How To Have Black Hair With Blue Tint Without Bleach 2024?

by Helen Sroski

Wondering how to have black hair with blue tint without bleach? Well, check out here on how to dye dark hair blue without bleaching your hair perfectly below. Read further to find an entire guide. 

Everyone wants to enjoy different hair colours, especially the exotic ones like blue, green, pink etc. The only downside about getting these colours dyed on your head is that they require bleaching.

Not a lot of people are a fan of bleaching considering the damage they do to your hair. 

Bleach dries out your hair, hurts the scalp, compromises the hair structure and overall damages the entire hair.

But, that doesn’t mean you cannot colour your hair blue. You still can have black hair with blue tints. Just eliminate the bleaching part to maintain healthy hair. 

How to have black hair with blue tint without bleach?

To have black hair with blue tint without bleach, you need to dye your hair with hair colour that is specifically meant for dark hair. All you need to do is mix the colour well, apply it on your hair wherever you want it and rinse it off well. Remember that the blue tint will be of darker shades. You’ll not be able to achieve light blue colour on dark hair without bleaching. 

Although the colour might not be as vibrant, it does show and look extremely cool. Avoiding bleach can also help in maintaining your hair health and keeping it smooth and soft. I love dyeing my hair and have always done it without bleach.

Fortunately, my hair has never gone rough or dry. I also love the tint of colours that peep through from the darker hair shade which makes the hair colour look even more gorgeous. If you want blue tints on your black hair, you should probably use semi-permanent and permanent dyes.

These types of dye don’t wash off easily and stay on hair to provide a stylish look. If you’re still confused on how to go about this process. Check out below, how to have black hair with blue tint wuthout bleach guide to clarify all your doubts. 

How To Have Black Hair With Blue Tint Without Bleach

If you’re looking to dye your black hair and want a blue tint without bleach, you simply have to apply hair dye without bleaching your hair. Use a hair colour that is specifically designed for dark hair. 

How To Have Black Hair With Blue Tint Without Bleach

The process of dyeing black hair with the blue tint is extremely easy and I’m sure you’ve been doing it quite often if you dye your hair regularly.

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Just apply the hair colour wherever required, let it soak the colour, and finally, wash your hair with color-safe hair shampoo and apply conditioner. 

Wash it all off and comb your hair cherish your black hair with blue tints that looks gorgeous and attractive. 

If you’re new to this process, let’s have a small guide for you on how to have black hair with blue tint without bleach from the start, till the very end. 

Prepping your Black Hair and Blue Dye

Step 1: Buy the Blue Dye that’s meant for dark hair

Since you have black hair, it’s important to buy a blue dye that is meant for dark hair. Most of the blue dyes are meant to be used after bleaching or on light hair types.

Check labels that read, “lightens dark hair”, “for dark hair” or “Midnight blue”; these blue dyes work out the best on dark hair and give out amazing results. 

Take a look at the before and after comparison pictures on the package to have a better understanding. Go for semi-permanent or permanent blue dyes as they have a better impact on  dark hair.

Keep in mind that you can’t have a light blue shade on your dark hair, it will only turn out in the darkest shade of blue. 

Don’t go for hair chalks or spray-ins as it might not give you the blue tint you require. If you’ve had coloured hair or have dry hair then it’s recommended to visit a professional salon to achieve blue tint on your black hair to avoid damaging your hair. 

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Step 2: Remove knots from your hair

Make sure to detangle your hair before applying dye to make sure that the dye is spread out evenly whenever you want it. Detangle your hair using a wide-toothed comb to remove all the knots and make sure your hair is smooth and soft. 

Make sure your hair doesn’t have any product or treatment going on when you dye it. Wash your hair with a small amount of shampoo if you feel like your hair is oily. Don’t scrub your scalp as it might remove your scalp’s natural oils. 

Step 3: Use Protection while applying the dye

how to get blue black hair

The dye can stain you clothes, hands and nearly everything it comes in contact with. Make sure you’re wearing gloves and old clothes before using the blue dye. Apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly or coconut oil in your nape, hairline, and ears to prevent staining everything blue. 

Step 4: Mix the dye and the developer

what color can i dye my black hair without bleaching

Open the sachets of colour and developer and mix them in the given ratios. Make sure there is no spilling and close the lids tightly. Use the brush in the package to apply the developed mixture on your hair to achieve the blue tint on your hair. 

You can divide sections of your hair and decide where you should apply the colour to give yourself the desirable look you want. 

Applying and Washing the Blue Dye

Step 1: Apply the dye in every part of hair you want blue

Don’t leave out any strand of hair uncoloured that you want to dye. Make sure the dye is even and spread accordingly. Start from the bottom and then reach on top while applying the dye on your hair. 

blue dye on brown hair no bleach

Step 2: Leave the dye for drying and processing

Once you’ve covered all the parts you want to dye blue, let the dye dry for a given period of time according to the instructions on the package which is mostly about 45 minutes. Don’t leave the dye for longer than expected as it might damage the hair. 

Use a shower cap to cover the dyed hair when you’re drying it. You can set a timer on your phone or watch to keep track of time. 

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Step 3: Rinse of the dye under the shower

blue hair dye for black hair without bleach

Remove your shower cap and allow the shower to run on your hair to remove all the excess dye from your hair. Use room temperature water or lukewarm water when washing your hair. Avoid too hot or too cold water to wash away the blue dye as it might damage your hair. 

Step 4: Use a colour-safe shampoo to wash your hair

midnight blue hair dye on black hair

Get yourself a colour safe shampoo that’s mild which will help in rebalancing your hair’s pH. Take a generous amount of shampoo and gently massage your hair to wash away all the extra colour. Use cool water to wash away the shampoo. 

Step 5: Apply a conditioner that comes in the dye kit 

Use the conditioner that comes in the dye kit or just get a colour-safe conditioner.  Conditioning your hair will make it smooth and enhance the blue tint of the dye. Apply the conditioner and leave it for about 2-5 minutes and then rinse it off for best results. 

Step 6: Get rid of blue stains from your hands

It’s obvious that you might have stained your hands, face or neck despite being super precautious. You can use makeup remover to get rid of those stains. In case you don’t have a makeup remover, we have a DIY hack for you. Get some lemons and squeeze out the juice. 

black to blue hair

Apply the lemon juice on the areas you’ve gotten stained, wash it with lukewarm water and pat the area dry to get rid of the stains. You can also use coconut oil to get rid of the stains. These blue stains will fade out in a couple of days anyway, so don’t worry about it. 

Step 7: Let the dye set

Once you’ve used your colour-safe shampoo just after dyeing your hair, let it set. Don’t use any hair products for at least 48 hours. This will help the dye to set in and will not allow it to get damaged. Setting it for 48 hours will allow the hair follicles to heal and set the colour beautifully. 

Step 8: Use shampoo after 48 hours of setting

Now that your hair is ready, wash it with colour-safe shampoo after 48 hours. Rinse your hair thoroughly and also use conditioner to restore smoothness. 

Isn’t the process of dyeing hair much easier without using bleach? Well, now you know it is. Bleaching hair can be extremely bad for your hair and when you can have beautifully shaded hair without damaging your hair then what not?

Hope I’ve made all the steps on how to have black hair with blue tint without bleach clear to you. Cheers!

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