How To Do Butterfly Braid 2024? Step By Step Guide

by Helen Sroski

Here’s a step by step guide on how to do butterfly braid. Check it out!

The butterfly braid includes a tender and absolutely pretty pattern which looks like a butterfly. This extremely trendy and loved hairdo does not need much time to be performed. In addition to providing protection, the braids are braided to keep the hair in a particular place and conceal the natural hair.

The braids are made from two huge braids with braided sections added for securing better protection and keeping your natural hair in place. With two braids, the final look is a jumbo braid giving an exquisite outcome to any type of hair. One can redo the look by placing various bright or light colors to combine together colored strings around the braids for attaining a different look.

It is absolutely possible to create this ultimate fabulous braided hairstyle by simply combining a lot of layers and layers over and above with braids, all forming a sleek ponytail at the scruff of the neck. Instead of a braid that covers your entire head, try a braid plus pony combination.

The look can be worked up anytime of the day or even on any occasion in your day-to-day life. This charming aura it follows keeps up for you.

A perfect hairstyle for you to refreshingly wear on busy days or for holidays to look fancy. Whether it be parties to attend or family gatherings everyone will be at aww watching you stand this look with this extremely trendy hairstyle.

How To Do Butterfly Braid? Step By Step Guide

After you have figured out how to do butterfly braids, incorporate them into one of your favorite looks. Following are the steps to braid your hair in Butterfly Braid hairstyle perfectly:

Things You’ll require in Making of the Butterfly Braid

  • A Comb
  • An Elastic band
  • Few Hair Clips

Steps to Doing The Butterfly Braid

1. Triangular Arrangement

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Firstly, tighten the section of hair at your hairline. A triangular section should be formed at your hairline and held in place with the help of a hair elastic. Make a very neat curved part at the left-hand corner of your forehead and carefully set it with some.

2. Stitch Braid

Keeping the braid at the edge of your forehead, braid a section of hair to the left of it. Make an open cornrow down the middle of your head to keep the loose ends out as you plait behind your crown. Clip the loose ends as you plait behind your crown. Utilizing the remaining hair, make a braid slightly curled at the scruff of the neck.

3. Curved Cornrow

Above the first stitch braid, make a cornrow that extends two inches behind the hairline and also remember to leave the ends unbraided. Start with the second cornrow just above the first one, from the extreme beginning of the hairline. The same braiding design should be repeated on the right side of your head. You can begin it to the right of the triangular part at the middle of your hairline.

4. Butterfly Braid

Start by twisting the two inches of the hairline, which is direct to the left side at the front.

Starting at the front of the hairline to braid a thick cornrow mohawk hairstyle, using all of the free ends. Then keep the process of stitching braids and cornrows that were previously braided, under the center of your head. Then with a blow dryer, hit the head with heat and follow with a push to set the style. Mousse can also be used to coat the head and wrap the hair.

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Create a relaxed box braid with branches in the front part of unbraided hair. Now for the last step join the box braid to the cornrow braided Mohawk and once the thread is trimmed, tie off and trim slowly to create the best look.

How long will it take to make this braid?

If you have just started with the technique and are new to it can easily get this butterfly braid done in an hour probably. And if this is what you love doing daily and are completely experienced you can complete it in 30 minutes friends. To continue excelling this do follow the steps we have addressed to you to be polished at this beautiful hairdo.

What is the best type of hair to do this braid?

To your surprise, these work on all kinds of hair types whether it be straight, curly, or even wavy. The texture and proper maintenance will result in the efficacy of the entire look.

Does it cause any damage to hair?

Butterfly Braids use no straightener or other external tool, so there is no risk of damaging hair with this system.

How long does butterfly braids last?

With complete maintenance, Butterfly braids could last for about two to three months.

How many packs of hair do you need for butterfly braids?

If you’re doing it yourself, you may make a mistake, and if you run out of hair after hours of braiding, it will be frustrating. I recommend getting 6 to 8 packs of hair, since you may make a mistake if you’re doing it yourself.

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Do You Need To Dip Butterfly Locs In Hot Water?

Absolutely not at all. The best part of the locs as it requires no dipping, they usually are safe with the wrapping done. Having this hairstyle is fun and easy to do since it’s carefree and boho, so you don’t have to worry about it being exceptional. In all cases, you’ll get beautiful butterfly hair at the end, even if you’ve added a few more hairs or created one too many loops.

How Do You Maintain Butterfly Locs?

In order like other protective styles, butterfly locs require daily maintenance. To keep your scalp clean and moisturized, keep oil handy for massaging your scalp. The mousse will keep flyaways at their place and give your Butterfly Locs a neat look. It might be necessary to re-wrap some locs each now and then, and to use a little control at the ends wherever new growth appears.

Can Someone Wash Butterfly Locs?

Unless your braided hair is completely covered up under the braiding and water wave hair, it isn’t a good idea to try to completely clean your strands with shampoo when wearing butterfly locs. Instead, you could just focus on getting the scalp clean.

You can apply the non-stripping Shampoo directly to your scalp after you part your hair into sections. Avoid soaking your locs in water more than is necessary and always just wash right at the scalp.In between the multiple layers of hair strands it takes time for them to completely dry. Always keep in mind the fact that it is important to be tender with the braids if you want your butterfly locs to last for a longer period of time.

Hoping that the additional information will be useful for further decisions you make in capturing the Butterfly braid.

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