Lorenzo Insigne’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Check out Lorenzo Insigne’s new haircut and see what the fuss is all about!

Lorenzo Insigne is a professional football player who holds the position of a winger in Toronto FC for Major League Soccer. He is known for his free kicks’ precision and his impeccable speed on the field.

He is among the most talented football players today which is why he is also among the highest-paid players. Lorenzo Insigne’s style is as good as his skills because he loves to experiment with various haircuts and he does so with elan.

Many of his haircuts are popular because they not only look good on him but they inspire his fans to try something new for themselves.  

Lorenzo Insigne’s New Haircut

Who Is Lorenzo Insigne?

Lorenzo Insigne was born on June 4th, 1991 in Frattamaggiore, Italy. He has three brothers who are also footballers. He started his professional career by playing with Napoli in 2009.

He made his Series A debut in 2010 and returned to Napoli in 2012. He won a runner-up medal for the 2013 UEFA European Under-21 Championship when he represented Italy in the national under-21 team.

He represented the senior team towards the end of 2012. He has been part of the Italian team in various tournaments including UEFA Euro 2020, UEFA Euro 2016, and the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Lorenzo Insigne’s Haircut

Lorenzo Insigne signed a 4-year contract with the Toronto FC in Major League Soccer on January 2022. At the time of signing the contract, his annual salary surpassed that of other players making him the highest-paid player in the MLS.

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Lorenzo Insigne is often dubbed as ‘Lorenzo II Magnifico’ which translates to Lorenzo the magnificent because of his ability to quickly make the best decisions and execute them.

His skills as a winger have been praised by many and his ability to make goals from outside the penalty area is praiseworthy. Whether it is setting up goals for his teammates or making them himself, Lorenzo Insigne is the best.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Lorenzo Insigne Haircut?

Lorenzo Insigne has a buzzcut fade at the moment. The top section of his head has hair that you can easily see while the sides of the head have minimal hair that gives the impression of no hair progressively.

Lorenzo Insigne

The buzzcut fade is a popular haircut among men because it is lower on maintenance even though you will need to get a trim regularly to ensure your hair doesn’t become too long to lower the impact of the haircut. The gradual fade looks good and is a super stylish haircut for anyone who wants to make a bold statement.

Famous Haircuts Of Lorenzo Insigne

Lorenzo Insigne had several haircuts that are worthy of mention. Here are the top haircuts you need to know about.


Lorenzo Insigne had the short mohawk style in 2018 but rather than keep it simple he went one step ahead.

Lorenzo Insigne’s net worth

Right next to the top area of his head and right below the part, he had a line of hair that made the part visible. This style was different from the usual mohawks and his fans loved this haircut for that reason.  

Side-Swept Haircut

Lorenzo Insigne had a side-swept haircut in 2020. He had a clean side part where one side of his hair had medium-length hair and the other side of the part had short hair.

Lorenzo Insigne’s Hairstyle

If you want to try this haircut then you can use a trimmer to get the short cut on the side while using scissors to cut the lengthier side.

Short Quiff Skin Fade Haircut

The short quiff skin fade style was a haircut that Lorenzo Insigne tried in 2021. The top portion of the head had hair while he then had a dramatic fade which had buzzcut-length hair.

Lorenzo Insigne Haircut

He also sported a barely-there short quiff that is visible from the side and front. If you are not sure about a big quiff then opt for a short quiff like Lorenzo Insigne.

Steps In Getting A Buzzcut Fade Haircut

Want to get the latest haircut of Lorenzo Insigne? Here is how you can get it at home. 

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Step 1: Start on clean hair

Make sure you begin with clean hair that is washed and dried. Start using a clipper with the number one guard and the lever open.

Go around your entire head with the clipper and then cut your hair for a uniform cut. You want to use a mirror to ensure you are doing this right so that the haircut is even.

Step 2: Clip in all directions

Know which direction your hair is growing. You want to cut your hair from different directions to ensure all the cut is the same length and there are no inaccuracies along the way. If you have long hair then cut your hair with scissors first and then use a clipper to cut your hair.

Step 3: Start the fade

Using a trimmer, you want to start with the guideline which will be the part where your fade will begin. This is the area that begins at your eyebrow level.

You want to trim the hair below it too and ensure you repeat it around your head so that now only the top portion has hair while the area below it doesn’t.

Step 4: Make a second guideline

Make sure you cut it symmetrically so that the hair length is the same in that area. Now using the no guard lever open, go up an inch or so and trim. This will ensure a proper transition from the top of your head and then to the lower area.

Step 5: Use a trimmer

Using the 0.5 guard with the lever open, work on the area between the area you just trimmed and the area you trimmed at first. You can go up about ¾ inch for a smooth transition. You want to work upward with the trimmer.

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Step 6: Use a razor

Use a razor for cleaning up the edges on your forehead like Lorenzo Insigne so that the cut is more defined. You should apply shaving gel before you begin shaving. Do this part slowly to avoid cutting your forehead and hurting yourself.

Lorenzo Insigne hair


It is without a doubt that Lorenzo Insigne has excellent skills as a winger but his haircuts are just as powerful as his play. You saw why his haircuts are so popular.

His current buzzcut fade is a style that has been around for a long time and it is probably going to stay that way. The buzzcut fade is versatile because any man who wants that style can sport it.

Whether you have an oval face shape or a round face shape, the buzzcut suits everyone. It is a simple style that you can easily try at home but make sure you have the tools required and have some patience. Cutting your hair by yourself feels empowering. Try it yourself!

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