Tony Hawk’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Want to know about Tony Hawk’s new haircut? Read on to find out all the details about this stylish update, from what it looks like to how to get it.

Tony Hawk is an American skateboarder, author, and entrepreneur. The documentary Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off is based on his life.

He has written many books including Hawk: Occupation: Skateboarder which is an autobiography that he authored along with Sean Mortimer. Although Tony Hawk stopped competing in 1999, he is still passionate about promoting skateboarding.

He is the founder of the Tony Hawk Foundation which builds skate parks. Tony Hawk’s hair evolution is interesting to see because he started his career quite early.

Tony Hawk’s New Haircut

Who Is Tony Hawk?

Anthony Frank Hawk was born on May 12th, 1968 in San Diego, California. His journey in skateboarding began when he was just 9 years old and started to learn the art of skateboarding. He loved it so much so that he started to enter competitions two years later.

His passion was apparent and people praised his dedication to skateboarding from such a young age. His parents supported his passion and they helped to ensure skateboarding was taken seriously.

They approached the National Skateboard Association and California Amateur Skateboard League for this. Tony Hawk’s professional career began at 14 when he became a part of the Powell Peralta team. ­

tony hairstyle

Tony Hawk was known as a street skater at that time and his vertical skating abilities were stellar. He always remained at the top especially from 1984 to 1996 when he was the best vert skater. In total, he won 73 titles.

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He is the only person who executed the 900 twists which is also called the 2-and-a-half turns at the 1999 X Games. This was never performed by any skater before.

His first venture was manufacturing skateboards and accessories in 1990 and his company’s name was Birdhouse. After the success of his company, he went on to contribute to other ventures including skateboard-themed video games. He has also written books on skateboarding.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Tony Hawk Haircut?

Tony Hawk has a natural side part medium haircut. In this haircut, rather than have a neat part that is visible, you just comb back the area where you need the natural part and let your hair part by itself.

hawk hairstyle

This haircut is best for people who don’t want to go to extremes getting a particular haircut but want to keep things simple. Tony Hawk has had this haircut for a while now and he seems to really like it because of its effortless look.

The natural side part haircut is also for those people who don’t want to chop off too much hair and want to retain a bit of length without hassles.

Famous Haircuts Of Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk had some cool haircuts and here are some of the popular haircuts of the skateboarder.

Bob Haircut

Tony Hawk had a bob haircut in his teens. The hair length was between his shoulders and his ear level. It was somewhat close to the chin area. The bob haircut suited him as he had thick hair at the time.

tony hawks new haircut game

Bob haircuts are universal and they suit every face shape. You can try variations of the bob haircut depending on how thin or thick your hair is and the texture of your hair.

Lob Haircut

Tony Hawk then got a lob haircut whereby he grew his hair yet it was the same length throughout. He had blonde highlights here and there.

tony hawks new haircut pc

He debuted this haircut in 1990 when he was still competing in skateboarding competitions and emerging as the winner. He was winning world skateboarding championships at the time.

Short Messy Haircut

He had the phase of a short choppy haircut which didn’t last long though. The choppy haircut doesn’t have a uniform length and you can see different lengths like bangs on his forehead.

tony hawk

This short hair trend is still popular and you can even say that this haircut is a variation of a pixie haircut. We saw him in this haircut in 2002.

Steps In Getting A Medium-Length Haircut

It is possible to get a medium-length haircut in your home without visiting a salon. Here is a simple tutorial to get you started on the journey of cutting your hair to medium-length.

tony hawks haircut pic

Step 1: Trim hair at the front

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Make sure your hair is clean and damp. Comb your hair going from front to back on the side of your head so that your hair falls in the natural part. This will be your guideline to cut your hair.

You want to then take the hair that is closest to the forehead, hold it between your two fingers and then trim it using a pair of scissors depending on the length you are going for.

Step 2: Continue cutting in sections

Repeat the same on the other sections. Avoid taking too much hair and cutting it all at once. For best results, you want to start by taking one small section at a time and then trimming your hair with scissors so that it looks texturized and voluminous.

You want to start with the sections at the front first and then go back.

Step 3: Carefully cut hair at the back

You need to take precautions when you are cutting the hair on the back of your head. It is best if you trim it as little as possible to avoid mistakes you cannot fix. In a medium-length haircut, it is okay for your hair to be a little longer so if you are afraid of cutting too much just trim it a little so it looks neat and uniformly cut.

tony hawk hairstyle


Tony Hawk had longer hair when he was young but then he started to opt for shorter styles. He never did anything extreme or crazy when it came to his hair because he was so much into skateboarding that his haircuts were secondary.

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Today, he is sporting a simple medium-length haircut that looks good on his face structure. After reading the tutorial you now understand how easy it is to cut your hair.

If you want to give that haircut a twist you can always use trimmers but make sure you cut a little bit at a time. When are you planning to cut your hair?

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