How To Do Fishbone Braid | Easy Step By Step Guide 2024

by Helen Sroski

Here’s a step by step guide on how to do fishbone braid. Check it out!

Fishbone braids are rather popular hairstyles that involve plating braids in stunning cornrows to achieve the look, this hairstyle got its name as it looks similar to the structure of a fish. 

It layers medium or large cornrows which are further layered into similar cornrows. 

Fishtail or Fishbone braiding though looks difficult to create, are actually very easy. And they’re very nice to look at too, especially if you have long hair. 

They look stunning, stylish and fun if you know how to get them right. 

I won’t lie, Fishbone braids can be a bit tedious and time-consuming if you are not very familiar with the hairstyle as it requires braiding skills to get it right.

So I’ve got this article on how to do fishbone braids to help you get them right!

How To Do Fishbone Braid : Step By Step Guide

The Fishbone braids hairstyle adds to your look, this hairstyle looks more appealing if you can achieve a messy yet elegant hairstyle. 

It can be worn for a casual day event or even a formal event depending on how you pair it. 

The fishbone braids are similar in process of making to that of a normal braid however instead of taking three strands, you can take two and begin braiding.

fishbone braids female

Let us look into the steps carefully to understand how you can ace this look:

Make a simple ponytail

Pull your hair towards the back and make a simple ponytail. Tie your hair with an elastic and make sure the lock is secure.

Divide Hair

Divide your hair into two sections, left and right. 
Take a thin strand of hair from one of the sections and keep it to 0.5 cm 
You can now tuck the thin strand and keep it under the right section of your hair and hold
Take another section of your hair and tuck it under the first section you created

Repeat the Criss Cross motion

You can keep the sections tight or loose according to your comfort. However, if you want a neat fishbone you can keep it tight. You need to take the strand of hair and pull it up towards the left section. Make sure you repeat the process and take alternate strands until you reach the end of your hair

Continue Braiding Till the End

Leave an inch of your hair, while you put an elastic band to secure the hairstyle 

You can also style your hair with a ribbon or a fancy elastic band to achieve a complete quirky look.

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You can wear a fishbone braid on any hair type from straight to wavy and it completely depends on how you style it.  

Long and loose fishbone braids 

A fun and elegant braid to wear for a casual day or a formal occasion is a long and loose fishbone braid.

In this style, hair is gathered at the centre of the hair shaft and hair is braided along the lines till the end of the hair. 

You can also add interesting pearls and beads to each of the intersections of the hair to achieve this look. Try this braid if you have long and thick strands.

Messy fishbone braid

Image originally sourced from- Pinterest 

Part your hair to one side and then make sections of your hair strands. 

Make a fishbone braid on one side of your hair, you can also make it on two sides of your hair and keep it loose. 

Once you are done making a complete fishbone braid you tie a loose bun towards the end. 

This hairstyle is fun and elegant. Usually, this hairstyle is seen at wedding ceremonies or formal occasions. You can style it up for a casual day look.

Crown fishbone braids with a twist 

Image originally sourced from- Pinterest

The best part about the fishbone braids is that this hairstyle is fun and diverse. You can style it accordingly. 

You can also make a stunning crown fishbone braid by pinning it up. This is a very fashionable hairstyle. 

You can make a fishbone braid messy and make sure while you braid them you must keep them loose. 

Once you have achieved this you can also add flowers, beads and pearls to the hairstyle to achieve a completely royal yet quirky look.

Long End Fishbone Braids

Image originally sourced from- Pinterest

Sometimes when you have long hair it becomes a task to maintain and style it especially when you are in a hurry or late for work. 

You can easily achieve this look, make a long fishbone braid and start from the front of your hair shaft till the end of the hair tip, this hairstyle looks great on kids and adults. 

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For kids, you can tie a ribbon at the end to complete the look.

Side fishbone braids

A classy and timeless hairstyle, the side fishbone braids are perfect for school or work. These fishbone braids look refreshing and elegant if you know how to do it right. 

Side fishbone braids are also very popular in cinema and are often worn by princesses and goddesses.

Make a side section of your hair and start braiding them from the sides, make a braid halfway down. 

Pick a few strands of your hair and pin it down around the sides of your hair and make a neat hairstyle. 

Crown of fishbone braids

Image originally sourced from- Pinterest

This hairstyle is specially worn among Africans and African Americans but is also widely popular among fashionistas all over the world. 

This is an ideal hairstyle for long and thick hair. Wearing this hairstyle is practically a solution if you want your hair to be neat, up and out of the way on a hot summer day.

Part two sections of your hair either middle or side. Now you can leave one action as is and start making fishbone braids on one section. 

You can start from the side section and keep it loose on the end. Add beads and pearls to style your braids as you want them.

Tight black fishbone braids 

This hairstyle is popular among black people and worn as an everyday affair, this braid takes inspiration from its origin and follows an African American weaving pattern. 

You can start by making sections to your hair as you please. Depending on your hairstyle pattern, you can make thicker or thinner braids but when you make fishbone. 

Make sure the locks are tight and neat when you pleat your hair. This style helps to keep the authenticity of the original hairstyle trend and you would want to keep it that way. 

Weave fishbone braids till the end of your hair and usually, the patterns made are complex. You can try by making simple patterns for the start, then take it from there. 

Diagonal fishbone braids 

Try this look for your next formal get-togethers, this french fishbone not only looks neat but also looks elegant. 

Start from the top of your hair and continue to pleat a fishbone diagonally until you reach the ear.

Tuck your hair under one ear and make your hair look sleek, stylish, and elegant. 

You can spice it up by adding colorful flowers on one ear, though this takes some effort and time to achieve when you get done you achieve an effortless hairstyle.

A side braid with a classic finish

Side Braids work wonders for long hair, they are very convenient and also make you look neat and classy. 

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This is a popular hairstyle among adults. You require a lot of skills to ace this look, we would advise you to go for this look if you are great at braiding fishbone hair.

Make two sections of your hair, try a side section for this look. 

Leave a few strands on the front of your hair and let it loose, now make sleek braids starting from the top and continue it down. 

You can wear this hairstyle if you are going to a party or a cocktail ceremony along with a gown. To complete this look you can add a big flower on one ear and tuck it inside.

Double fishbone braid

You can go crazy with this hairstyle, you can create two different fishbone braids depending on the thickness, from medium to small and place them diagonally on top of each other. 

While you make the hair pleats make sure to keep them slightly loose. This hairdo is popular at wedding ceremonies or beach parties as it is breezy and neat.

Messy fishbone braided ponytail

Make a ponytail and start making a fishbone braid from the back section of your hair. 

Make fishbone braids and keep them loose alongside, till the end, you can also leave few sections of your hair as is. 

This look is amazing for a casual day out or a picnic day with friends.

Colourful Fishbone Braids

Image originally sourced from- Pinterest

This is where you can add a personal touch to your hairstyle. Adapt and try unique colours from undertones to ombre. 

When you style your fishbone braids the colours pop up and make your hair look amazing. 

You can go crazy with as many colours you would want to combine to keep it one tone or two-tone colour.

You can style your braids as you like and also add a bun to complete the look.

Fishbone braids are fun and unique. It can be a challenge to sometimes achieve the desired look and excel at it.

You need to be patient and keep your practice going. As you keep your practice on you will only get quicker and faster with time. 

This read will help and guide you with the best tips and tricks to make the most of fishbone braid hairstyles.

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