Styling your hair for a brief amount of time can be quite a daunting task since there are only a handful of products that are capable of doing the job. Perms are a way of styling the hair that lasts for a long period of time. Permed hair is hard to maintain and needs certain products that will help keep the hair strands intact without disrupting the form. These products are great for different hair types and to keep them in the way its meant to be. Shampoos for permed hair are sought after and are made a big deal to maintain your hair according to the hair type. Here are some of the best shampoos for permed hair.

Top shampoo for permed hair 2021

Permed hair type Shampoo for permed hair Link on Amazon 
Straight hair Macadamia hair care professional shampoo Link on Amazon 
Fine hair Pantene Pro V shampoo Link on Amazon 
Kinky curly hair Nexxus ultimate moisture shampooLink on Amazon 
Damaged hair Original & mineral hydrate shampooLink on Amazon 
Color treated hair Moroccon oil curly enhancing shampooLink on Amazon 

#1- Nexxus ultimate moisture shampoo for permed hair 

best shampoo for permed hair

Nexxus Humectress is best known for the way it treats different hair types and does a splendid job in nourishing and keeping the texture intact.

The hair is strengthened and gives a softer texture so that it is easy to maintain.

The lather of the shampoo is gentle and does not affect the strands negatively.

The salon formula in the shampoo allows you to have moisturized and bouncy hair all day long.

This is amazing to use if you have permed curly hair as it keeps the curls intact and gives you a very bouncy feel for a long time.  Works really well with color-treated hair as well.

Best for: Curly and wavy permed hair 

Pros Cons 
Helps in retain moisture for the curled permed hair. Contains chemicals. 

#2 – Original & mineral hydrate shampoo 

hydrating shampoo for permed hair

As the name suggests, this shampoo works wonders in giving your hair all the moisture and hydration it deserves.

After you perm your hair it might be hard to maintain and retain moisture in the strands.

With every wash using this shampoo your hair regenerated shine and silkiness.

It comes as a combination of 13 amino acids nourishing and caring for your hair strands by strengthening it from the strands. The lather is pure and gel-like not affecting your permed hair.

Best for : Dry and damaged hair 

Pros Cons 
Hydrates and nourishes the hair strands. Expensive. 

#3 – Infra shampoo by CHI 

chi infra shampoo

CHI is well known and renowned brand that works wonder son various hair types.

This infra shampoo gives out only the best for curly permed hair by locking in the moisture in the bouncy curls and keeping it intact for a long period of time without any disruption.

After washing your hair with this shampoo your hair has added volume and appears thick and lush. The ingredients used in this shampoo are mild and don’t affect your hair in any way except adds volume and makes it full. 

 Best for:  Curly permed hair 

Pros Cons 
Affordable. Not for sensitive hair. 

#4 – Macadamia hair care professional shampoo for permed hair 

shampoo for permed hair

This sleek bottled shampoo is a favorite among permed haired women who have trouble caring for their hair.

Not only does it replenish the hair strands and give it moisture, it also works its way into strengthening the hair from the roots with the prime ingredient which is macadamia, a strong factor in keeping permed hair intact and untouched with pollutants and other external aspects.

This is a natural shampoo that has only mild ingredients and is a great product for those with sensitive hair strands. 

Best for : Damaged hair 

Pros Cons 
Keeps hair strands moisturized and hydrated for a long period of time. None. 

#5 – Verb verb ghost shampoo for permed hair 

permed hair products

Verb is a premium brand that is making its way into becoming one of the best beauty brands across the globe.

Having Moringa oil as the prime ingredient, this shampoo is infused with other nutrients and essential oils to nourish the hair and care for the health of it.

Besides locking in moisture and keeping the hair strands moisturized it also reveals a shine that comes in after every wash with this shampoo for permed hair. 

Best for : Frizzy hair 

Pros Cons 
De frizzes hair and keeps it silky smooth. Expensive. 

#6 – Creme of nature dry defense moisturizing shampoo 

moisturising shampoo

Creme of nature, as the name suggests, is a natural shampoo meant for keeping permed hair intact and always in form.

After perming hair, it is a common misconception that chemicals are the only solution to maintaining them the way they are.

This naturally infused shampoo breaks those assumptions with its powerful yet subtle action on permed hair.

It retains moisture and leaves the hair looking softer and glossier than ever. If you are someone who struggles with tangles, then this shampoo works wonders by leaving them silky.

Best for : Wavy permed hair 

#7 – Moroccon oil curly enhancing shampoo 

permed hair shampoo

Moroccan oil shampoo is a moderately priced shampoo that is great in keeping curls intact and giving wavy permed hair the curly look.

This is also amazing for already curly hair which needs to keep the perms in place. The ingredients in this shampoo make it an amazing product for color-treated hair as it is free of parabens and sulfate.

Using this shampoo is a relief to the hair as it gives it all the necessary nutrients to look silky smooth always. The presence of argan oil can keep the strands strengthened and healthy for as long as you use this shampoo. 

Best for : Curly hair 

Pros Cons 
Moderately priced. Not for sensitive hair 

#8 – Ouidad shampoo for defrizzing hair 

best shampoo for permed frizzy hair

Permed hair needs constant use of nutrients on the hair to strengthen and nourish the hair from within.

This shampoo for permed hair from Ouidad is the right solution for frizzy and wavy hair. If you have frizzy permed hair, it might be difficult to choose the right products to reduce the frizz and give you ultimate shine to keep it silky smooth.

This product takes control of your hair giving it all the natural elements to make it smooth and in the right texture. 

Best for : Wavy hair 

Pros Cons 
Gives the hair great and a fuller texture. Not for damaged hair 

#9 – Arvazallia advanced hair repair shampoo 

hair repair for permed hair

This is a naturally infused shampoo with the necessary organic nutrients needed to give the hair the shine and texture that permed hair deserves. Using it every week will give your hair strength and the ability to regenerate new strands of hair whilst strengthening your permed hair.

It also gives your permed hair the right texture and feels. If you are someone with frizzy hair, this shampoo gets to work by moisturizing and hydrating your hair to make it silky smooth. 

Best for : Kinky curls 

Pros Cons 
Affordable and good quality. Not for sensitive hair 

#10 – Pantene Pro V shampoo 

products for permed hair

Pantene had to be on our list of best products for hair! 

The Pro V shampoo is a great product for permed hair while nourishing it and giving thin hair volume and great texture.

If you have fine hair and you have it permed you know how hard it is to maintain it with the constant fear of the health of your hair.

This shampoo promises more volume by also tending to the texture and the health of your hair in every sense. 

Best for : Fine hair 

Great for adding volume to hair. Expensive

Can you use regular shampoo on permed hair? 

Perming the hair means following a clear set of rules that adhere to the treatment of the hair. Once the period of letting the permed hair settle is over, you can use an appropriate shampoo to wash your hair.  The above list of shampoos is a perfect solution to keeping up with problems that follow with permed hair and gives you smooth hair. The perms in the hair require a certain set of nutrients to keep them intact and unaffected by other factors. 

Make sure you use the right conditioner to complete the process. 

How often should I shampoo my permed hair? 

Permed hair has to be handled with care and the shampooing process has to be calculated in order to keep the perms intact. Washing your hair once a week will suffice if you want your permed hair to stay in form. In order to cleanse your hair and scalp while also keeping the perms intact, it is necessary to choose the right shampoo. That’s where our above-curated list comes to your rescue to care and nourish the strength of your hair in every way. 

Does shampoo ruin permed hair? 

Using the right shampoo meant for permed hair will not ruin your perms but in fact, nourish and cleanse it in an appropriate and the right way. Choose a shampoo based on your hair type. Considering these factors and aligning your shampoo accordingly will help you maintain your permed hair. 

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