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human wigs on aliexpress

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  • Peruvian Black
  • Short Bob Lace
  • Natural Ombre Brazilian
  • Ocean Wave Hair

Every once in a while it’s good to change your look. Look different and feel different go hand in hand. But what if you can’t experiment too much with your hairstyle because of work requirements or that you’re scared that the hairstyle won’t suit you? The answer is wigs! 

So what are the best human hair wigs online? Let’s find out! 

Before you embark on your physical makeover journey, there are a few things you need to understand about wigs. There are human hair wigs and there are synthetic hair wigs too. 

There are pros and cons for each, but most people prefer human hair because it can be styled better, it has a good shine, it lasts for a long time, they look supernatural, they can be coloured, styled, permed among other things. 

When it comes to synthetic hair, they cannot be coloured, they cannot be styled or permed and you can run a hot iron on them as the synthetic material will melt away. 

If you are in the market for a wig, it’s better to go for a human hair wig! 

Human Hair Wigs Affordable

All wigs that have been listed below are super popular and one of the best selling human hair wigs online.

#1 – Blonde Brazilian Straight Human Hair 

human hair wig online

One of the most popular hair wigs online is the Blond Brazilian straight bob. It is characterized by a side partition and there is a distinct side bob that looks super awesome. It comes in varying lengths. From 6-inches, all the way to 16-inches. You can also choose the density of your hair which comes in 150% and 180%. For grip, it has four combs and has an elastic breathable net. This is super comfortable and one of the top styles for wigs in 2020. 

Price – $47.20

#2  – Short Bob Lace 

best human hair wig

The Short Bob Lace is a truly versatile hair wig piece. It has a natural colour of black and comes in various densities – 150% and 180%. It also comes in three different lengths, that are 8-inches, 10-inches and 12-inches respectively. It has bleached knots that give your wig a natural look. It can be styled in various ways such as a top knot, side ponytail, middle partition and a Chinese knot. It has more than 478 positive reviews with more than 1300 happy customers. If you are looking for a natural, everyday wear wig, then this is perfect! 

Price – $63.19

#3 – Short Bob Lace 

colorful human hair wig

From the brand MS Lula comes the lace front human hair bob wig. It comes in blonde, natural black and burgundy. It also comes in numerous lengths that are 8-inches, 10-inches, 14-inches and 16-inches. It comes in varying density such as 130 and 150. It has 4 combs for a perfect fit and an adjustable cap for absolute comfort. More than 3,600+ people have purchased this wig and have given it a rating of 4.8. 

Price – $39.99

#4 – Straight Black Lace 

top wigs using human hair

Always wanted straight, long, jet-black hair? This is your shot! This beautiful pre-plucked Remy Brazilian straight lace frontal wig comes in numerous lengths. It starts with 10-inches and goes all the way to 24-inches. It’s available in only one natural colour that is black. It has a density of 250% which gives is a lush richness. It can last easily for more than a year because it’s high quality real human hair. If you are going for a natural straight hair look, this should be in your cart today! 

Price – $39.03

#5 – Peruvian Black 

human hair wig aliexpress

Peruvian women have some of the finest tresses in the world. When there is an opportunity for getting beautiful black, straight Peruvian hair, you shouldn’t miss it. With more than 2500+ orders, this lace front has been flying off the shelves. It starts at 8-inches and it reaches all the way to 24-inches. It comes in a natural colour. You can style it, bleach it and it will still remain luscious! 

Price – $37.89

#6 – Brazilian Remy 

remy human hair wig

There are a lot of people who want naturally styled and bleached hair and if you don’t want to put any effort into that, you can go for this beautiful Brazilian Remy, deep part lace. It starts at 6-inches and goes all the way to 24-inches. It has 3 densities that are 130, 150 and 180 respectively. It comes with waves and has a naturally beautiful brown shade that is added to the hair, that gives it an automatic element of style! 

Price – $39.90

#7 – Curly Lace 

quality human hair wig

Love the twirls and curls? Then you’ll love this one! This piece is a 100% human hair with a medium brown lace finish that can be permed, restyled and bleached. It has some natural curls which are beautiful looking and starts with 8-inches in length and goes all the way to 22-inches. You can choose among densities, some reaching up to 250%. It has a rating of 4.9 and it’s in style! 

Price – $44.53

#8 –   Cornrows Long 

wigs using human hair

Most people love cornrows, But it can also damage your hair considerably and it’s difficult to maintain and difficult to keep clean. So what’s your alternative? It is to get a cornrow hairstyle wig! This full lace wig that is natural and strong can be styled into cornrows if you so wish. It’s Peruvian hair that comes in numerous lengths. You can dye it in any colour you want. 

Price – $82.94

#9 – Curly Wigs Short Hair 

curly human hair wig

One of the most popular styles for women has been short hair curls. It’s difficult to maintain but looks great. This is a no shedding wig that looks beautiful and supernatural. It has a natural brownish-red tinge to it which adds a dimension to the look. 

Price – $26.68

#10 – Long Curly Wigs 

curly wigs natural hair

One of the most popular wigs not only on Aliexpress, but online is the Mongolian kinky curly. If you are looking for beautiful, luscious, kinky curly, long hair, then this is the wig you need to go for. It’s long, beautiful and utterly stylish. It has a pre-plucked hairline and comes in numerous lengths and densities. This hair can be coloured, dyed and re-styled without any hassles. If the hair is maintained well, it can easily last for 15+ months. 

Price – $67.95

#11 – Brazilian Bob Human Hair

brazilian human hair

If you want a very smart everyday wig that could be worn to an office or will suit well on a night out. The short bob closure comes in various lengths, but comes in only one natural colour that is black. It’s top-class Brazilian hair that suits faces of all types. It looks super natural and is one of the best hair wigs online. 

Price – $40.08

#12 – Wig Braided Glueless

aliexpress human hair

I love braided hair. It’s super stylish and very underused. But you need super long hair to pull off awesome long braids. That’s where a wig comes in. The braided wig reaches up to a length of 26-inches. It can be straightened, it can be coloured and a lot more. 

Price – $81.40

#13 – Ocean Wave Short Hair 

One of the most classic old school hairstyles is the ocean wave short hair. It’s a beautiful hair wig that flows seamlessly and gives you a modern yet classic look. The wig is made up of real short hair. It can be dyed, bleached to any colour of your choice without any hassles. You can also use a flat iron if you so wish, and the temperature should be around 320 to 360 Fahrenheit. If you love the classic look, then don’t miss the ocean short wave. 

Price – $30.42

# 14 – Doll Face Bob Wig

best wigs to buy online

If you love super short hair, then you will love the doll face bob. This is a super sleek, stylish and sexy hairstyle that you can wear with style and aplomb. It has more than 1000 happy customers and it’s pretty easy to install. 

Price – $29.74

#15 – Natural Ombre Brazilian 

The natural ombre Brazilian hairstyles come in various colours. If you are looking for a super special coloured hairstyle with a wig, then try this best seller!

top human hair wigs online

Price – $42.75

# 16 – Bangs with Lace 

Bangs are one of the sexiest hairstyles going around. But if you overdo them, they can damage your hair. Get this long hair with bangs wig that will blow your mind away and make you look like a million dollars.

best african american human hair wigs

Price – $54.60

#17 – 150% Blonde 

The 150% blonde is a pure blonde hair that also can be dyed in numerous other colours with ease. If you are looking for natural-looking blonde hair, then this should be your pick.

best wigs online

Price – $40.10

# 18 – Side Part Brown Hair 

The side-part brown hair is a super stylish look. But what about a side part with a brown ombre finish that gives it more finesse?

cheap hair wigs online

Price – $75

Buying Hair Wigs Online

You don't have to buy from a dedicated store as there are numerous sellers offering various prices. Each batch of hair differs. Instead of going for lower priced hairs, we prefer you to read through the feedbacks on Aliexpress and determine which hair wig to go for.

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