22 Stunning Tribal Braids Hairstyles 2024

by Helen Sroski

Braids were once limited to certain tribes, over the years these stunning tribal braids hairstyles have evolved and are universally accepted. 

These braids have become popular among celebrities and influencers across the globe with many variations and modern approaches to them. 

This hairdo takes about four to eight hours to get done, yet because of its vibrancy and traditional touch it is fondly accepted and people don’t mind putting in the effort.

As tribal braids had originated in Africa, they depict a certain tribe and community. 

Depending on the style of braids and beads used, it adds to one’s personality and style. People wear tribal braids hairstyles with pride and honour, adding a touch of modernism to them.

Let us look into few stunning tribal braids hairstyles in detail and how you can ace the look:

Hottest Tribal Braids Hairstyles

Long Tribal Braids with Loose Spirals

This hairstyle is a true showstopper that combines two popular and stylish braid types in a creative and beautiful way. 

Tribal patterns are created with carefully constructed cornrows, and individual braids with soft and romantic curls add a unique intricacy. To finish it off and give it that perfect touch, the golden bronde color scheme and skin tone harmony makes this look truly special.

Tribal Braids with Scalp Design

Cornrows, also known as “kanekalon” braids, are an iconic braiding style derived from West Africa’s Fula community. 

The intricate, delicate braids are both eye-catching and stylish, making them a popular choice for youth and adult women alike. 

Whether you opt for tight, thin braids, or larger thicker plaits, cornrows offer endless beauty possibilities and will make you stand out from the crowd in any setting.

Duo Toned Side parted Tribal Braids

Tribal braids are a versatile hairstyle. The ability to plait in different directions allows the creation of a fun, asymmetrical look.

Experimenting with color is also encouraged – ombre styles, such as dark brown to honey blonde, can be used to enhance the unique flair of this style.

Whether you go for a classic or modern look, tribal braids can make a bold statement.

Half up Half down Tribal Braids

Create an unforgettable look by braiding your hair into long, individual braids. Not only is this hairstyle stylish and versatile, but it ensures that your hair is always looking salon perfect. 

And the best part, you can get the best of both worlds! With this look, you can rock a gorgeously braided scalp but also have voluminous, tumbling locks cascading down your back, meaning you’ll turn heads for any occasion! 

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Get ready to get your ‘carpet-ready’ look on with this stunningly unique hairstyle!

Fulani Braids

Tribal Braids Hairstyles
Source: Instagram @drenya_trancista

Fulani braids hairstyle look stylish and elegant if you have braids. Fulani braids is inspired by one of the largest ethnic group from West Africa called Fula.

Tribal Braids Hair
Source: Instagram

For fulani braids hairstyle make a twist with your braids at the crown of your head and decorate your braids with small rings and beads. Leave thin braids at the side (you can also leave it lose).

Fulani Braids
Source: Instagram @braided_by_riley

Fulani braids hairstyle will match most of your style statements since it’s such a versatile hairstyle

Tribal jagged braids with pearls

Tribal jagged braids with pearls
Source: Instagram @pour_la_belle

A chic tribal hairstyle that is very popular and loved by the younger generations is the tribal jaded braids with a pearl finish. 

Tribal Braids Hairstyles

You need to divide the hair shaft into two sections. The strands are taken from the section of the divided hair and made into jagged sections contrasting each braid. 

Tribal jagged braids with pearls
Source: Instagram @iam.chaee

Also, you can add small beads to the braids to create a quirky and fun look.

Dual crochet braids

Dual crochet braids
Source: Instagram @braids_ary

You can get a chic look by wearing the dual crochet braid. Crochet braids are hair extensions that can be in a different colour from your black hair.  

Dual crochet braids changed the way natural braids are approached. Braids add colour and vibrancy to the look and are very popular because of their convenience and versatility. 

Dual crochet braids
Source: Instagram @_mary_afro_jf

You can do a round upbraid pattern or create patterns according to your choice.

Long curly Fulani braids

Long curly Fulani braids
Source: Instagram @manila_afro_house

This is a fun and creative look, you can create this look by dividing your hair shaft and adding braids to it. 

what kind of hair do i need for tribal braids

The look focuses on a single braid which is right at the centre, this is usually decorated. 

You can add different elements like threads or beads to complete the look and make the single braid stand out while the ends are curly.

Long curly Fulani braids
Source: Instagram @gabilo_braids

Braids with highlights 

types of tribal braids

You can create a stunning tribal braid by adding highlights to the hair. It gives your hair an edgy and stylish approach that is different from traditional braids.

Braids with highlights 
Source: Instagram @ellyglamur

Try adding highlight colours like brown or grey if you want to achieve this look.

Braids with highlights 
Source: Instagram @hairbytaii_

Braids with beads and cuffs

For this look, divide the hair into two sections to create as many braids as possible. 

This is a fun and creative hairstyle which can add a dash of attitude to your regular braided look. 

best tribal braids

Once you are done with the natural braids simply add beads and cuffs to your hair to complete the look. 

This hairstyle is very popular among college-going kids. A pro tip would be styling the side braids with golden or silver cuffs and beads if you have dark hair.

Source: Instagram @beautifulbraidsofcolour

Blonde cornrows braids

These are tribal braids but with a twist, this hairstyle is also known as Fulani braid hairstyle. 

Blonde cornrows braids
Source: Instagram @peggystylist

The twist here is, you leave two braids in the front and add a bead or two to complete the look. Your hair can be a shade of blue to make it look more attractive. 

best hair for tribal braids

The hair is a taper in your natural hair with attractive beads and blonde hair highlights, the middle shaft is completed with a cornrow braid and usually topped off with a golden or silver ring.

Blonde cornrows braids
Source: Instagram @ersinkoose.berlin

Medium box braids

Medium box braids
Source: Instagram @miraculousbraidz

The medium box braids are a quirky and fun hairstyle. It is a very chic and artistic hairstyle, it is usually seen in afro hair and suits short hair type.

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If you are wanting to add this look, you can purchase hair extensions of any length and colour ranging from long to short and grey to blonde, it all depends on your preference. 

hairstyles to do with tribal braids

Start by dividing your hair shaft into two equal sections and make the natural regular braids. 

While you are doing so make a medium box-like pattern, now take hair from each section and add your chosen style and colour of extension to your hair.

Medium box braids
Source: Instagram @johnsansaloon2

V-shaped tribal braids

Try this amazing and fun typically tribal hairstyle, your hair needs to be divided into two equal parts from the center.

V-shaped tribal braids
Source: Instagram @infinity_beautylounge

Now take medium to long hair strands and make sure it is slightly moved back and left on the sides giving your hair the V shape. 

tribal box braids hairstyles

This looks amazing if you have a round face and want to create the illusion of having a slightly longer face cut. 

You can add your personal touch to this hairstyle by adding various colours and bead shapes while you complete the look.

V-shaped tribal braids
Source: Instagram @infinity_beautylounge

Jumbo crown with box braids

Jumbo crown with box braids
Source: Instagram @kayontheslay

This is a fun look if you want to play, suitable for a day out or party. To create this look you need to divide the hair into two equal parts and leave the front section of your hair.

Jumbo crown with box braids
Source: Instagram @somidogebraidsnmakeup

With the remaining section of your hair create a jumbo crown and pin it at the back of your hair. 

badass tribal braids hairstyles

The hair which is left in the front, you can make equal size box braids on the right and left side, you can also style them with colourful beads to complete the hairdo.

Classy long tribal braids

Classy long tribal braids
Source: Instagram @dolldbybriii

You can create this look by dividing your hair into two sections and making braids from the tip of your hair to the roots

Classy long tribal braids
Source: Instagram @dolldbybriii

Each braid has to be equal in size and one needs to be at the centre of your hair shaft. 

tribal braids with curls

To complete a classy long tribal braid look you can also style it with few coloured extensions.

Semi-twisted tribal braids

This neat quirky look is very popular among teens. 

Semi-twisted tribal braids
Source: Instagram @han_styles_

It adds a charming appeal to your look, you can create this look by dividing your hair into a side parting and making thin braids from tip to roots. 

fulani tribal braids

You need to gather braids from each section of your hair and tie them right at the back. While you do this make sure you add a twist to your braid before you tie it.

Semi-twisted tribal braids
Source: Instagram @glozy_hair

Criss-cross and curvy tribal braids

Criss-cross and curvy tribal braids
Source: Instagram @stylesby_allure

You can now make criss-cross and curvy tribal braids by creating a unique criss-cross and curvy pattern while you braid your hair from the tip to the roots. 

tribal braids with beads

This tribal braid is one of its kind. You can complete your look by adding interesting beads to your braids or simply keep it as it is.

Criss-cross and curvy tribal braids
Source: Instagram @divinehairlounge

Braided ponytail

Source: Instagram @oceanic_hair_salon

Ace this look if you have thick hair and love tribal hairstyles, you can add volume and definition to your hair with this look. 

tribal braids with beads

You need to divide your hair into either a middle parting or side parting look and start making braids. 

You can add a sky-high ponytail to the braids once you have completed the look. 

To make this look a little more interesting what you can do is add a hair coil along the strands while you tie the ponytail and trust us you won’t regret this, this look will make the heads turn.

Source: Instagram @justbraidsinfo

Box braids 

Box braids are widely popular among African American women, it adds definition and style to any personality. It is widely known as Fulani braids. 

tribal braids with box braids

To achieve this look you need to divide your hair into sections from medium to thin strands and make braids accordingly.

Box braids 
Source: Instagram @carrietanner_comicstyles

These three-layered box braids have three sections: the middle is a medium braid and the sides have thin braids. For the sides only thin braids are created, you can leave a few braids for the front flick section.

Box braids 
Source: Instagram @trancobraids

Coloured jumbo braids 

This is a fun and quirky hairstyle, you can ace this look by adding braids that are coloured. 

Coloured jumbo braids 
Source: Instagram @braids_by_patty

You can either add coloured extensions to your hair or colour your hair before making the braids. 

small tribal braids

The braids start from the tip and go down to the roots of your hair while making the braids. 

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You need to keep in mind that the braids must have plates bigger than usual, they are called jumbo braids for a reason.

Coloured jumbo braids 
Source: Instagram @samydoblack

How about adding beads and wires to your hair extensions to make the hairstyle look even more fun?

Corded Tribal Braids

This is a simple and elegant hairstyle mostly loved by the tribals. This hairstyle is simple yet attractive. 

Corded Tribal Braids
Source: Instagram @superbeauty_

It looks amazing on thick black afro hair. 

Make a middle parting in your hair, then make a thin braid in the centre from tip to the roots, now you can add braids to the sides of the hair along with extensions of your choice.

tribal braids with knotless

Make medium braids while you create a box-like pattern on each strand, you can style it up by adding colours and beads to the braids to complete the look.

Corded Tribal Braids
Source: Instagram @braid_me_up_susss

Blonde jumbo braids

tribal braids 2 layers

Ace the look with blonde jumbo braids, to achieve this look you need to either have coloured blonde hair or you could add blonde hair extensions to your hair. 

Blonde jumbo braids
Source: Instagram @samydoblack

Make sure your hair is divided from the centre and has two sections on the sides. 

You can make jumbo side braids on each side while you are doing so, add the blonde hair extensions and let it be slightly loose so it appears big. 

Blonde jumbo braids
Source: Instagram @thananrastafari

Try these fun new looks and ace the tribal braids hairstyles for a party or a casual occasion and we are sure you will steal the limelight. 

While these hairstyles are mostly done for long hair, you can get extensions if you have shorter or medium tresses!

Tribal Braids Hairstyles: FAQs

What are tribal braids?

Tribal braids are typically used to describe braids hairstyles that are inspired from African cultures. tribal braids are a mix of various braiding patterns and also use cute accessories like rings and beads to decorate the braid.

How long do tribal braids last?

If it’s a tighter tribal braid like Fulani braids, it’s best to remove the braids after about 5 weeks max. Other braids like box braids can be left in for about 8 weeks. Braided hairstyles shouldn’t be worn for too long at a stretch. Wearing braids for too long can cause product build up and breakage.

What kind of hair do I need for tribal braids?

Tribal braids can be styled with any hair. It’s especially good for thinning hair. Even if you have short hair, you can still opt for tribal braids, just choose a briading style meant for shorter hair. Or you can put in extensions and choose any tribal braids hairstyle of your choice!

How long can you wear tribal braids?

It’s recommended to NOT wear tribal braids for more than 6 weeks. Wearing tribal briads for too long (especially the tighter braids) can cause breakage and product buildup.

What’s the difference between tribal braids and Fulani braids?

Fulani braids are a type of tribal braids inspired by the people of Fula from West Africa.

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