools for using on the go, the Black Beard Styling Tool is the thing for you. We think the black look of this shaping tool looks very classy. But we do miss the ease of transparency. 

What we liked best about the Black Beard Shaping and Styling Tool is the set of teeth on both sides. They are handy in your grooming routine. And the teeth even come in different thicknesses for different beard sizes. 

Not sure if your beard is growing or how much it has grown? If you want to check the thickness of your facial hair, the tool comes with measurement pointers too. 

This beard styling tool is also great if you want to tame those small, stray hairs on your cheeks. The dramatically-tapered and curved edges are perfect for getting these little strands out of the way. 

There’s one point where this beard shaping tool lags behind the others on this list – it cannot be used to shape mustaches! But other than that, it’s a worthy investment as it’s super durable.

#3 – The Aberlite Beard Shaping Tool

New to this beard styling business? Try this product by Aberlite. It is among the best beard shaping tools for newbies.

For one thing, it contains an anti-slip surface that is a boon for unsteady hands. And it also comes with an elastic neckband to help with your beard styling routine. 

But that’s not it. To make things easier for beard amateurs, the Aberlite Beard Shaping Tool comes with a complimentary barber’s pencil.

If you’re not sure about where to place the tool, mark the spot with the pencil for a better idea. 

Plus, like all the best beard shaping tools, this one’s transparent and suitable for creating multiple looks. Goatee, neckline, straight edge, curved edge – you can do it all! It even has a 90-degree corner for shaping your hairline. 

#4 – PILPOC Beard Shaping Tool 

Another product that offers a variety of beard styles is the Pilpoc shaping tool. You can use it to create straight cuts, curve cuts, mustaches, and goatees. It’s also useful for styling your sideburns, cheek line, neckline, and forehead. 

But some things keep the Pilpoc from being the very best styling tool. For starters, it’s not transparent. If you need more visual guidance while styling your facial hair, you’d be disappointed. 

Also, the comb teeth on the Pilpoc styling tool are too thin. So if you’re a man with a bushier beard or mustache, it can get a bit difficult to smoothen your mane. 

If you have a scanty beard and don’t really care for a transparent tool, you can definitely go for the Pilpoc beard shaper. The material is durable, high-grade plastic that looks uber-stylish. And this Pilpoc tool even comes with a free e-book and instruction guide.

#5 – Tame the Wild Deluxe Beard Shaper Kit

Looking for a gift for your guy friend? This beard shaper kit by Tame the Wild would be perfect! The kit contains one transparent shaping tool, grooming scissors, and a comb. And we loved how all of this comes at such an affordable price. 

Most beard tools are plastic, so are the combs that come attached to them. And plastic combs are notorious for building up static.

But as this kit comes with a separate wooden comb, it’s just great for keeping the static away and distributing beard oil through your facial hair. 

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The stainless steel scissors are also amazing at keeping the stray hairs in check. 

You can also get multiple styles with the shaping tool – curved edges, straight edges, goatees, and many more. We think you should try out the Tame the Wild Beard Shaper Kit if you’re looking for a start to finish styling accessories for your facial hair. 

#6 – Beardoholic Advanced 9-In-1 Beard Shaping Tool

The Beardoholic Advanced 9-in-1 Beard Shaping Tool combines the best qualities of the products on this list. It helps you create multiple styles. It’s transparent. And it comes with complimentary grooming scissors. 

This tool comes with a beard and mustache comb, a goatee edge, neckline edge, sideburns edge, and nose guide. So whatever your beard styling needs are, you can get it through this tool.

The Beardoholic shaping tool is also compact and made of high-quality plastic. You can carry it with you on your travels without the fear of it breaking apart.

We have just two complaints from this tool, though. First, the beard comb is too fine to manage bushy and thick facial hair. Second, the Beardoholic Advanced Beard Shaping Tool is quite expensive for a plastic tool.

#7 – Grow Alpha Beard Shaping Tool

Okay, so we were quite impressed with the innovative shape of the Grow Alpha Beard Shaping Tool. Unlike the regular curved and sharp edges, this tool comes in a Y-shape. 

But does this new shape work? Yes. And, no. Like any other beard shaping tool, the Grow Alpha offers at least six styling angles.

You are supposed to hold this tool by the stalk of the Y-shape. Some users might find this method more comfortable, especially while doing the neckline. Others not so much.

We don’t think this shaping tool is travel-friendly either. Most people who’ve used this tool have lamented the lack of comb in this product.

As the Grow Alpha Beard Shaping Tool is already so big, handling this tool, a comb, and a razor can get quite uncomfortable. 

If you care more about precision and neatness than creating different styles, then you should go for the Grow Alpha tool. The barber’s pencil and the guide dots on the tool edge make it an ideal beginner’s product.

#8 – Bamoer Beard Shaping Tool

It can get tiresome to find different beard grooming tools. So if you’re looking for a well-stocked beard kit, you should check out the Bamoer Beard Shaping Kit. 

This kit comes with a transparent beard shaping tool that lets you create eight different styles, from curve cuts to straight cuts and more. We also should tell you that if you want a travel-friendly beard shaping kit, the Bamoer is the best. 

It comes not only with a two-sided, wooden comb but also a folding one. So you can groom your beard with the wooden comb to distribute beard oil and prevent static.

And you can save up luggage space by using the folding one while traveling. 

The Bamoer Beard Shaping Kit also comes with two pairs of grooming scissors. These are surgical-grade stainless steel, so you can use them, along with the other tools, in the bathroom without any fear of rusting. 

A beard is one of the first things people notice about you.

So when you’ve got irregular sideburns or a misshapen beard line, it’s going to be seen by the world. A shaping tool, which is almost like a ruler for beards, can give your facial hair a more symmetrical shape.

But before you buy the best beard shaping tools, here are a few things you should know.  

How to select the best beard shaping tools?

Shape of Face: Beard shaping tools are super easy to use, leaving you with a wonderful-looking beard that is just as good as going to a professional barber.

Men with full beards and mustaches will try to go for beard shaping tools that focus on many suitable and extra angles like the cheeks, neck, jaw, and sideburns. So consider this the next time you want to purchase one.

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Material: Another factor to consider is of course the material which can have an impact on how long it will last.

They can be made from a number of materials like plastic which is more cost-effective and easy to use. Those made from metal and transparent composite materials are more durable and long-lasting.

Both kinds are suitable for thick and tangled beards. Wooden materials are classy but can heat up after a short while when you use your trimmer.

Stainless steel would be ideal as they are resistant to corrosive damage and won’t cause any allergic reaction to your skin.

Size: Also, the size of your beard shaping tool matters a lot as smaller sizes can be very travel friendly, lightweight, easy to use and contain the same number of combs as a bigger size.

Unfortunately, they might not cover as many angles of your beard so opt for a larger shaping tool that is best suited for beards that reach past his chin, or who like to have more additional angles.

Also, keep in mind the comb used for smoothening your beard and to get rid of tangles and knots. Many tools will have more than two combs, of different sizes or in various lengths.

Accessories: Finally, consider accessories that might come in kits or packages such as scissors that you can use to trim up any trouble spots.

FAQs- Beard Shaping Tools

How do I use a beard shaping tool?

Are you still worried that you might mess up your beard? Fear not. Using a beard shaping tool is really easy.
The first step to shaping your beard at home is to check where you’d like the beard lines to be and how you’d want to shape them.
Our suggestion? Follow the natural line of your beard, but neaten it up a bit with a shaping tool.
Next, line up the tool on your face, at the angle you’d like to shape your beard. Take an electric razor or trimmer and get to chopping. Now you have a stylishly-shaped beard without going to the salon. 

How long should my beard be before I use a shaping tool?

There is no definite rule as to how long your beard should be before you style it. But we think you should grow it out for at least one or two months before attempting any style.
It also depends on how quickly your facial hair grows. A beard styling tool can help shape your stubble or facial hair on the neckline as well. If you want a longer style like the Garibaldi beard, it might take even four to six months.

Does material matter when it comes to beard shaping tools?

Beard shaping tools can come in wood, plastic, or metal. And each of these materials has its own charm. Some people prefer wood shaping tools as they have a classy, masculine look.
But unfortunately, wood is not the most durable material for beard shaping tools. Surprised? Wood beard styling tools can chip and splinter at the edge because of the razor. 
Metal is very durable and gives a sharp, precise angle to help you style your beards. But if you live somewhere with low temperatures, the cold metal tool can feel uncomfortable on your skin.
This leaves plastic! Although plastic isn’t considered the best option for most products, this is not the case with beard shaping tools. Plastic can be flexible or rigid.
So you can use it for round faces or angular ones. It can be transparent, so you can see what you’re doing when styling your beard. And it’s sturdy and stays at room temperature. So we guess plastic wins this round. 

What size beard shaping tool should I buy?

The best beard shaping tools are the ones that are compact and easy-to-carry in a suitcase or traveling bag.
Plus, if the shaping tool is too big, it might not be able to give you the precision needed to shape your beard.
Most beard shaping tools in the market are small but come with extendable arms that help style your facial hair in different ways. 
Just be careful while carrying these extendable beard shaping tools while traveling as the slender hands or protrusions can break off inside your bag. 

A beard can really bring out the best in a man. And the right shaping tool can make your beard look the best.

There are several products in the market right now, but we’ve reviewed the best ones to make things easier for you.

Choose the beard shaping tool you loved, and don’t forget to get a good beard brush, comb, and razor to make your styling experience easier. Beard on!

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