How to Curl Short Hair

by Tommy Sroski

Let’s just say that if you don’t know how you’re trying, styling short hair can rapidly turn you into a Shirley Temple rather than Jennifer Lawrence.

Fortunately, it turns out that it doesn’t have to be so difficult. It takes a little experience, but the techniques are quite straightforward, either you’re using only a flat wand, straightener, curling iron, or even keeping heat-free (yes, it’s possible). We asked Glamsquad artistic hairstyle director Giovanni Vaccaro for some pointers on how to achieve absolutely imperfect short hair curls. Discover how to curl up short hair by following the step-by-step lessons below.

You, on the other hand, realize that visiting your hairstylist every time you would like a curly haircut is absurd. Every woman has a beauty secret, and now it’s up to you to discover yours. Remember that you have no restrictions with your short hair, so you may be as artistic as you want.

Nothing is too difficult for both you and with a short haircut! If you’ve had enough similar ideas, you’ve come to the perfect place. We have three simple ways for you to keep your hair curly again without spending a lot of money or effort. Today is your day, so get in the vibe for curls and let’s do it together!

Curling Short Hair using a Curling Iron

How to curl short hair 2023

“The stronger the wave or curl, the narrower the barrel,” Vaccaro says. “Use a.75-inch barrel if you want to curl, and a one-inch barrel if you really want a looser wave.” This barrel width and approach is ideal for anyone whose curls fall out quickly (ahem, those with straight strands).

  1. Begin by spraying your hair with a styling product all over.
  2. Section the top section of the hair up just out of the way using an extension cord or hair tie.
  3. Apply a light mousse to your straight hair and dry hair it to add texture (otherwise, it can be difficult to section the hair and have it curled easily by the curling iron).
  4. Start curling the portion of hair that has been fed through the barrel.
  5. Set every curl by grasping it as it comes out of the barrel, maintaining it in your palm for a few seconds, and then releasing it.
  6. Curl the top section of your hair again, this time switching between curling outward from and more towards your face for a much more natural look.
  7. Remove the clip from the remainder of your hair and curl it again.
  8. Use a strong-hold spray like GSQ by Glamsquad’s Strong Hold Hairspray ($11) to keep your curls in place. “It’s a soft but solid hold that also helps you manage frizz,” Vaccaro says.

How to Curl Short Hair With a Curling Wand

How to curl short hair 2022

“A curling wand is ideal if you want a beachy natural appearance since it makes it really easy to maintain your ends straight,” says Vaccaro. A curling wand with a one-inch base works best for bob- and lob-length hair—anything wider simply doesn’t work for extremely short hair, and therefore anything relatively small will make the tresses too tight.

  1. Apply a heating pad to the entire head of hair.
  2. Using a hairband or clip, separate off the top half of your hair.
  3. For a more easy, modern pattern, hold your iron at a perpendicular angle (or horizontally for more volume).
  4. Wrap the hair from around iron rather than feeding it through for a current beauty texture, leaving around one-inch to one-and-a-half-inch of hair out.
  5. Remove the clip from the remainder of your hair and curl it again.
  6. To achieve a more relaxed look, carefully stroke a flat iron through the very beginnings of your hair.
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Tip: When your curls are still hot, avoid combing over them because this will cause it to fall out quickly. Allow your curls to cool down after you’ve released them.

How to Curl Short Hair With a Flat Iron

“A curling iron wave is excellent for you if you have healthy hair that doesn’t hold a curl and just needs a little texture,” says Vaccaro. “This is among the most effective methods.”

  1. Apply a heat shield to the entire head.
  1. Make a section at the top of your head.
  1. Produce bending in your hair by shaking the flat iron and going to bend your wrist while heading down the hair shaft, starting at the root.
  1. Thread the hair from around flat iron and ribbons it as if you were making a gift-wrapping ribbon for a less spiral-like form.
  1. Continue the process by letting the top section of your hair drop.

How to Get Heat-Free Curls

It takes a lot of effort to achieve that wonderful beachy hair, and putting a heat device to the mix makes it much more difficult. Though a wand or flat iron will give you that flowing look, there are times when you just want to avoid the heat or don’t have your tools on hand. Thankfully, heat isn’t the only way to get flippy curls – there are a few simple ways to achieve the same looks without using any heat.

  1.  Braiding your hair at night and sleeping with it in is one of the simplest ways to achieve loose waves without using heat. When you wake up the next morning, all you have to do is unwind the braids and smooth anti frizz with a smoothing hair oil.
  1. If you’re lucky enough to have texture in your hair, this is the most basic technique. Scrunch damp hair upwards with sea salt spray from the mid-shaft to the ends. For a sophisticated beach look, use this technique to promote your natural waves.
  1. Hair rollers may seem like something your grandmother would use, but they don’t have to be! You can simply achieve heatless glam curls with these products. Begin rolling sections of moist hair from the bottom up and protect with a bobby pin. Allow for two to three hours of drying time, or overnight. You’ll have beautiful waves that you can set with hairspray.
  1. It may seem unusual at first, but it actually works. This “halo” approach was created by YouTuber Kayley Melissa to get heatless curls. To make a huge DIY halo, wrap a T-shirt into a roller form and tie the ends together. Then, on top of your head, set the halo, wrap hair around this one, and pin it in place. Keep your hair in the halo up over night, then remove the pins the next morning to reveal beautiful, bouncy curls.
  1. This French twist procedure is a simple way to get salon-style waves at home. Sections of your hair should be twisted over each other and gathered into small buns. To achieve the final appearance, YouTuber Vivian V recommends leaving the twisted braids in for at least 6 hours before carefully pulling them out.
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Pro tip: brushing your hair afterward will only make it frizzier, so untangle your tresses with your fingertips instead.

  1. To achieve heat-free curls, try using Spoolies, a sort of hair roller. Simply twist and wrap your hair around the Spoolies, then bend strands to keep it in place.

You may let your hair dry completely after rolling it onto the Spoolies, and afterwards remove them off after you wake up in the morning. Your curls will be tighter the longer you leave the Spoolie on!

  1. Plopping has been one of fashion’s greatest secrets, despite its recent popularity on TikTok. This method uses hair products to create real curls and waves overnight.

Applying selected hair products to your hair after showering and cover Plopping has been one of fashion’s greatest secrets, despite its recent popularity on TikTok. This method uses hair products to create real curls and waves overnight.


How can I curl my short hair naturally?

  • To begin, wash your hair.
  • Hair on the sides is tangle-free and well brushed.
  • Using a small bit of mousse, apply it to your face.
  • Make little chunks out of your hair.
  • To finish the look, use curling spray.
  • Allow for complete drying of the curls.
  • Remove the pins.
  • Apply a firm-hold hairspray to the final curls.

Why does short hair curl outwards?

  • Hair can grow outward for a number of reasons, including how it is trimmed.

If your layers are thick, your hairline will curl out more easily. A good stylist, on the other hand, can trim your hair so that it tucks in and bends. One way to do this is to undercut the hair at the nape.

Curling Short Hair 2022

Curling hair is difficult in general, and being short hair makes it even more difficult. However, just because your hair is shorter doesn’t mean you can’t have lovely curly locks. You can master a variety of different curling techniques for short hair to improve your hair game. Here are several heat-related alternatives, as well as those that aren’t.

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It will take time and effort to master your curls, no matter which method you use. It may seem hard to achieve curly hair with shorter, long hair, but it is very achievable. Online tutorials, as well as contacting a friend for assistance, can be extremely beneficial. You’ve got it!

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