16 Classy 1950s Men’s Hairstyles | Vintage Men Haircuts For Today 2024

by Helen Sroski

Here are some classic 1950s men’s hairstyles to try in 2022. These vintage hairstyles for men are just so elegant and suit both short and long hair.

The 50s mark an important period for American pop culture because it is when style and fashion became iconic. 

Men’s hairstyles are one of them as celebrities sported a wide range of looks. From messy hairstyles to the uber-neat styles, there is inspiration galore from the 50s. 

Here are some of the popular men’s hairstyles from that golden era that you can still rock today.

What hairstyles were popular in 1950s men?

The 1950s were a time of classic hairstyles for men, with many styles still popular today. Here are some of the most popular hairstyles for men in the 1950s:

  1. The crew cut: The crew cut was a popular short hairstyle for men in the 1950s. It is a simple, low-maintenance cut that is tapered on the sides and back and slightly longer on top.
  2. The pompadour: The pompadour was a popular hairstyle for men in the 1950s, made famous by Elvis Presley. It features long hair on top that is swept up and back, with short, tapered sides and back.
  3. The side part: The side part was a classic hairstyle that was popular in the 1950s. It features short hair on the sides and back and longer hair on top that is combed to one side.
  4. The Ivy League: The Ivy League was a popular hairstyle among college students in the 1950s. It is similar to the crew cut but features slightly longer hair on top that is combed to the side.
  5. The ducktail: The ducktail was a popular hairstyle among greasers in the 1950s. It features long hair on top that is combed back and tapered sides that are slicked back to form a “ducktail” at the back of the head.

Overall, men’s hairstyles in the 1950s were clean-cut, classic, and well-groomed, with an emphasis on short, tapered cuts and neat, combed styles.

Pompadour 1950s Men’s Hairstyle

The classic pompadour hairstyle of the 50s is one of the timeless hairstyles the world has ever seen. 

The best part about pompadour is its versatility. Have long hair? It will work. Have short hair? It will still work. 

I like how this hairstyle works with any hair texture too. The pompadour is one of the fastest-to-put-together hairstyles because all you need to do is brush your hair in a single direction.

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I suggest doing this on with hair with a hairdryer to ensure the pomp stays put on top of your forehead.

Ivy League 1950s Men’s Hairstyle

A never-forgotten style from the 50s is the Ivy League haircut. The haircut signifies swag and is a sign of high social status. 

But if you want to make a statement when you are wearing a blazer then this style can add to the look. 

It screams preppy look and the neat look is sure to demand attention. 

You can use a water-based gel for a completely clean look so not even a single strand of hair is out of place.

Elvis-style 1950’s Mens Hairstyles

No hairstyle list is complete without the uber-famous Elvis hairstyle. 

Elvis Presley was hands down one of the most recognized musicians of the 50s (and one of the most stylish men of the 1950s).  

It is characterized by long sideburns, neatly slicked sides, and a stylish take on pompadour. If you are in a mood to experiment then this hairstyle is a must-try because it will take you down memory lane and all those who look at you.

Greaser 1950s Men’s Hairstyles

Want a bad boy look instantly? Then try the greaser look of the 50s which was immensely popular then and will surely turn heads today too. 

The greaser hairstyle never really went away since the 50s which makes it a favorite of many men today. Think John Travolta in well..Grease!

But this hairstyle is for men who don’t mind styling their hair every day to maintain the look. Trust it, the look is so amazing, it is definitely worth the work you put in maintaining it!

Waves 1950s Men’s Hairstyle

A hairstyle with waves is another hairstyle that became popular in the 50s. It is still as relevant today as it was before. Want to try it? 

All you need is some pomade for adding dimension to your hair and combing your hair to create waves. 

The wavy hairstyle makes it seem like your hair is longer than it actually is. If you want a solid look then you can go for a gradual taper on the sides of your head for a more refined look.

Flat top with fenders

If you really want to make a statement with your haircut and hairstyle then consider the flat top with fenders hairstyle. 

This one didn’t quite take off as one would imagine but it is a fun one to experiment if you are in the mood for it. 

In this hairstyle, the hair on top of your head is flat while the hairs surrounding the flat portion are upright standing up like spikes. 

The hairs on the side of your head are combed back thereby calling for attention on the center portion of your scalp.

Combover 1950s Men’s Hairstyle

Love Old Hollywood? Then you will love this hairstyle for men. 

This swept-over style doesn’t require a lot of effort which means you can wear it anywhere and anytime you wish. You can section your hair with a side part. You can go for really short hair on that side or even an undercut. 

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On the other side, you can neatly comb your hair so it stays on that side. It takes minutes to achieve. Pair this hairstyle with a properly set beard and moustache for the complete heartthrob look.

Facon 1950s Hairstyles For Men

Have you heard about the facon hairstyle? It is one of the haircuts that got recognition in the 50s. 

It works with any length of hair making it a must-try for every man. In this hairstyle, while the crown of your head is full of slicked-back hair, the hair near the neck has a gradual fade. 

This style looks good with all kinds of hair textured but is most visible on men with straight hair. It works well with a bearded look and without.

Ducktail 1950s Men’s Hairstyle

Ducktail, which is also popular as D.A., is a 50s hairstyle for men that has never left the limelight. It is one of the best vintage hairstyles. 

This hairstyle is a replica of a duck’s tail whereby the sides and the back of your hair need to be combed towards the center of your head. T

his creates an illusion of a duck’s tail. Some men prefer to shave the side hair for a more prominent ducktail.

Rockabilly 1950s Men’s Hairstyle

A style that is still a fan-favorite is the rockabilly hairstyle. It isn’t as difficult to achieve this look as it seems. 

You want to use some pomade on your wet hair and direct the hair upwards with the help of a comb. 

It is a hairstyle that won’t go unnoticed especially for those men who have thick hair. It works well with medium-length hair but you can make it work even when you have a bit shorter hair.  

Quiff 1950s Men’s Hairstyle

Believe it or not, the quiff hairstyle was birthed in the 50s! Today, it is listed among the trendiest haircuts for men because of how easy it is to sport and how good it looks on every man. Start by brushing your hair and your bangs to the side. 

You then want to brush your bangs upwards and then backward. Now you are good to go partying or for that important meeting. The quiff is often sported by A-listers at events.

Side-part 1950s Men’s Hairstyle

This hairstyle is a famous one among practically everyone. Every man can easily rock this look when done right as it’s no that difficult to maintain or create. 

You can simply part your hair and comb if you want to keep it natural and sleek. Also you can use gel on your hair to keep your hair in place and achieve that stunning look. It will make you look like a gentleman instantly. 

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I like this style works with most types of haircuts making it one of the versatile hairstyles for men.

Flop 1950s Hairstyle for Men

Before you think this is a flop hairstyle, let me tell you that it is a hit hairstyle of the 50s! It is inspired by the quiff hairstyle. 

Rather than the longer hair being pushed away to the back or top, this hairstyle creates a messy look. 

You let the long hair fall on your face like long bangs on your forehead. If the hair on the front of your face bothers you then simply tuck the hair behind your ears.

Widow’s peak 1950s Men’s Hairstyle

Source: Instagram@twinflamesvintageboutique

For men who want to try something new, the widow’s peak hairstyle is surely one that is worth your precious time. 

Yes, this one will take some confidence to pull off, but it is one that is easy to fall in love with. 

It might seem like a dramatic look for many men but if you are going to a meeting or want to impress your date, this one is surely a classic you want to try! It is fair to say this hairstyle has its own fan following.

What’s more, this is the perfect hairstyle for men who have thinning hair or a prominent forehead as it makes the shape of your hairline look deliberate.  

Crew Cut 1950s mens military hairstyles

For men with shorter hair, the crew cut is one of the 50s’ best haircuts that you can check out. 

While it is a military haircut for men, it has stood the test of time and is still popular among men of all ages.

If a quiff or a pompadour is too much for you at the moment, then the crew cut is a great option for you to start experimenting with.

It provides a clean look and if you cut your hair even shorter than it is right now, then you will be sporting a butch cut.

Jelly Roll 1950s Men’s Hairstyle

This one is not your everyday hair look but it is certainly one of the coolest looks of the 50s that daring men can sport today. 

If you have medium hair towards the center part of your hair and you want a super-attractive hairstyle then go for this. The jelly roll hairstyle is a fashion-forward take on pompadour. It gets its name from the two rolls made with your hair on top of your head. 

Wondering why the jelly word was used? Jelly resembled the substance used to style the hair and make it look roll-like.

While it has been a long time since the 50s, it shouldn’t stop you from taking some hairstyle inspiration from the likes of Elvis Presley, James Dean, and Clark Gable. 

Which 50s hairstyle are you willing to give a try? And which one are you planning to save for later? 

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