You can get the funkiest cuts in town, you can buy a super expensive product. But if there’s one thing you need to know about hair, you need to take care of your hair. Similar to dental hygiene, hair hygiene will keep your hair intact for years on end. There are so many general hair care tips that can be confusing and very demanding. Today we cover super simple hair care tips. 

Healthy Hair for Men

#1 – Washing every day is a big no no

This is something that I did for a very long time. Every time I swept up the house, I saw a bunch of tiny hair strewn all over the house. I was losing hair like anything and that can be attributed to one thing and that is washing every day. Your hair does not need to be washed every day. 

What if it smells, you might ask? The best way to avoid smelly hair is to never let your hair get wet and then apply natural oils that have a good smell. This way you can avoid washing your hair every day. So why shouldn’t you wash your hair every day?

The scalp produces essential oils, which keeps the root strong and also ensures that your hair gets nutrition. When you wash your hair everyday, you strip off those essential oils. 

#2 – If you have braids, don’t keep it for too long 

Braids are super in, with a lot of men sporting braids regularly. But they are also a super dangerous hairstyle for your hair. Braids are basically pulling your hair apart, but oh so slowly. You shouldn’t keep your braids for long periods of time, like months and you should only have it for weeks. Also, you should never wash braids! That’s a very harmful thing to do. So if you have hair braids, make sure to release your hair once in a while and keep it in a natural form while applying high quality oils. 

#3 – Oil your hair! 

My hair was eternally dry. Dry hair is super dangerous because it means you hair will fall and you will get dandruff as well. Oiling your hair is like feeding your body water. It nourishes your organs and it keeps you fresh and in the pink of health. If you aren’t sure what oil to use, you can use normal coconut oil. You can oil your hair every Sunday and keep it on for 40 odd minutes, before you wash your hair. Oiling your hair, keeps your hair roots and scalp strong, it also makes your hair more luscious and shiny. Oiling is super essential for hair health and that is one of those things you need to do consistently to have good hair for long periods of time. 

#4 – Be gentle with your hair when drying it 

Sometimes, when you have wet hair, most people tend to rub it super hard with the towel hoping it will dry faster. The problem with that is it weakens your hair and you will have a lot of hair fall. It’s similar to brushing your teeth, you don’t have to brush your teeth super hard, otherwise your gums will bleed. So how do you dry your hair? One of the best ways to dry your hair is to actually dab it. Dabbing it with a soft cloth will absorb a lot of the moisture. Another way is to let it dry by itself, but make sure you don’t catch a cold! 

#5 – Use a natural conditioner 

There are so many products out there, but nothing beats the good old egg. The egg is naturally abundant in protein, but it’s also super good for your hair. The egg yolk is rich in sulphur and protein. The body absorbs protein even through the scalp and that will enrich the roots. You don’t have to do it often, even twice a month is good enough. But don’t rely on unnatural conditioners when nature’s very own can give you the best for your hair! The only thing with applying egg yolk to your hair is, your hair will reek and it takes some time for your hair to smell normal. So when you have time on your hands, then get it done! 

#6 – Avoid excess use of product 

An average man uses shampoos, conditioners, gels, wax, oils and more. On occasion it’s fine to use product. But if you are using the product on a daily basis, then your hair won’t last long. Your hair likes to remain free. Chemicals from the product can truly damage your hair for the long term. They eat away your scalp and also reduce the strength of your roots. Always try to find natural solutions to your hair problem and try to use natural oils in place of product. There’s another solution to avoiding excess use of product and that is change your hairstyle. A different hairstyle might not require hair product. 

#7 – Wash once

A lot of men shampoo their hair twice when shampooing their hair and cleaning it. That isn’t required. Shampooing once with a lot amount of shampoo is more than enough. You just need to lather the shampoo well and make sure to run your fingers to your root to clean the greasy dirt that is there in your hair. Unless you haven’t bathed in months or have some egg yolk on your head, those are the only situations that warrant double washing. Double washing is not good as excess chemical and excess water is not good for your hair! Wet hair is when your hair is at its weakest and you want to avoid wet for as much as you can! 

#8 – Bathe with cold water 

Everybody loves a warm bath. I love a warm bath too and I feel the hot water on my head and I can sense it breaking my hair. Very warm hair is not good for hair, it weakens the roots and 

#9 – Put your hair through lesser procedures

The less amount of equipment you use, the less amount of chemicals you use. It's better for your hair. A lot of men have started using hair dryers to blow dry their hair every day. You don't need to do it. Women need to do it, as their hair takes hours to dry out. Men's hair is generally short and you don't need to blow dry it. Let the natural process dry your hair. It's the same with using hair straighteners and extra chemicals like gel and so on. Do less unnatural things to your hair and it will shine.

#10 – Like most things to work fine – Stay Healthy 

Like most things. How you feel internally and your internal health dictates how your skin is, how your hair is. This is something that you need to take care of, no matter what. So if you expect to have pristine hair quality while belting down sodas and burgers, then you are climbing up the wrong tree!

How to take care of hair daily

  • Make sure to eat healthy and workout every day
  • Make sure to comb your hair
  • Keep your hair clean
  • Do not bathe with water every day
  • Oil your hair regularly
  • Moisturize your hair with egg yolk every week
  • Don't use chemicals every day

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