25 Amazing Asian Medium Hairstyles Ideas In 2024

by Helen Sroski

If you’re in love with the trending Korean hairstyles for medium hair and want to try them out, here are some amazing Asian medium hairstyles that suit all hair textures. 

With K-pop and K-dramas becoming popular, Asian-led beauty is now the norm on Instagram and everywhere else! 

So why should Asian women themselves stay behind on these hair trends?

In this article, I’ve compiled some of the most trending Asian hairstyles for medium hair lengths. 

You can adjust some of these styles to longer hair lengths as well!

And yes, most Asian women do have silky, 1a or 1b hair textures, but this can also vary from person to person. 

You genetics will also determine how thick or thin your hair looks! So I’ve ensured that these Asian medium hairstyles are a potpourri that suits several hair textures and types.

Amazing Asian Medium Hairstyles 2023

Here is a list of some of my favorite Asian medium-length hairstyles. The next, time you’re going to your hairdresser, this will help give them a better idea of what you want.  

Soft Curly Waves

Source: itsjess.curls

One of the most popular Asian hairstyles for women I see on social media these days is a mass of soft curly waves.  

These can be parted either at the centre or the side. What I like about this hairstyle is that it suits both large and small face shapes.  

You can easily create them on hair that’s naturally wavy (like 2b or 3a hair) but if you have poker-straight hair, you can use a hair waver to bring out the soft curls. 

Straight Black Hair With Side Bangs

asian oval face hairstyle female
Source: hairwithsua

This is a classic Asian hairstyle! If you put on any K-drama, you’ll see the main female character sporting this look. 

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And what I like about this hairstyle is that it’s easy to maintain, especially if you already have straight hair. 

The side bangs make it great for fuller, rounder faces as they give the illusion of a smaller, thinner face. 

Medium Hair With Soft Wispy Bangs

hairstyles for older asian woman
Source: __kgirls__

Another popular Asian hairstyle that’s making waves currently is the wispy bangs look. This is a very feminine style that can be worn with curls, waves or even straight hair. 

The length of the wispy bangs can also be altered to suit your face structure. I like how the wispy bangs are a way to make thinning hair look well-groomed and elegant. 

Shoulder Length Hair With Textured Waves

asian hairstyles for long hair
Source: koreanwomen

If you’re looking for something with a more bohemian touch, I’d suggest getting the textured waves hair. I’ve shown how the hair looks on shoulder-length hair here.

But the best part is, if you decide to grow out your tresses, they’ll look just as great! 

Textured waves are also great for older women as they add a touch of youthfulness to your look. 

Short Bob With Highlights

asian medium length hairstyles
Source: hairbykirana

Yes, I know we’re talking about medium-length hair, but a bob is so chic! Especially one like this with natural, elegant highlights.

If you really don’t want to cut your hair short, you can definitely go for a “lob” or a longer bob.

But don’t forget the highlights as this ties the whole look together. I prefer something more natural like caramel, dark blonde or even coppery shades. 

Blunt Bob With Ombre

Ombre Bob Asian Medium Hairstyles
Source: pindochan

This is a variation of the hairstyle I’ve mentioned above. You just have to get a blunt bob (which looks very elegant and professional) and get an ombre balayage.

Now the color of the ombre is upto you. If you work in really conservative circles, you might want to stick with light to dark blonde or light to dark brown shades.

But if you can experiment with colors like burnt orange, pinks, reds, and even blue.  

Shaggy Hair With Bangs

Shaggy Asian Medium Hairstyles
Source: minkim_hair

This hairstyle is fantastic for people who have wavy hair. The texture of the hair sells the shaggy look in my opinion. But that doesn’t mean women with straight hair can’t wear this look.

You’d need a bit of texturizing spray but it will look just as good!

You can also play with the bangs to change the look according to your preferences. I find wispy bangs or curtain bangs suit this hairstyle the best. 

Middle Part Wavy Hair

Wavy Asian Medium Hairstyles
Source: studio5windsorbymary

Here’s another hairstyle for wavy hair.  I like this look as it’s such low-maintainence. It’s quite literally a wash-and-wear style.

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All you need to do is take out a middle partition on your wet hair, dry it using a diffuser and let it set naturally. Voila! You’ve got this Asian hairstyle in no time.

If you have naturally straight hair, you might have to use rollers or hair styling tools to get the waves in your hair. But the end result looks just as chic!

Long Pixie 

Pixie Asian Medium Hairstyles
Source: Koreanwomen

Yes, it’s possible to get a pixie with medium length hair. Pixies were among the really popular Korean short hairstyles for women. 

Celebrities like TWICE’s Jeongyeon have also contributed to this trend. 

A longer pixie is usually cut asymmetrically and very closely resembles an A-Line bob. 

Sliced Cut with See-Through Bangs

Sliced cut Asian Medium Hairstyles
Source: haum_hyoseok

If you like following hair trends on social media platforms like Instagram Reels or TikTok, you might have seen some of the “sliced haircut” videos with hairdressers chopping through hair like Ninjas!

Well, the end result is this amazing “choppy” cut that is just fantastic for adding the illusion of volume to fine, thinning hair.

And the addition of wispy bangs or see-through bangs is what this hairstyle needs to complete the look. 

Medium Length Layered Hair

Layered Asian Medium Hairstyles
Source: hairbykirana

Another hairstyle that is great for adding that “bounce” to thinning hair is the layered cut. It will give you the choppy look just like the sliced cut.

But it’s not as extreme as that one. The layers are cut elegantly and often frame your face, which is also a great way to hide your double chin. 

Korean Wolf Haircut

Korean wolf hair cut
Source: jo11ann4

Okay, you must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of the Korean “wolf cut”! The hairstyle is a layered cut that is very choppy and gives your hair a lot of texture. 

Unlike mullets that have longer hair at the back, wolf haircuts form long, graduated layers that frame your face.

Curtain bangs are usually a standard part of the Korean wolf cut. 

Platinum Dyed Waves

blonde Asian Medium Hairstyles
Source: pom.klementieff

From TWICE’s Sana to Blackpink’s Rose, you’ll see a lot of Asian celebrities rocking the platinum blonde look. 

You can go for waves with your newly-dyed platinum hair, or you can even opt for straight hair like Pom Klementeiff has done. It looks extremely stylish either way. 

Shoulder Length Hair With Round Bangs

Asian Medium Hairstyles with Bangs
Source: asian_hairstyles

If you’re looking for a classic Asian hairstyle this is it! The rounded bangs have been a staple of many a Asian girl. 

You can also find a lot of schoolgirls with rollers permanently attached to their hair at the front to get the perfect rounded bangs. So you see this hairstyle is quite popular. 

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I think this hairstyle goes best with silky, black long hair but you can try different hair textures and even play with the colors.  

Wavy Hair With Ash Blonde Color

Ash Blonde Asian Medium Hairstyles
Source: .asian_hairstyles

Want me to predict a hair trend for 2022? It’s definitely Ash blonde hair. This hair color is simply sophisticated and edgy at the same time.

Which means it doesn’t look out of place in the boardroom or the club. So no wonder it has so many takers!

Body Waves With Baby Bangs

Baby Bangs with Asian Medium Hairstyles
Source: hairanormal

If you have thinning hair, especially at the front, don’t worry. You can actually turn your baby hairs on your foreheads into a style statement with these baby bangs look.

Adding body waves can also give the illusion of thickness and fullness to finer hair textures. So this one is perfect if you’re looking for a cover for thinning hair.

Pastel Pink Lob 

Pink Bob Asian Medium Hairstyles
Source: __kgirls__

Right. So this one is a bit experimental. But it’s simply so fashionable! Who doesn’t love a good dose of pink? 

And all the famous Kpop stars like Blackpink’s Rose and Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon are sporting the color.

While most versions of this hairstyle show wavy long hair, I feel like a lob goes equally well with pastel hair.

Wavy Lob With Money Pieces

Money piece Asian Medium Hairstyles
Source: miguelized_and_hairshaft

Now here’s another experimental Asian hairstyle for women. It looks pretty conventional at first, just a lob with wavy-textured hair but the real catch is the hair color.

This style involves adding two bold streaks of lighter highlights on the front sections of your hair. These are the titular “money pieces”. 

This hairdo is the new rage all over TikTok!

Medium Length Waves With Caramel Balayage 

Balayage Asian Medium Hairstyles
Source: michaelhairlondon

Nothing beats a traditional caramel balayage. It’s both stylish and modern and doesn’t require too much maintenance.

The caramel color also suits a lot of skin undertones like warm, cool, and olive. So it’s very versatile in that way too.

I like this color best of wavy or slightly-curly hair as effect of the balayge is seen best in these hair textures. 

Angled Bob Cut

asian hairstyles for medium length hair
Source: hairloungenyc

Shoulder-Grazing Hair With Thick Bangs

korean short hairstyles 2022 female
Source: kylatngpln

Thick, Even Mid-Length Hair

popular korean haircut female
Source: studio5windsorbymary

Smoky Purple Ombre On Wavy Hair

asian medium hairstyles female
Source: miguelized

Classic Straight Hair With Side Part

long asian hairstyles male
Source: linhtvo

Cascading Waves With Highlights

asian medium hairstyles for round faces
Source: vigorousbeauty_hair

Straight Medium Length Hair With Colorful Underlights

korean hairstyle girl short hair
Source: wadoit

Straight Platinum Lob With Middle Part

popular Korean haircut female
Source: screen_matsuo

Face Framing Layered Haircut With Side Part

asian hairstyles for round faces
Source: reffelsalon

I hope you liked this list of the most stylish Asian medium hairstyles. Korean and Japanese fashion trends are very popular on social media these days. 

So you can try these hairstyles to take a leaf or two out of those stylish Asian ladies books’.

Also, these hairstyles are specifically for medium-length hair but you can easily try some of them on longer hair lengths as well. 

If you want those gorgeous locks like the pretty girls on Instagram, you should also take care of your hair by using proper routines and products. 

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