Brian Bosworth’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Brian Bosworth’s new haircut is a sight to behold! Check it out here and find out all the details about his new look.

Brian Bosworth is one of the few people who made a smooth transition from sports to acting. He has also written his autobiography called ‘The Boz’ which is his nickname along with Rick Reilly in 1988.

Despite the many ups and downs he faced as a football player, there is one thing that people will never forget; his haircuts and hairstyles.

He was way ahead of his time and sported badass haircuts. Known to speak his mind without a filter, Brian Bosworth is a man people cannot forget. His haircuts have inspired many people to try their unique styles.

Brian Bosworth’s New Haircut

Who Is Brian Bosworth?

Brian Keith Bosworth was born on March 9th, 1965 in Oklahoma. He started playing football in high school and he continued playing it in college when he was selected to play for the University of Oklahoma. He played for three seasons starting in 1984.

He was known for his tackling skills and played in the position of a linebacker. He received two Butkus Awards and is listed among the ‘100 Greatest College Players of All-Time’ by College Football News.

Seattle Seahawks drafted Brian Bosworth in 1987. He had to retire in 1989 due to the shoulder injury that he suffered in 1988.

Brian Bosworth was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame on January 9th, 2015. This is when he took an interest in acting and was part of the movie Stone Cold.

He had roles in several films such as ‘The Longest Yard’ and was part of ‘Lawless’ which was a TV series that was quickly canceled. He then became a commentator in 2001 when he joined XFL.

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In 2003, he was part of Turner Sports where he worked as a college football studio analyst and he left the job the same year. He has appeared in TV shows and commercials such as ‘Fansville’. He is also a real estate agent.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Brian Bosworth Haircut?

At the moment, Brian Bosworth has a soft layered bob haircut. In this haircut, the hair is in layers giving extra bounce and volume to the hair. He combs back the front portion of his hair like a slick back hairstyle and so the layers are not that visible from the front.

Brian Bosworth

However, they are visible from the sides and the back. He has not colored his grays and this is a part of his charm because he looks quite dapper in this layered haircut.

Layered haircuts can complement any face shape and their versatility is the reason why many people choose them over the more traditional haircuts.

Famous Haircuts Of Brian Bosworth

Brian Bosworth is known for his eccentric haircuts and styles. Here are some of his most iconic haircuts from the past.

Mullet With Stripes

Who can forget this mullet hairstyle? He has blond hair going from the front to the back while the sides are colored dark brown color.

Brian Bosworth’s Haircut

The contrasting color puts the focus on the mullet and it looks incredible on him. The hair from the top to the nape of his neck is short like the portion below it is kept long. He has a stripe design on the sides of his head which was achieved using a razor for the precise lines.

Mullet With Design

This is another memorable mullet haircut that he sported while in the NFL. He had a very specific design on the right side of his head. It added to his personality and his high level of confidence.

Brian Bosworth’s net worth

At this time, the hair on top of his head was short and it stood in a spikey fashion. It was a haircut and style that suited him as it went well with how he was at the time. It is one of Brian Bosworth’s favorite haircuts.

Mullet With Longer Sides

This grown mullet had a cult following of its own. It features lengthy hair throughout. The top of the head also has lengthy hair although it stands up naturally. The sides are also longer than his previous haircuts.

Brian Bosworth’s new hairstyle

The longest part of the hair, which is towards the nape of the neck, is curled naturally and it adds to the bad boy look that Brian Bosworth always had. He sported this haircut when he was acting in movies.

Steps In Getting The Layered Men’s Haircut

The layered men’s haircut is simple but you need to know the several techniques involved in getting it right. Here is how you can go about cutting your hair in layers.

Brian Bosworth

Step 1: Make four sections

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Once your hair is washed and the water has stopped dripping, make a part in the center (from the front to the back). Then make two more sections by making a part that is perpendicular to the center part.

The part should be going from right behind your ear to the base of the side of your neck. Do the same on the other side. This is dividing your hair into two major sections; the front and the back.

Step 2: Cut the back

Stand in front of a full-length mirror and hold a handheld mirror, take a look at the back of your head. Now slowly with the other hand, cut the hair on the back of your head with care.

You want the hair to be cut straight so that all the tips are on the same level. This will define the base of your layered haircut.

Step 3: Start cutting in layers

Angle your fingers upwards and hold a small portion of hair where you want the layers to begin. You want a gradual layer to form that looks like Brian Bosworth’s. Then you can go ahead and cut the hair as this will create an angled cut.

Continue doing this until you reach the front of your hair. You will see that starting from the back, your hair gradually becomes shorter. Repeat on the other side.

Step 4: Focus on the layers

You can get more layers by taking a section from the back of your head and then cutting it a little shorter than the length at the nape. It is best to cut a little at a time to ensure you create gradual layers.

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Continue to do this for the hair that falls on the back of your head. You have now created layers! Cut more layers if you want.

Brian Bosworth’s Hairstyle


Brian Bosworth had some crazy hairstyles back in the day when he was playing football and when he started to act as a bad guy in movies. But these haircuts inspired many people and continue to inspire people today to try something offbeat.

Today he is seen sporting the layered men’s haircut that suits him well. What do you think of his mullet styles when he was younger? Do you think he should try it again sometime now or do you think that his layered haircut is better for him? Brian Bosworth has sure come a long way from his troubling days and his haircuts have evolved accordingly.

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