El Cholo New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Are you looking El Cholo new haircut? Check out the El Cholo New Haircut and be sure to get noticed! This trendy haircut is sure to make a statement.

El Cholo is a Mexican wrestler who has been wrestling for nearly 30 years. He was initially a masked wrestler until 2015.

Apart from wrestling himself, he also trains young wrestlers who are new to the wrestling scene so they can become good wrestlers with time.

He is still involved with wrestling in Mexico. But it is not only wrestling that makes El Cholo interesting.

His hair has been a talking point for many as he always sports long tresses that are stylish and in vogue suiting his personality perfectly well. He often puts on a bandana right above his forehead.

El Cholo New Haircut

Who Is El Cholo?

El Cholo’s real name is Carlos Soriano Mendoza and he was born in May 1973 in Mexico City, Mexico. El Cholo is a professional wrestler who participates in wrestling matches in Mexico.

Up until 2015, everyone knew him as El Cholo and his real name was not revealed. This was because masked wrestlers in Mexico have their identities hidden from the public.

However, when he was unmasked due to his loss, he revealed what his real name was. El Cholo translates to ‘half-breed’ and he chose it because he wanted to portray a bad guy image.

El Cholo debuted in the wrestling world around 1994 although the name was chosen by him in 2008 when he was under Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre or CMLL.

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He has been trained by Virus, Versatil, Arkangel de la Muerte, and Tony Salazar. During his career, up until now, he has participated in hundreds of matches without giving up on his passion to wrestle.

Even though he lost many matches, it never deterred him from giving up wrestling because he is not only experienced but he loves wrestling.

What Is The Name Of The Latest El Cholo Haircut?

El Cholo keeps it simple when it comes to his hair because although it is a big part of who he is, he doesn’t let his hair come in the way of his wrestling prowess.

He is currently sporting a layered men’s haircut. The layered haircut suits his round shape and his beard style which has been the same for quite some time.

The layered men’s hairstyle is stylish and appealing without requiring too much maintenance. It is perhaps the reason why many wrestlers opt for long haircuts. El Cholo is currently enjoying his layered haircut phase.

Famous Haircuts Of El Cholo

El Cholo did not go crazy like some other wrestlers tend to do with their hair. He ensures that his hair is well taken care of without overdoing it.

Here are the two main haircuts that El Cholo has sported in his wrestling career.

Long Hair

The haircut that he often sports is long hair that is usually past shoulder length. You can say he has armpit-length hair.

He often keeps it slicked back and in a neat low ponytail. It looks like he applies some hair product to his hair because no hair strands are sticking out plus it always looks a little shiny.

It may also be that he has naturally silky and soft hair which makes his hair look neat. When he had straight-cut long hair, he wasn’t ever seen leaving it open.

Layered Haircut

The latest haircut of El Cholo is the layered haircut. As he has long straight hair, the different layers are clearly visible. He also seems to have colored a portion of his hair.

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The highlight color is close to his real hair color so there is a slight upliftment but it is not too contrasting with his natural hair.

When he leaves his hair open, he ensures he has put on a bandana to keep his hair from falling on his face.

This makes his layered hair stand out even more than usual. The bandana adds to his bad boy image and it compliments his long hair.

Steps In Getting A Layered Haircut

The layered haircut may seem intimidating at first because if you mess up badly, it will show.

But if you are willing to put in the effort to look like El Cholo, then it is possible. Here is a simple guide to getting the layered haircut of El Cholo.

Step 1: Wash your hair and comb it

You want to work with clean hair from the start. If your hair is even a little bit greasy, it is recommended that you wash it to get the best results from this haircut.

Towel dry your hair and ensure that you start cutting your hair when it is still damp. This is particularly important if you have wavy or curly hair. You want to then comb your hair so there are no knots.

Step 2: Start with the longest portion

You want to decide how many layers you want to have and then start with the longest portion. Part your hair in the middle and then horizontally so that each layer is the same length.

Then cut your hair in a straight line. You should hold your hair at a 90-degree angle when cutting the layers. You can use your hair between your middle finger and index finger to hold it in place.

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Step 3: Go to the next lengthiest part

Next, do the same with the second layer and the third and so on depending on how many layers you want. It is best if you cut your hair a little longer because your hair will shrink a bit after it dries.

If you cut it too much, there is no going back until it grows back to the desired length. If you want El Cholo’s style then make sure that the shortest layer reaches the base of your ear.


El Cholo is an inspiration to many because even though a lot of his life has been under wraps, we know how much he loves wrestling.

It is evident from the hundreds of matches he has played during his career and his never-give-up attitude. It is not always easy to see the hairstyle he is sporting because it gets hidden behind the bandana that he prefers to wear.

Nonetheless, his long tresses have inspired many such as wrestling fans. Do you like El Cholo’s haircut and hairdos? Do you think you will wear bandanas like him if you had hair like him?

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