43 Cutest Baby Boy Haircuts 2024

by Tommy Sroski

Check out the baby boy haircuts that suit kids from ages 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and even 5 years. These include long hairstyles and those for black hair.

It’s definitely easy to ignore your young boy’s hair. I’d go as far as to say, you didn’t need to cut their baby boy haircuts hairstyle for up to 2 years.

The standard hairstyle for a young baby boy is a small trim to keep their hair short. In this article, we cover the types of baby boy hairstyles.

Parents can be a bit conservative when it comes to choosing cute styles for their young toddler. But the truth of the matter is most styles suit, young boys.

From undercuts to the shaggy look to even the fauxhawk, everything can look stylish. So here are the best baby boy haircuts.

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Some kids just don’t know how to react to get a haircut!

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Baby Boy Haircuts Series

#1 – Baby Boy Hairstyles for Long Hair

One of the best hairstyles 3-year-old hairstyles is to let their hair grown long. They look utterly adorable and it makes them look different and super adorable.

Kids’ hair takes time to grow as they are still developing and that’s why with this style you don’t have to take care much.

Source: Instagram@_zacari._

#2 – Baby Boy Hairstyles for Curly Hair

For a lot of young boys, their hair grows curly. Before they grow older and decide to straighten their hair, it’s good to let them grow their hair when they are young.

Curly hairstyles look great on young children. Especially the shaggy look makes them look super cute and it’s a great hairstyle for a young baby boy.

Source: Instagram@Sebbyscurlyadventures

#3 – 1 Year Old Baby Boy Hairstyles

There can’t be much of a style for a 1-year-old baby boy. The truth of the matter is, their hair is still growing and for the first year, one should let it grow without cutting them too early and destroying their hair growth.

1 year old baby boy hairstyles
Source: Instagram@Arshaka_manggala

#4 – Toddler Undercut

If your young boy is having his first haircut, then it makes sense to give with an old school classic style such as a fade with hair on top.

This is like a high and tight hairstyle where there is a bit of hair on top and the sides are cut short. This is a good hairstyle for your boy’s first haircut, this way you can see the boys face and not let the hair control his look.

6 year old boy haircuts 2022
Source: Instagram@Jrduarte_barber

#5 – Fauxhawk Baby Boy Haircuts

The Fauxhawk Style is one of those haircut styles that young boys and baby boys can pull off and it’s not something that a lot of grown men can. Why? Because young boys don’t have to go to the workplace and follow strict guidelines.

So if you have a young boy at home, experiment with his hairstyle and give him the most interesting and adorable haircuts like the Fauxhawk.

The Fauxhawk is basically like a Mohawk, but it is way better. It is characterized by high spiked hair on the top and shorter hair on the sides, but not as short like the mohawk.

2 year old boy haircuts 2022
Source: Instagram@alline_diegohairstylist

#6 – Classic Side Sweep Baby Boy Haircuts

Source: Instagram@emily_and_jordan_

The Side Sweep is the most basic hairstyle you can give your child and that is when their hair grows you comb their hair towards a certain side.

This looks especially good with long hair. It’s easy to maintain and it’s not a style that is too “out there” and will make your baby boy look super adorable.

#7 – Little Ponytail for Small Boys

A lot of people think that young boys cannot grow hair long enough for a ponytail. But the truth of the matter is, young boys, can grow really long hair because they are at a growing age and all the nutrients help them grow very soft and luscious hair.

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One of the best hairstyles for a baby boy is a ponytail. Gather up a bunch of hair at the back and make sure it is tied with a rubber band.

most popular boy haircuts
Source: Instagram@wiktoria_hoffman

#8 – Spiked Hair for Boys

Spiked Hair is one of the most popular hairstyles for young men and it looks super nice on young boys too. Spiked Hair is pretty easy to maintain and you can prep a nice spiked hair right before any event in very simple steps.

  1. Make sure the hair is clean and neat
  2. Gel your boy’s hair with some tightening hair gel
  3. Shape it to whatever spikes you want and let it set

The spiked hair is a super stylish hairstyle that suits boys of any age. So if you are looking for a special hairstyle for your boy for a birthday party or an outing, you might want to consider the spikes.

5 year old boy haircuts 2022
Source: Instagram@ashleyrosecastro

#9 – Pattern Fade for Baby Boys

The pattern fade is something young boys will really really like. Young boys are into comics and superhero movies and you can give them a hairstyle representative of their favorite superhero. A pattern fade is basically where a particular pattern is styled onto the fade of your child’s hair. It’s not complicated at all and can be done by the barber’s pretty easily.

Some of the popular pattern fade styles are Spiderman Web pattern, Captain America Shield Pattern and so on. Even the names of the popular superheroes are a super-duper hairstyle that will make you a popular parent.

The best part about this hairstyle is? If you don’t like the pattern, it will get covered within a few weeks.

5 year old boy haircuts 2022
Source: Instagram@talib_ke_fam

#10 – Brush Up Quiff Baby Boy Haircuts

A quiff style is basically a mix of two of the most popular hairstyles that are the pompadour and the Mohawk. A quiff is basically when the front part of the hair is raised on top.

Now, this should be differentiated from the spikes, as the Quiff does not have a spiked look. One also does not need gel for a quiff to stand.

This is one of the most stylish hairstyles a young boy can sport. It makes them look good and well put up.

It also helps young boys understand different hairstyles such as the Quiff when they are young because this is a kind of hairstyle that can be sported when they are older too.

35 best baby boy haircuts
Source: Instagram@abnobrai

#11 – Baby Boy Buzz Cut

best simple boy haircuts
Source: Instagram@phoechen

The Buzz Cut is a classic 1-year-old baby boy hairstyles for black hair that is my personal favorite. It doesn’t need any introductions. Personally, when I was a young boy, this is the haircut I got.

A straight-up buzz cut with no questions asked. It’s perfect in hot weather, easy to maintain, easy to wash off and clean.

The last point is very important because you need to understand a young boy in the house will be playing in the sand and getting dirty and they generally play rough. With long hair, it’s hard to clean up and maintain the hair. Whereas with a buzz cut, it’s super easy to wash off.

baby boy haircuts 2022
Source : Pinterest

#12 – Combed Back baby hair boy style

If you are looking for a hairstyle for an outing for your young boy that can also be used on a daily basis. Then the combed back with a fade is the perfect option.

So what is the combed back with a fade? This is a type of hairstyle that is characterized by combing back the hair when it is wet towards the back of the head.

Remember Leonardo Di Caprio in the Titanic? Here the sides of the hair get cut with an electric clipper.

The sides get shorter as the hair goes downwards. This is one of the most classic hairstyles a kid can have. It’s smart and beautiful looking.

best toddler boy haircut
Source: Instagram@asthaunisexsalon

#13 – The Side Swept with Fade for Boys

The Side Swept is one of the most popular styles for adult boys. So why shouldn’t it be popular for young boys? It’s a simple hairstyle where the top hair is pushed towards the side and the hair on the sides are kept trimmed and short. This is super easy to cut and can be done at home.

You basically run the electric clippers across the back and the sides of your boy’s head and keep the top hair intact and comb it towards the side. This is what makes a side swept with fade.

baby boy haircut ideas
Source: Instagram@Kimboave

#14 – Short Pompadour Baby Boy Haircuts

Imagine Elvis Presley’s hairstyle on your boy. How cute would he look? The Pompadour is a classic look that was first popularized by the King himself. It’s basically a comb back with raised hair and pushed back.

This is a hairstyle for special occasions. So if you are going out to a birthday party or an event, then the Pompadour is a great look for your young baby boy.

This is a difficult hairstyle to maintain as you require a lot of gelling and combing work. So this is a hairstyle that is best suited for outings.

when to cut baby boy hair
Source: Instagram@dav.miq

#15 – Long Fringe for Small Boys

The Long Fringe is a hairstyle that is well suited for young boys. It’s characterized by letting the hair grow and falling on the face. This is a super adorable look for young boys.

It actually makes them look like young kids instead of somebody uptight. This is pretty easy to maintain hairstyle, you don’t need to do anything particular to maintain it.

The long fringe is a style that suits boys from age 2 to all the way to age 8 or 9.

most popular boy haircuts
Source: Instagram@White_n_nerdy12

#16 – Medium Length Haircut for Baby Boys

When I mean medium, I don’t mean medium short cut, but I mean medium shoulder length hair. This is a super stylish hairstyle that suits young boys. You want your young man looking dapper and stylish? This is the hairstyle you should choose.

baby boy long hairstyles
Source: Instagram@dwij_7777

#17 – Forward Swept Hair for Baby Boy

Forward Swept Hair is another good hairstyle for baby boys because when they are too young, boys hair doesn’t grow thick.

Sometimes it’s thin and there isn’t enough hair. The Forward Swept Hair is basically combing the hair towards the front that shows volume. This is a good hairstyle for young boys.

It is super easy to maintain and there is no difficulty at all.

best baby hair cut
Source: Instagram@Smalltown_hairdressser

#18 – Medium Top With Short Sides for Boys

A medium top with short sides is kind of like a hight and tight.

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A high and tight haircut is the military man’s haircut where the top of the hair has medium length hair and the sides have super short hair.

The top can be cut using scissors or can be cut using electric clippers as well.

how to cut infant boy hair
Source: Instagram@twinstabrity

#19 – The Short Mohawk Baby Boy Haircuts

Young boys hair doesn’t grow as much as girls hair. And if you leave that hair, it doesn’t look like its styled. If you want your boy’s hair to look styled, then you can consider the short mohawk.

The short mohawk is like a full-fledged mohawk, but with the little amount of hair, your young boy has.

This is one of the cutest hairstyles we’ve encountered and it’s safe to say, this is one of the best-styled hairdos for your boy.

Sometimes the hair of young boys are very thin and soft and if you want this hairstyle you should consider adding some safe baby gel to the hair.

should i cut my baby boy's hair
Source: Instagram@Areyuhusna

#20 – Messy Top Baby Boy Haircuts

The  Messy Top is a classic hairstyle for young men and also young boys. This is not a hairstyle per se and more of a letting the hair loose type of situation. With a messy top, you can take your boy’s hair and ruffle it on the top a little bit to give it that messy look.

The Messy Top is a classic and adorable hairstyle that will make your young boy look super cute and stylish at the same time.

most popular boy haircuts
Source: Instagram@Iamelon.tw

#21 – Long Side Bangs With Short Sides

Side bangs are known as a hairstyle for women. But side bangs are the perfect hairstyle for small boys as well.

All you need to do is let your boys hair grow long and comb it to the side and let the hair flow. Long Side Bags are one of the cutest hairstyles for a young baby boy.

Source: Instagram@ehcarnes79

#22 – Short Layers Baby Boy Haircuts

Short Layers are basically when the hair is cut sideways which gives a layered look. This is a super cute hairstyle that makes your young boy look super dashing.

This is one of those hairstyles which looks like it’s styled a bit, but at the same time, it looks casual too.

baby boy hairstyles indian
Source: Instagram@Adorable_yug

#23 – Fades Baby Boy Haircuts

How do I cut my baby boy's hair
Source: Instagram@Santoyos_barberlife

The best baby boy hairstyle is definitely fades. Fades are super easy to style and plus if you are little boy is fussy at the salon and doesn’t want to get his haircut, then you can use the fade style.

Why? It’s easy to use a clipper and it lasts only a few minutes, compared to a scissor cut which takes a long time. If you are clueless about what hairstyle to give your baby boy, give him a fade cut. 

#24 – Medium Middle Bangs Baby Boy Haircuts

Source: Instagram@hisulgi

This style is a 1-year-old baby boy hairstyle which looks super cute. Especially when they have a bit of hair. Middle medium bangs are when your toddler is given a cut with a bit of bang. This is a super cute cut that will make your young boy stylish and cute at the same time! 

#25 – Combover and Side Stripes

1 year old baby boy hairstyles black hair
Source: Instagram@_barber.shop_08

The combover is such a classic hairstyle that it is well suited for toddlers as well. If you have a boy who has a bit of hair on top, you can use a small soft comb to comb his hair to the side.

You can use some chemical-free baby oil to style his hair in place. 

#26 – Cute Afro Flat Top Baby Boy Haircuts

baby boy haircuts 2019
Source: Pinterest.com

If you are looking for some cool hairstyles for your baby boy, then you can consider the uber-cute small afro cut. This is a very cute hairstyle for a baby. It’ll make your child look cute and at the same time dapper! Who doesn’t like a dapper 5 years old?! 

#27 – Baby boy curly hair 1-year-old haircuts

baby boy hair style
Source: Pinterest.com

Curly hair is one of the cutest hairstyles even for teenagers. For toddlers, it’s even better. You should let the natural curls flow without it getting out of hand. So you need to trim the hair at the right place, so it doesn’t come in their way! 

#28 – 2-year Old Boy Hairstyles

baby boy haircut styles
Source: Pinterest.com

There are numerous hairstyles for a 3-year-old. But if you are looking for something simple. I would go for the short hair with faded sides. This is super easy to maintain. It’s a no-fuss hairstyle that can be easily managed. 

#29 – Mop top baby boy haircuts 

Source: Pinterest.com

If your baby boy has long hair and you think he looks cute like that, then this one’s for you to try out. The Mop top is an absolutely adorable style which is best suited for babies who have wavy and thick hair. It can also look great on toddlers with curly hair. 

#30 – Dapper side part baby boy haircuts 

Source: Pinterest.com

This hairstyle is best suited for baby boys who have thin hair. The subtleness of this style makes sure that the delicate hair does not break out or fall out easily. 

#31 – Flat Side Swept Thin Hair Baby Boy Haircuts

Source: Pinterest.com

The flat side swept hairstyle for baby boys is a true lifesaver when it comes to maintenance and washing.

The length is just perfect that it does not look too short nor is it too hard to maintain. It also makes your baby boy look smart with the side sweep. We would recommend this if your boy has delicate hair strands and requires a lot of care.  

#32 – Ginger Boy Side Swept Fringe

Source: Pinterest.com

This hairstyle for baby boys is kind of special in the sense that it is not done or chose by most parents.

This is perfect if your boy has medium length hair. You can style the back of his head and make it longer than the hair in front which makes it a signature style. 

#33 – Long and textured french crop for baby boys 

Source: Pinterest.com

A french crop for a baby boy can be perfect if you are looking for something creative as well as simple. The crop in front does not have to be as long as it is for adults. You can adjust it according to the face shape of your toddler. 

#34 – Fringe Medium Messy Hair Baby Boy Haircuts

Source: Pinterest.com

Some toddlers look absolutely adorable with messy hair but parents think the chopped version is better only considering maintenance. 

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But this hairstyle, you can let your child’s hair be messy while also having it intact and in style. 

#35 – Angled Fringe and Textured Crop 

Source: Pinterest.com

A textured crop for a baby boy is ideal as it keeps the hair medium length while also adding to the look of the child. It is perfect if your toddler has medium length or long hair. You can style it in any way you’d like because the length is perfect for styling. 

#36 – Spiky Hairstyles and Baby Boy Haircuts

thin spiky hair for baby boy
Source: Pinterest.com

Another good toddler boy haircut is the classic spike look. This is good for boys with thin hair types. It also suits toddler boys with straight hair.

#37 – Thin Short Curls with Shaved Sides

Source: Pinterest.com

If you want some volume to hair, then try the short curls style. The faded sides add a edgy design to an otherwise sweet-looking haircut. We love how it looks on toddler boys with blonde hair.

#38 – Classic Taper Baby Boy Haircuts

classic taper haircut
Source: Pinterest.com

Another good hairstyle that suits toddler boys with blonde hair is the classic taper. It brings out your child’s natural hair texture.

#39 – Blonde Side Brush Baby Boy Haircuts

blonde side brush
Source: Pinterest.com

One of the more cute haircuts is the side brush look. This messy haircut has an edgy touch to it and is also very charming.

#40 – Side Textured Quiff Baby Boy Haircuts

side textured quiff
Source: Pinterest.com

All you need do is neatly comb your toddler boys hair into lines. We don’t recommend using hair wax on toddler hair. So just running a vent comb through damp hair should do the trick.

#41 – Casual top for baby boy

casual boy haircuts
Source: Pinterest.com

This haircut for boys is a good way to tame unruly hair. Just comb all the locks to the side and create volume in the front. We don’t like using hair products on toddler boys. So just combing wet hair will have to do.

#42 – Hardcore Mohawk Baby Boy Haircuts

Source: Pinterest.com

If your child has beautiful curls, try this look. You can give it a slight fade or go for the low-maintenance buzz cut look.

#43 – Short Pompadour Baby Boy Haircuts

Source: Pinterest.com

Dare to have crazy hair? If your kid likes to experiment, try this mini pompadour. You can always lay it flat for formal occasions.

There is no perfect haircut for a boy. Different styles suit different boys. But a word of advice to parents would be. There is no perfect time to experiment with your young boy’s hairstyle except when they are young.

After they grow old and become teenagers, they won’t let you go near their hair. Good starting styles for young boys are Messy Top, Short Layers, Forward Swept Hair and the Long Fringe.

If you are looking for the best style go through the article again and see the best styles for different occasions. but here are some queries that have been solved with a lot of research.

What are some awesome best baby boy haircuts?

  • Pompadour
  • Undercut
  • Fauxhawk
  • Side Sweep
  • Quiff Hairstyle
  • Side Swept Fringe
  • Messy Top
  • Classic Taper

How do you brush baby boys’ hair?

If your baby boy has hair of short length then it should be easy to get rid of knots, but that’s not all! Brushing can also impact the texture of the hair.

It can make it look frizzy and in some cases too puffy. Instead of using a brush, use a wide-toothed comb for detangling the hair unless he has thick curly hair in which case a hairbrush will be a better option.

In case of too many tangles, wet the hair with some water and gently brush through the strands to give it a smoother texture. 

When should a baby boy get his first haircut? 

There is no particular age to get a haircut since age does not become a factor but the length of the hair does. While for some kids the hair grows at a slower pace, for others it is rapid.

But it is advisable to maintain your baby boy’s hair short since it is easy to maintain. Constant trimming can also be a step into nurturing the hair.

Make sure to find an appropriate salon and stick with it to maintain consistency of the haircut. Getting a baby boy’s haircut can be tricky given there are so many styles to pick from to match a certain face type. 

What is a boy cut hairstyle? 

A boy cut hairstyle which is also called the pageboy hairstyle is short and trim which makes it easy to maintain. The edges are trimmed and it makes for a shape that highlights the face and the other features.

If you want to go for this for your baby boy, you’ve made a good choice since it is the easiest to maintain. As a parent, you will find enough time tending to his hair while also looking at his other needs.

Please note that boy haircuts are not all short. There are various lengths that you can opt for.

How do you cut a baby boy’s mohawk? 

The mohawk is the most stylish and sought after hairstyle for guys and even cuter when it is for baby boys. Let us show you some easy ways to acquire this look at the home where we show you how to trim baby boy hair.

  • Make sure your kid has the right length of hair for a mohawk since it requires length on top and a certain form around the head. 
  • Shave off the hair from the sides or make it short since the idea is to throw attention on the long middle part. 
  • You can use a gel to hold it upright or to keep it firm. 

The best part of having this hairstyle is that you can change it as and when the length around the sides increases and level it. 

How do you fade a baby boy’s hair? 

Since a fade requires a razor and that can get a little overwhelming for the child, you can start off with the scissors if your baby has long hair and then slowly take the razor out. 

For babies you can go shorter on the sides and even bald if you’d like. You can also compare it to the length on top when you are making the fade’s length. 

The fade is super easy and you can do this at home. Since it involves your toddler, you will need to choose your equipment carefully when you are starting the process out.

A scissor is something that we would recommend to begin with. If your child is getting too restless, make sure you do the fade without the razor. 

Sometimes, cutting your baby boy’s hair doesn’t always go as planned!

How do I cut my baby boy’s hair at home?

So the time has finally come! You want to give your baby boy his first haircut. This is how you go about it.

First gather the following items:

  • Spray bottle
  • Comb
  • Hair scissors
  • Towel
  • Bib or cape
  • High chair

Here’s how you cut your baby boy’s hair.

  • First, put him in the high chair and make sure he’s comfortable.
  • Choose the right time of the day. Make sure he’s not too fussy at this time
  • Lightly dampen your baby boy’s hair using the spray bottle
  • Using the comb brush a section of hair
  • Now hold this section of hair away from your baby’s head and get snipping
  • Start at a point above the comb
  • Cut in small, slight angles. Do not cut a large section at once as it can appear uneven.

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