How to Use Hair Dryer Without Damaging Hair

by Tommy Sroski

If you feel that your hair is getting thinner, one of the possible causes is your way on how to use a hair dryer. Using such device is easy to damage the scalp because they are used every day, and if they are used improperly, they will lead to the development of thinning hair.

In this article, we will introduce in detail the relationship between the cause of thinning hair and the dryer, from the point of choosing a dryer to how to use it.

Is a Hair Dryer Related to Thinning Hair?

How to Use Hair Dryer Without Damaging Hair 2022

It is said that the type of dryer and how to use it are greatly related to thinning hair. I usually use a hair dryer casually, but the heat generated by the hair dryer has damaged my hair and scalp to a considerable extent. 

Depending on how you dry your hair, damage to your scalp can build up and accelerate the progression of thinning hair. On the other hand, if you leave your hair wet without using a hair dryer after taking a bath, germs will grow on your scalp, leading to a deterioration of the scalp environment.

Deterioration of the scalp environment due to germs is also one of the factors that increase the risk of hair loss and thinning hair. To avoid such risks, it is important to understand how to use the hair dryer properly and to dry your hair thoroughly after taking a bath every day.

Using Hair Dryer Incorrectly may Lead to the Progression of Thinning Hair 

How to Use Hair Dryer Without Damaging Hair 2021

The general way to use a hair dryer is to use warm air to dry wet hair, but if you continue to use it incorrectly, it may lead to the development of thinning hair.

First, if you dry your hair more than necessary, your hair and scalp will dry out and be damaged. In addition, since the temperature of the blower of the dryer set to warm air may be close to 100 degrees, if the dryer is brought closer than necessary to dry, it will lead to inflammation due to heat.

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To avoid damaging your hair and scalp with the heat of the dryer, be aware that you should use the dryer for a short period of time and keep the dryer away from you more than necessary.

You can also avoid damaging your scalp by drying with cold air instead of warm air.

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Points to be Careful About when Choosing a Hair Dryer to Prevent Thinning Hair

How to Use Hair Dryer Without Damaging Hair 2023

Since dryers are used on a daily basis, it is important to choose one that has the specifications and functions that suit your hair and scalp. However, there are a variety of dryers on the market, from cheap to multifunctional and expensive, so it’s easy to wonder which one to choose.

From here, we will introduce in detail the functions that should be noted when choosing a dryer.

You may be able to improve the problem of thinning hair by changing the dryer with reference to the points introduced.

Presence / Absence of Temperature Setting

First of all, the function that you should pay attention to when choosing a hair dryer is whether or not there is a temperature setting.

A dryer that can switch between hot air and cold air is common, but choosing a dryer that has a function that allows you to set the amount of heat in detail makes it easier to prevent damage to your hair.

If you have a dryer with a temperature setting, you can select the temperature and dry it according to how wet your hair is. If you want to dry your hair efficiently in a short time considering the damage to your hair, pay attention to the presence or absence of temperature setting.

Functionality Check

The functions of hair dryers are evolving day by day, and from the recognition that hair dryers are “for drying hair”, the awareness of the cosmetic viewpoint of “care for hair and scalp” is increasing recently.

And, depending on the purpose and request, many products with various functions are on sale.

Typical functions are as follows.

Function nameFunction content
Negative ion functionA function to generate negative ions, which is also proposed to moisturize hair
Hair care (scalp) modeMode to dry at low temperature to prevent damage to the scalp
Far infrared functionFunction to warm the scalp with far infrared rays and promote blood circulation
Automatic temperature adjustment functionA function that measures the distance between the dryer and the hair and automatically adjusts the temperature.

The first step in scalp care is to choose a dryer that has functions that can be expected to be effective for your own problems.

Strength of Air Volume

If you use a dryer that can adjust the “air volume strength”, you can dry your hair in a short time, so you can reduce the damage to your hair and scalp caused by drying and heat.

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It is generally said that the air volume of many dryers is about “1.3 m3”, so when purchasing a dryer with a large air volume, pay attention to whether the air volume is 1.3 m3 or more.

Some dryers have an air volume of 2.0 to 2.5 m3 / min or more. Recommended for those who want to dry their hair quickly.

How to Use a Hair Dryer to Prevent Thinning Hair

Using Hair Dryer Without Damaging Hair

Even if you buy a high-performance hair dryer, your hair and scalp may be damaged depending on how you use them.

When considering the prevention of thinning hair, how to use a hair dryer is an important factor. From here, we will introduce in detail the important points for scalp care.

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Wipe Off the Water Before Using the Dryer

If your hair is wet, you will have to dry it for a long time, which is not only inefficient but also vulnerable to heat damage.

When you dry your wet hair, do not use a hair dryer suddenly, but first, wipe off some water with a towel and then apply it.

Use Hot Air and Cold Air from the Dryer Properly

If you keep your hair dry with warm air all the time, the heat will damage your hair, you will sweat and it will be easier for germs to grow. The key to caring for your scalp is to use cold air as well as hot air to prevent damage to your hair and scalp.

If you want to prevent the growth and damage of germs, it is effective to use not only hot air but also cold air to dry. As a guideline, the timing of switching should be when about 80% of the total is dry. If you switch to cold air at this time, you can remove the heat that was trapped in your hair and scalp.

Dry the Roots of Your Hair Well

When you dry your hair with a hair dryer, it is important to dry it so that the wind blows firmly to the roots. If only the tips of the hair are dried and the roots of the hair remain wet, it may lead to the growth of germs and cause deterioration of the scalp environment.

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You can prevent the hair from being half-dried by using your hands to thoroughly separate the hair and drying it so that the air from the dryer reaches the roots.

Scalp Care can be Done After Drying Hair as a Measure Against Thinning Hair

So far, we have introduced how to use and select a hair dryer, but scalp care along with the use of a hair dryer is also important for hair thinning measures.

From here, we will now introduce two scalp care methods that you want to do after the dryer.

Moisturize Hair and Scalp with Hair Treatments and Hair Oils

Using Hair Dryer Without Damaging Hair 2023

If your hair or scalp is damaged by the heat of using a hair dryer, you can first moisturize and care for it with a hair treatment or hair oil. Hair treatments contain different ingredients that are suitable for different purposes.

If the purpose is to repair damage caused by the heat of the dryer or to protect it from heat, select and use one that contains ingredients that can repair them.

With proper care, you can relieve the damage to your hair and scalp caused by the heat of a hair dryer.

Condition the Scalp Environment with a Hair Restorer

In addition to hair treatments, we also recommend scalp care with hair growth agents such as “Polypure EX”. Hair restorers can be expected to have the effect of mainly adjusting the scalp environment, and promoting the normalization of the damaged scalp environment.

In addition, it can be expected to improve the hair growth environment, so it can be said to be a perfect option for those who are suffering from thinning hair. Polypure EX contains four active ingredients (carrot extract, Swertia japonica extract, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, pantothenyl ethyl ether), as well as a unique moisturizing ingredient “biopolyphosphate” and yeast extract that can be expected to have a moisturizing effect.

Therefore, Polypure EX can be used not only as a measure against thinning hair but also as a measure against drying the scalp with a hair dryer.

Use the Hair Dryer Correctly to Prevent the Progression of Thinning Hair

We have introduced in detail the relationship between thinning hair and hair dryers. If you continue to use the dryer incorrectly, it may lead to the development of thinning hair.

Also, if you used to use a hair dryer just to dry your hair, or if you are worried about thinning hair, try to use it appropriately to avoid scalp troubles and prevent hair thinning from progressing.

In addition to drying your hair with a hairdryer, you can improve or prevent the scalp environment by taking good care of your scalp with hair growth agents. If you start to feel that your hair has started thinning, let’s be aware of improving the scalp environment on a daily basis, including how to use a hair dryer.

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