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One of the most respected cricketers in the world is Virat Kohli. He is not only known for his splendid batting, but also for his uber-stylish hairstyles that can make you swoon. 

A lot of people consider Virat Kohli a very handsome bloke. But truth be told, he’s decent looking because his styling skills are one of the best in the world.

So what are top Virat Kohli hairstyles? Let’s take a look! 

#1 – Side Part with Deep Fade

Virat Kohli loves to experiment with his hairstyle and one of the extreme styles is the side part with deep fade. Keep in mind, Virat Kohli always keeps a good beard for every hairstyle he tries. If you go for an extreme hairstyle with no beard, it might look weird! 

So what is the side part with deep fade? Deep fade is when you clean shave the sides of your hair and the top of your hair is parted to the side. It’s a very edgy and cool hairstyle and looks absolutely stylish and makes you look clean too! 

#2 – Combover 

This is a classic hairstyle that is also loved by parents. This is a perfect hairstyle for a party as well as a formal event. Would look good with a shirt on and as well as a suit. So what is a combover? 

When you go to the barber, ask him to cut the hair short and then whatever is left on the top is to be combed over in an uppish manner so as to not flatten it out.

You will need some gel to keep this hairstyle in place. This is a super stylish haircut! 

#3 – Fauxhawk 

This is one of the more adventurous haircuts from Virat Kohli. This hairstyle will not suit everybody and you need to be careful with this cut. A fauxhawk is basically a softer and nicer version of the mohawk. For this haircut, the sides are cut and a little bit of the hair on top. Only the center portion, the hair remains in a straight line. This is a pretty cool cut and it’s quite edgy.

If you are looking for an edgy hairstyle, then this is the look to go for! Is it easy to get a fauxhawk? 

It’s pretty easy. You need to cut your hair short and leave the center portion alone and cut all the sides. 

#4 – Super Short Crop 

The super short crop is one of the most stylish short hairstyles out there. This is different from a buzz cut because the hair on top is not flat. The hair is slightly spiked on top and the sides are super short. This is another style that looks great with a beard and gives you a neat and clean look. The most important aspect of this hairstyle is it shouldn’t be cut too short. 

#5 – Buzz Cut 

The most classic of all cuts is the Buzz Cut. The Buzz Cut is one of the best hairstyles for the summer. Generally when there is a series in India in the summers, Virat Kohli chooses to get the Buzz cut with super short sides. This is a no fuss hairstyle that is easy to maintain, easy to keep clean and easy for the barber to cut as well. I personally don't like the Buzz cut because it doesn't look good on me. But this is a style you should go for especially in the summers. 

#6 – Side Slick Back

One of the best hairstyles sported by Virat Kohli was in the Manyavar advertisement with his wife Anushka Sharma. Here he has a side slick back. This is a very stylish hairstyle that requires some gel to hold the hair. So how do you get this style?

You need to have enough hair on your head to spike it up. Then you need to scoop it up and then slick it back and to make sure it's in place, you need to add some gel to it. For the best effect, it’s better to go to a salon to get it done. 

#7 – Spiked Hair with Side Design 

One of the funkiest hairstyles from Virat Kohli is the spiked hair with a fade and some styling on the side to add some funk to the style. This has been a very popular style for sports people. To make the spikes stand you do need to add some gel. The sides have a fade and two blade cuts also adorn the side to make this style look even better.

If you are young, then this is an amazing hairstyle to go for. If you can’t get the spikes to work by yourself, then you need to go to a barber to get it done. 

#8 – Messy Look

You will rarely see Virat Kohli with a hairstyle like this anymore but it’s a style that he has gone for from time to time. The messy look or the out of bed look is one of my personal favourite Virat Kolhi hairstyles. To ensure it looks good, make sure you have a decent head of hair and don’t comb it too much or style it too much, just run your fingers through your hair a little bit. 

This is a great style! 

#9 –  Short Quiff with Undercut

A style that I have personally used for a long time is the short quiff. Some people don’t look good with flat hair and personally I don’t think Virat looks good with short hair too. So if you want a style that makes you look better, then check out the short quiff. This is a hairstyle that is super easy to style and that you can style at home. Your hair needs to be short throughout except on the top. When you add some gel and push it up, you have a short quiff. The undercut, again is the most in trend hairstyle this year! 

#10 – Thick Quiff with Thick Beard

It’s similar to the hairstyle above, except with a lot more hair. This style looks good on most Indian guys and also looks great with a beard and facial hair. If you are looking for a thicker hairstyle, then this is the one to go for! 

#11 – Side Part Undercut

One of the best and nice hairstyles that Virat Kohli has had is the side part with an undercut. A lot of the haircuts he sports is a little crazy for the average Indian male. The side part with an undercut is a crowd favourite where you part your hair to the side and cut the sides very short! 

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