What to do with a Bad Perm?

by Tommy Sroski

Even in the most competent salons, a bad perm might occur from time to time. However, exercise caution when attempting to resolve the issue, as you may end up causing more harm than good.

Take no advantage of anyone who offers you the opportunity to quickly redo or straighten your hair, since a chemical treatment performed too soon after a perm can cause your hair to split at the scalp. 

A girl’s hair is really important to her, and when it isn’t “on point,” it can not only make her feel down in the dumps, but it can also cause her confidence to be seriously undermined.

Don’t be worried because we have some easy, yet quite powerful, methods to assist you in correcting your perm that has gone awry. Just follow these suggestions below and your perm will be as good as new!

What is a Perm?

What to do with a Bad Perm 2022

Perm is the term used to describe a chemical treatment that permanently modifies the hair follicle structure.. Perms can be used to create curls in naturally straight hair, and they can be used to straighten naturally curly hair.

Hair breakage is pretty typical following both forms of perms, so make absolutely sure your hair is hydrated and healthy prior to considering either type of perm!

Always keep in mind that a perm is a long-term solution for your hair before you contemplate it. It will be difficult to just remove all of the perms from your hair.

In order to avoid having a perm for an extended period of time, you should simply curl your hair with a heatless hair curler or a curling rod to achieve the curls that you desire in your hair for the duration of the day.

How long does a perm last?

A perm can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months, based on your type of hair as well as how you take very good care of it after getting it done. In addition, the session is a time-consuming process that can take anywhere from 1 to 5 hours.

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So, before considering perming your hair, ask yourself if you truly want the curls to stay in your hair for months on end so that you don’t end up regretting your decision.

What causes perms to go wrong? 

What to do with a Bad Perm 2023

The majority of times, improper rolling, too much use of perm solution, or incorrect applications of development lotion are to blame for a messed-up perm. When you use chemicals on your hair, you are causing damage to it. When you use excessive amounts of chemicals, the damage can be life-altering or even permanent.

How to fix a bad perm?

What to do with a Bad Perm 2021

Request a re-perming or a fresh haircut from your stylist

Alternatively, your hairdresser might be able to suggest a more practical alternative, such as a new, short hair style. A significant haircut may be the only way to truly resolve the problem of a failed perm, as it enables you to totally remove all damaged hair from your hair.

Avoid getting your hair permed again for at least a few weeks prior to the first perm, since you would not want to destroy your hair any more than you already have.

Rinse your hair right after getting it perm.

It’s important that you wash your hair as quickly as you realize your perm has turned out badly. Alternatively, if you are too embarrassed to do so at the salon, get it washed the moment you arrive home. By doing so, you will remove the chemicals from your hair and prevent the perm from developing any further. 

If you are not seeing much of a difference, try using a deep conditioning shampoo and repeating the method until the hair feels softer and looser.

Deep Conditioning your hair

It takes time and effort to keep your perm under control and prevent it from puffing out after it dries. Apply a large amount of extremely thick conditioner to your hair to help it settle.

Leave it on for 30 minutes, and when the hair is soft enough for it to disentangle using your fingers or a wide tooth comb, depending on your preference.

To avoid breaking your hair, avoid trying to pull the comb through it while it is still wet. Your hair is frail from the chemicals and will break if you do so.

Apply a Hot Oil Treatment to your hair. 

Treatments with hot oils have been used to relax the hair while also providing it with more nutrients and hydration. Hair compounds will be strengthened as a result of the treatment, and your hair will be silky and flowing after a series of sessions, with no visible frizz. 

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When applying the hot oil treatment, wear a shower hat to keep your hair out of your face. When you’re finished, use a soothing shampoo and conditioner, followed by a hair serum to seal in the moisture. Not only will this treatment relax the hair, but it will also remove some of the dangerous chemicals that were utilized throughout the perming process.

Trim the fishtail or the ends of your permed hair.

Many failed perms are mostly the result of the perm stick being applied incorrectly to the hair. If you have excessively straight as well as coarse hair, it is possible that your hair will not wrap properly around the rod.

Eventually, this might result in hair that has a fishtail look to it at the ends. However, with a little patience and a couple of style shears, you can straighten out the fishtail.

Minor trims can be completed at home by the client, or the stylist can snip the fishtailed tips for the client if desired. 

You should just cut the straightest part of the hair at the ends of your fishtail when doing this. It is important that the cut does not affect the curl pattern in any way. It’s important to cut off your fishtailed tips three days after getting a perm to avoid further damage from occurring.

Avoid using a heat styling tool

A perm cannot be controlled with the use of heated styling products, and overheating your hair may cause severe harm.

Consequently, curling rods and straighteners are out, and it would be beneficial to forego the use of a hair dryer as well. If at all possible, let your hair dry naturally.

Use a canola oil hair treatment

Using this therapy should loosen the perm and to make it more controllable to re-style, but you’ll need to repeat this treatment for several weeks to get genuine improvements if your perm is tough and would not relax after one session. 

Prepare a material list that includes canola oil, plastic wrap, towels, shampoo and conditioner that isn’t too harsh, a diffuser-equipped blow dryer, and styling shears. In order to properly coat your hair from root to tip with canola oil, you’ll need to place your head over a sink, or even a tub.

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Wrap your head in plastic wrap or a plastic bag to keep the wind out of your hair. Afterwards, wrap the plastic in a towel to keep it from slipping off your head and to keep any oil from seeping out of your hair. Allow the oil to sit in your hair for about 1-2 hours. After that, take a shower and thoroughly rinse your hair.

To remove the oil off your hair, use a moderate shampoo to release it. Also, be sure to lather your hair using conditioner and leave it in for at least one or two minutes before rinsing and repeating the process until all of the oil is removed. Maintain this treatment plan for at least one week.

Straighten the perm using waving lotion

In order to attempt to straighten your perm, it is critical that you use a deep conditioning product to your hair well before applying any additional heat to it.

This should be done the day before you intend to straighten your hair. Lastly and most importantly, you should condition your hair each day in order to regain moisture and close the critically vital cuticles of your hair.

Create a daily routine that you can stick to

The suggestions above will assist you in relaxing and tidying your perm that has gone horribly wrong, but it will take time and effort for your hair to be completely free of the perm.

During this time, it is recommended that you maintain a daily hair care routine that includes cleaning and moisturizing your hair along with putting an anti-frizz serum to your hair. Make a fist of your hair and scrunch it together to form nice curls. If at all feasible, let your hair dry naturally or just use a diffuser attachment on your hair drier.

Key Takeaways:

The consequences of a bad perm are severe whether you did it yourself, went to a hairdresser, or had someone else do it for you. A bad perm can be extremely aggravating, and it can even cause scalp injury and hair loss in some instances. To prevent this kind of problem, just follow the tips written above and you will be all good. 

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