Jarvis Landry’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Curious to know about Jarvis Landry’s new haircut? Here is a tutorial on how to get the perfect look with Jarvis Landry’s new haircut.

Jarvis Landry is a professional American football wide receiver who is currently with the New Orleans Saints. Jarvis Landry’s love for football started young as he played the sport during high school and college.

He entered the NFL draft in 2014 and the rest is history as he is still among the top players.

Jarvis Landry New Haircut
Source: Instagram

Jarvis Landry’s haircuts have also been in the news ever since he started playing football professionally. He has tried a multitude of haircuts and styles that go well with his personality.

Jarvis Landry’s New Haircut

Who Is Jarvis Landry?

Jarvis Charles Landry was born on November 28th, 1992 in Metairie, Louisiana. He attended Lutcher High School where he played basketball, football, and track.

His brother Gerard Landry was also a wide receiver at Southern University, Louisiana. Jarvis Landry played football in college when he attended LSU from 2011 to 2013.

Jarvis Landry
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He was the 63rd overall pick of the Miami Dolphins in the 2014 NFL Draft. He was one of the NFL Top 100 Players of 2017 as he ranked 42 and in 2018, he ranked number 52. He played for the Miami Dolphins from 2014 to 2017.

Jarvis Landry played for Cleveland Browns next from 2018 to 2021. He was the sixth-highest-paid wide receiver when he signed his contract.

In 2022, he became a part of the New Orleans Saints as he signed a contract for a year.

Jarvis Landry has many career highlights such as winning the Pro Bowl 5 times consecutively from 2015 to 2019, being a part of the PFWA All-Rookie Team in 2014, and earning the NFL Receptions Leader title in 2017. He is good friends with Odell Beckam Jr. who was his teammate at LSU.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Jarvis Landry Haircut?

Jarvis Landry has a high fade buzzcut currently. In this haircut, the fade starts right below the edge of the top of the head or from the temples.

Jarvis Landry New hairstyle
Source: Instagram

His natural hair sits neatly on top and the fade is gradual making it seem naturally amazing and modern. The progression from long hair to short hair has a slight contrast which is what gives it the cool factor.

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It is a neat haircut because you will look well put together if you opt for the high fade buzzcut.

It is low on the maintenance end and is perfect for those with a super busy lifestyle. A fade buzzcut requires touch-ups to ensure it stays perfect as it is.

Famous Haircuts Of Jarvis Landry

Jarvis Landry had some iconic haircuts in the past. Let us explore the haircuts that have become iconic and inspired fans to try the same.

Short Afro Buzzcut

Jarvis Landry’s buzzcut craze started a long time back. You can see him sport an afro buzzcut where his natural afro hair can be seen on top while the sides are neatly buzzed out with clippers.

He decided to keep his afro as is and to brush it out for all that volume. We think he looks absolutely dapper in this cut that has so much character and volume.

jarvis landry hair
Source: Instagram

The tips of the hair are colored in a light color which gives more contrast to the natural black color.

Coil Curls

Coil curls look amazing on a variety of face shapes and Jarvis Landry has paired this hairstyle with a full beard and mustache.

This highly masculine look suits him. The coil curls are not everywhere on his head but they are only at the top portion of his head making the coil curls fall on his face beautifully.

jarvis landry  net worth
Source: Instagram

The coil curls are a fun hairstyle to sport and to keep them in place Jarvis Landry has used a bandana. He often does this when he is on the field.

Mid-Fade Buzzcut

In the mid-fade buzzcut, the fade starts lower than in the high-fade buzzcut. It looks more natural than the high-fade buzzcut.

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It is best for those men with thick hair or those who have uniform hair on their scalp. It helps to create a dramatic contrast between the thicker portion of your head and the faded parts of your head.

jarvis landry' hair
Source: Instagram

Jarvis Landry’s mid-fade buzzcut is one he had for quite some time because it is easy to care for and looks incredible on him.

Steps In Getting A High-Fade Buzzcut Haircut

Want to DIY the high-fade buzzcut haircut? Here is how to go about it without losing your mind in the process!

jarvis landry new hairstyle
Source: Instagram

Step 1: Have all the tools in one place

Before you begin your DIY high-fade buzzcut haircut, you need to have your supplies ready.

You need some good clippers and a handheld mirror. You should also have clean and dry hair for the most precise cut possible.

Step 2: Buzz the top first

Using the number 5 guard on the clipper, you need to start with the buzzcut by going from front to back.

You can start with the top of your hair where you need the most length. You can then go against the grain to ensure a uniform buzzcut.

Step 3: Focus on the shortest length

With the no guard and the lever completely closed, you want to start by going from the sideburn area until the level of your eyebrow.

You want to do this slowly to ensure you don’t accidentally cut the top of your hair. Fold your ears when clipping the hair near your ear area.

Step 4: Work on the fade

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Now that the shortest part of the haircut has finished, it is time for the fade effect. You need to use the 0.5 number guard and then start clipping the hair between the previous guideline and the long part of your hair. Do this strip-wise so that the fade comes to life.

Step 5: Clean up the fade

Using the level 1 guard with the lever halfway open, you are going to clean up the fade by going over the recent fade.

This will remove the hardline and ensure the fade looks natural. Do this carefully. You can also use a level 2 guard again and go over the fade to clean it up.


Jarvis Landry’s haircuts have been different over the years and his hair evolution has been quite an interesting one.

He has tried coil curls, afro, and fade buzzcuts all of which suit him well because of his strong facial structure and physique.

He can carry any haircut with ease that’s for sure! Jarvis Landry’s haircuts have not been random and we must say he makes some good choices when it comes to his haircuts.

What do you think of his latest buzzcut haircut? Do you think his earlier haircuts looked better than the current one or do you like the buzzcut haircuts?

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