How To Do Coontails 2024?

by Helen Sroski

Here are some tips and tricks for doing coontails. Coontails are fun for everyone, so learn everything you need to know to make great coontails here. Learn more here.

This method permits you to get various hair shades and patterns groups in your hair, effectively one of the most interesting things on the square.

There are both long-lasting and brief ways of accomplishing this look, some of which are point by point.

It is best all of the time to simply purchase augmentations since there is less possibility of screwing up. Then you can purchase heaps of shadings and you can transform it at whatever point you like.

In the event that you were fairly well known in secondary education and did not take any clue about what coontails are, here we are to clarify.

These are a kind of scene haircut promoted by children who kind of hit off with emotional and elective taste some time ago.

As per the difference the originality of the name was the similarity of the hair to a raccoon’s tail. One has to exchange dim and light level balancing thin lines on the hair that are generally more extensive in stature.

The hairstyle is regularly accomplished on dim hair by dying a couple of segments of hair. What’s more, on light hair, the specific inverse is on even segments colored dark.

Yet, a great many people nowadays utilize impermanent colors in order to achieve hairstyle or hair augmentations to get this haircut.

how to do coontails
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There are a number of techniques and hairstyles one can try on one’s hair down below. Then, you should read a few more hair extensions after coloring/fading your hair.

How To Do Coontails

Process of trying Coontails with Dye or Bleach

You can dye your hair or bleach your hair depending on your hair color if you want longer-lasting coontails:

Items Required

  • Mascara
  • Electrical Tape 
  • Gloves
  • Sharpie
  • Colored Hair dye
  • Hair Extensions (optional)
  • New towels
  • New pillow cases
  • Scissors
  • Tinting brush/ soft toothbrush
  • Shampoo and body wash
  • Hair curlers
  • Hair Dye(Optional)
  • Clear tape or masking tape
  • Bobby pins
  • Bleaching powder (or hair dye depending on your hair color)
  • One bowl preferably plastic material
  • Plastic brush to mix
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Now we can start with the process of doing the coontails: 

Section off your hair

You need to begin with trying to distinguish where on the mind you need the coontails? If one can try having all of them in the forward areas? 

coontails hair
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It is recommended doing coontails regarding the forward sections if you’re using bleach or hair dye since it’s simpler.

The initial step would be to then section these tresses. Link all your tresses together preferably inside a bun or ponytail to have it out of the way initially.

Put on the tape

Masking tape should be applied to horizontal sections of the hair and balanced gaps should be left just the centre area.

If bleach or hair dye are used, they will most likely be on the uncovered portions of the hair.

Combine hair dye and bleach combination

When someone has black hair, you can lighten it by combining bleach with a developer. You will have to lighten your hair by at least 6-7 shades in order to notice the difference, one will require the bleach that will do this.

This indicates you’ll need to take a volume 30 and for a change could go for a 40 amount creator.

You need to be cautious to pick the combination of the items which will definitely depend on the stability of one’s tresses strands. Remember to not harm locks; this is certainly currently dry and susceptible.

coontails offensive
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As soon as the few black temporary  hair dye is mixed, you should apply it to the exposed rectangles of your hair.

Remove bleach/dye from your hair by washing it off

If it is the stipulated time to dye the hair, then apply the dye and wash it off with water that is coming from the tap. The common time you ought to maintain the locks dye will soon be everywhere half an hour later.

However, with bleach the results vary based with the combination of bleach and developer you’re using.

The time it takes to lighten your own hair is only quarter timing with some off-scalp bleach formulas. Others will demand additional time.

If you are using a low volume printer, you may also require to redo the whole bleaching for several times.

Remove masking tape from hair and let it dry

Immediately after you have rinsed the bleach or hair dye from your hair, dry the area to ensure that other product builds/ items are removed.

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You may also want to check to ensure that hair dye does not leak into the lighter parts of the tresses, meaning that no bleeding takes place. If you have trouble stripping the glue off, soak your hair in hot water for a short time.

Now you know what I mean! You can easily design your own shade of hairstyles easily at your own space, the coontail!


This process is for making temporary coontails that last unless you clean the hair. Area hair in wide components.

Rotate the makeup wand during your hair, stopping wherever that particular stripe will stop. Keep on with this all the way down your hair.

Coontails made with this method will last through a few washes and are temporary.

There are a lot of section locks. Use colored stripes along each section. The easiest way to scrap in one’s hair would be to place it on a good supported area.

Black and brown hair are best written on with silver sharpies.

Materials used in making Racoon hair extensions?

Hair extensions that resemble a raccoon’s tail basically resemble simple hair extensions with the exception that they have already added shades in a striped pattern.

coontails hair extensions
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It is possible to use a few of your own hair or artificial fibers for these extensions. The cost and brand will determine the material used.

Few of them are inexpensive raccoon tail hair extensions mostly  made of artificial materials like nylon. A person with a good texture could have colored tresses.

Where can I find instructions on washing out coontails?

Here is the solution of using hair dyes that aren’t permanent. Removing those colors from cooontails is a simple task. The coontails are very simple to clean from those colors.

coontails scene hair
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The haie must be rinsed off with regular shampoo exactly like times together with shade would emerge.

Nonetheless, for those who like to get bleached off their  dark tresses to offer the look of coontails, one will require to actually color it all the equivalent color once again making it proper balance.

Do people take coontails as an offense?

Not at all, no way. The theory that the phrase “”contains unpleasantness the intakes to the idea that the start of the term feels like an unpleasant attitude.

Although “coontails” stands for “raccoon tails,” since the hairstyle is derived from the appearance of such a cute tail.

raccoon hairstyle
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It might be as a result of nostalgia or just because teens are in possession of finding the skill of various  hairstyles. 

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One could try coontails anyway by changing the way of doing it. Or one could decide to give a chance on bleaching the components if one has dark tresses.

In either case, something like this will be offering a one stop solution to getting coontails is to get extensions added and remove them according to your needs. Isn’t it easy and quite convenient? 

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about bleach residue after cleaning off the due.

Extra Pointers

When you yourself have dark tresses, use bleach in place of hair dye. Alternatively, you can bleach the hair before dying.

See an expert tresses colorist when coloring big areas to avoid accidents.

Equivalent techniques can be used for coontail extensions, which are an even more useful method. Extensions do not have to be washed as often as the actual tresses, and they are less suffering from color leaking.

Bright tints can be quite effective in the event that tresses is coon tailed twice, as soon as in one single colour, as soon as again from the untreated parts of hair.

Make use of tape or Bobby pins to make the stripes also.Have someone help you, especially your tresses.

Among all the colors, blue is probably the most difficult to maintain. It might need a lot of tweaking if you want to test it. It is important that you ensure that the place where you bought the write-up has adequate stock on hand if you wish to keep it long-lasting!

You can reduce color bleeding by cleaning the hair flat. The vinegar method of colour fastness is definitely an old method. It is probably the best applied after shampooing during the rinsing process and increases the dye’s pH.

Try to pick shades that praise your skin tone. This method works best with naturally blond or formerly bleached hair.

Pro Tip: If you have curly/wavy hair, it’s best to straighten your hair before doing the coontails. This will help you space out the tape evenly. 

To know how to do coontails scene hair, here is a fast aid. Figure out how to add racoon hair extensions to hair effectively at home. 

Well in all honesty these haircuts are making a rebound as twenty to thirty year olds long for anything nostalgic.You can see a great deal of adolescents on Tik tok evaluate the racoon tails hair too.

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