Mike Stud’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Mike Stud’s new haircut is a trendy style that is sure to turn heads. Check out the tutorial on how to get this style at home.

Mike Stud was a relief pitcher at Duke University and pursued music when he was recovering from his surgery. The first single he released became viral and even though he clarified that it was a joke, that hasn’t stopped people from enjoying his music.

After that, he released several studio albums, singles, and mixtapes. Mike Stud’s focus has been to release music that feels good to the ears and that is uplifting in nature.

He likes to mix melodies that touched his heart with new rhythms to create something refreshing that also feels like it has roots in the past.

Mike Stud’s New Haircut
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Mike Stud’s New Haircut

Who Is Mike Stud?

Michael Francis Seander was born on October 30th, 1988. He received an athletic scholarship to Duke University after he was named Rhode Island’s 2006 Player of the Year.

He played baseball when he attended university and after his sophomore season, he required surgery due to arm problems. He missed the 2009 season due to the surgery.

As he was recovering, he decided to pursue his interest in music. He released a music video titled College Humor in December 2010 which was just for fun. He then went on to release In This Life which also had Alex Lagemann.

Mike Stud’s Haircuts
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Mike Stud then went on to release a mixtape titled Click and he collaborated with Huey Mack. His debut studio album was released in 2013 titled Relief.

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His second album titled Closer was released in 2014 and his mini-album was released in 2015 titled This Isn’t the Album. Mike Stud’s third studio album was released in 2016 and was called These Days.

His fourth studio album was called 4The Homies and it was released in 2018. He released more albums; Uhyuready? in 2019 and The Highs in 2021. He was part of the TV show called This Is Mike Stud on Esquire Network.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Mike Stud Haircut?

Mike Stud
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Mike Stud has a mullet haircut at present. Many people wrongly assume that the mullet was born in the 80s because that’s when it made its entry into American culture.

But do you know it dates way back than that? Historians found that Native American tribes used to wear a combination of mullets and mohawks despite mounting pressure to crop their hair short.

Earlier, the mullet haircut had a purpose; to allow the neck to be warm while ensuring the hair didn’t block the eyes. Over the next few decades, the mullet had a rollercoaster ride as it was undesirable at first before gaining worldwide admiration when it became more mainstream.

Famous haircuts of Mike Stud

The following are some of Mike Stud’s popular haircuts.

Buzzcut Quiff

Mike Stud’s Mullet Haircut
Source: Facebook

Mike Stud had a buzzcut quiff where most of his head was buzzed down to the same length while the top was lengthier in comparison.

He styled it in a short quiff that looked really good on him. A simple yet cool look for men who want to keep their hair short.

Long Top Short Sides Haircut

Mike Stud’s hairstyles
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Before Mike Stud went for the mullet he grew his hair on top of his head while maintaining the short sides.

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While curly hair mostly always looks texturized on its own, you can create texture in your hair if you have straight hair by using the point-cutting technique or creating soft layers.


Mike Stud hair
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The mullet is a popular haircut of Mike Stud because of how well he has styled it. As he has naturally soft curls, the mullet gives him that bounce.

He keeps the hair on top to the back the same length for uniformity and we love it!

Steps In Getting A Mullet Haircut

Want to get a mullet but don’t want to go to a salon? Then here is a simple tutorial to get the haircut at home with clips, clippers, some guards, thinning shears, and a comb.

Step 1: Section hair

Section your hair so that the top is secure using some clips. You can use alligator clips for this purpose. This will help keep the hair on top away from the sides of your head as these need to be different in length.

Step 2: Debulk the sides

Using your clipper with the number 2 guard attachment and the lever open, start to debulk the sides around your temple area.

Do this using a scooping motion on both sides. You want to leave the back mullet portion alone because the back will have the longest hair.  

Step 3: Buzz the lower portion

Below the area where you cut your hair using the number 2 guard, use the number 1 guard so that there is visible hair and it gives a buzzed look. Do this on the other side of your head as well for the uniform mullet.

Step 4: Blend the top with the sides

You will have a hardline so blend it using thinning shears. Do this by combing your hair outward (the teeth of your comb should be facing outward) and then moving the comb towards the top while cutting your hair using thinning shears. Do this until your part line.

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Step 5: Cut the top

How much you need to cut at the top depends on the length of hair on the top. Take horizontal sections and bring them up, use your fingers to hold the hair tightly, and then cut using haircutting scissors. Do this until you achieve the desired length.

You can clean up the look by similarly cutting your hair at the back if the hair is longer than you like. It is best if you have tri-paneled mirrors so you have a good view of the back of your head and can cut your hair with ease.

Mike Stud’s New Hairstyles
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The mullet haircut has been around us for a pretty long time and it is good to see that it is getting the recognition it deserves from everyone. It has made a comeback this year and how!

The mullet may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is definitely a haircut you should try if you want something that showcases confidence and individuality.

You can personalize your mullet as you wish and by using the tutorial you can get your mullet haircut at home with just a few simple tools that you may already have in your home.

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